-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 31

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I looked at the screen and it was Taiwo, then I picked the call…
Taiwo: Hello dear, hope you were not disturbed by the rain?
Me: Not at all
Taiwo: you left your wrist watch in my room.
Me: oh! It was true. Just keep it for me.
Taiwo: alright dear. When are you coming for it?
Me: I can’t say for now, perhaps weekend.
Taiwo: that will be better then, because me self wanna see you that very weekend. I have a very crucial issue to discuss with you.
Me: can’t we just discuss it on phone now?
Taiwo: is not a matter we could discuss on phone. It has something to do with you, Zainab and myself.
On hearing that, I was shocked and I started sweating despite the fact that it was raining
Me: I am scared. Wait Taiwo, can we see tomorrow please? (I asked out of tension)
Taiwo: you know the nature of my work now, and you will also be at work tomorrow. I think the best day for us is weekend.
Me: tomorrow will be my last day at that office, and I am only going there to sign my logbook. Therefore, no problem on my own part.
Taiwo: that’s interesting! So, you won’t tell me if not because of what we are discussing now?
Me: I am sorry for that. I had the intention of telling you when I came to your house, but it escaped my memory.
Taiwo: no problem. Though, I will be available at night, but I am not in support of you visiting at night.
Me: I don’t like it as well.
Taiwo: then, you will have to wait till weekend. May God spare our lives.
Me: ameen.
Taiwo: splendid night rest. Love you wholeheartedly.
Me: love you too. Take care of you.

Taiwo: I will. Thanks so much. Byeee…(she hung up the call)
I threw my phone on the chair, and then stood at akimbo looking sad, sober and depressed like a player who lost a penalty kick at the final.
I later composed myself and got over the pressure.
It was weekend, Saturday morning when I received a call from Zainab…
Zainab: hello dear, how was your night?
Me: it was fine and yours?
Zainab: alhamdullilah (which means glory be to God).
It was funny to me because I was hearing such from her for the first time.
Me: Zainab! Did you just say ‘alhamadullilah’?
Zainab: (cut in) what do you mean? I’m now a practicing Muslim o, in fact if you see me, you will glorify Allah.
Me: (happy) really?
Zainab: yes o. You know what?
Me: I don’t know o, until you tell me.
Zainab: I’m currently in Oshogbo, but I don’t know how to get to your house, so I need your address.
Me: (exited) are you serious? I can’t just believe this! So, I’m still gonna see you again? Ooh! I feel good, paaranranranran (playing guitar sound with month)!
Zainab: laughing….
Me: just wait, let me quickly get a bike, I am gonna join you in the next ten minutes.
Zainab: I am coming with a car ni joor. Just send me the address and I will get to you.
Me: really? a moment please.
I dropped the call and quickly sent her the address within a tick and then called her back…
Me: have you seen it?
Zainab: yes. Am gonna join you very soon.
She dropped the call while I quickly arranged my room. I informed my sister about her visit and pleaded to her (sister) not to shun her which she conformed.
After ten minutes, I received a call from her…
Hello dear, I’m at St. David Secondary School, but one my tyre is flat and I don’t know how to fix the extra Tyre.
Me: I’am gonna join you now.
I dropped the call and jumped out of the room. I got to the place within short period of time.
I can’t just believe it was Zainab, she appeared in a sumptuous navy blue jalabiya and hijab coupled with spectacle on her face. I was so impressed and enticed with her new look. We exchanged pleasantries. After that, I asked for the jerk and the extra tyre which she provided without any time wasted. I bent down jerking the car when one Honda accord car parked beside us and three thugs came out of the car together with Taiwo.
We were shocked and started wondering…
“Taiwo, what’s all this?” Zainab asked to break the silence and a hot slap landed across her face from one of the thugs.
“Good! This (pointing at Zainab) is trying to play upon my intelligence. Next time when you come to this world, you will know the kind of person you play dirty games with. Carry that man into the car and kill the ”, Taiwo ordered the thugs to arrest me. I tried my best to set myself free while Zainab was crying bitterly, but all the effort went in vain. They locked me up in the car and one of them brought out a pistol pointing to Zainab…
“Say bye bye to this world and to this gentle man”, the thug said with deep voice and before we know it, gunshot was heard…

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