-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 30

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I summoned courage and challenged her
“What did I hear you say just now? Who were you referring to?” I asked irritatingly.
She wiped her tears with her back hand.
“Let’s forget about that. All I know is that, things are going to be well”, she replied courageously.
Then, the pressure on me has gone a bit and my mind was a little bit free. I looked at the wall clock and it was quarter to six. There was rumbling of thunder outside which made me peeped through the window and it was about to rain.
“Taiwo, I have to leave”, I said in a hurry.
“But we still need to talk”, she replied.
“Yeah, we are still together now”, I said while putting on my shoe.
“No problem then”, she replied unsatisfactorily while I jumped out of the house. I was fortunate to get a bike going to my area, but the amount was double, and since I was in a hurry so as not to be caught up by the rain, I agreed and he took me to my destination safely before the commencement of the heavy rain which stopped around 11:15pm.
When I got home, I got my sister informed about the scenario so as to put me through on the issue and our conversation went thus;
Sister: You said you just met Taiwo a week ago
Me: yes ma.
Sister: how come she quickly gets involved to the extent of planning a family with you without even knowing where you stay? Moreover, you’re still schooling.
Me: that’s exactly what is giving me headache too. I did not even know from whom I inherited that, because I wonder why ladies are after me despite the fact that I have nothing to offer them.

Sister: you inherited it from our father. I have once heard it from maami that ladies do disturb our father when he was alive.
Me: what should I do now?
Sister: you will need to see Zainab first and confirm if she is still in love with you and has not chosen.
Me: yes now! I know she is still in love. In fact, she needs me seriously.
Sister: don’t say that joor. Someone you have left for the past three years and you are still putting all your trust in her, and besides she doesn’t deserve you because her father should be held responsible for grandma’s death.
On hearing that, I felt discouraged. “Is my sister trying to support Taiwo and discourage me from Zainab”, I said to myself and I need to know her stand sequel to Zainab issue.
Me: but sister, assuming I later go for Zainab, won’t you support?
Sister: what will be Taiwo’s faith? Why did you sleep with her when you know that Zainab is still coming back? Or you counted her cheap just because she showed you love? You had better think of it very well and stop taking her feelings for granted. Don’t forget, what goes around comes around. The ball is now in your court, so I need leave you to decide. (She stood up and went to bed).
What a dilemma! I felt confused and disturbed. I stood up and started blaming myself while wandering in the room for lack of self control. Had it been I have not slept with Taiwo now, it would have been easy for me to back out. While on my thought, I heard my phone ringing…

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