-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 3

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)


I took the card, cleaned it and made another trial, but the problem persisted. I wanted to go to customer care immediately but a thought came over me to try another machine, which of course I did. “Usage App Error” was the new message I got from another machine I used. Since I have satisfied my conscience, then I decided to go the customer care. I left the ATM stand and went directly into the bank. I thought I was in a market because everywhere was just jam-packed. Though, those that wanted to withdraw and those that wanted to deposit were on a long zigzag queue but the story was not the same with those at the customer care section, it was just like the movement of gaseous particles in a container colliding with one another and with the wall of the container that occurs in a chemical reaction, and since there was no order at the place, I had the opportunity of tendering my case to an attendant, “Ma, I was trying to withdraw through the ATM machine but was not successful”, I complained.
“What was the message you got from the machine?” She asked.
“Usage App Error”, I replied.
“Your English is not correct”, she said.
“What an embarrassment! How do you mean?” I responded furiously.
“I didn’t mean to rude to you but only trying to explain to you that the machine could not give out such message. So, you will need to recheck so as to know the problem to work on”, she explained.
I raised above the taunt and remained unruffled. I went back to the ATM stand, inserted the card. The same message appeared on the screen and I snapped the information with my phone as evidence. I went back to her and showed her. She started looking at the message like a primary four student given WAEC question to solve. After some minutes, she asked me to write a report which I did with tick and gave it to her. She dragged the keyboard of the system on the table towards her and checked my account details. She looked at my face, and then faced one of her colleagues. “Shola, what could make machine write this while the account is not fixed?” she showed him my report. So, you didn’t have the knowledge? No wonder you claimed the English was not correct I nearly said when Shola gave response to her question.

“It has damaged”. He said.”
What could have damaged this neat card?” I asked.
“Maybe you packed it with a phone”, he replied.

“I have never put the two together because I know the implication”, I responded.
The guy refused to say anything again and started punching the keyboard of the computer in front of him. Look at this silly boy using me to press keyboard I almost said when I heard my phone ringing. It was Mrs. Akin. I picked it up and explained the situation on ground to her and dropped the call. I couldn’t tolerate the guy’s ego, so I decided to go and face my first attendant, “Ma, what is the next line of action to seek redress?” I asked.

“You will need to apply for another ATM and one thousand naira will be charged from your account”, she replied.
I stood at akimbo thinking of the next line of action to take when my phone started ringing again. I looked at the screen and it was her again, Mrs. Akin. I picked it up and I was about to say ‘hello’ when someone held my hand from the back…

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