-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 28

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

The peck sent a cold down my spine and my heart melted. I wanted to turn to her just to look at her face when my eyes noticed that her skirt ridden up to her mid-thigh! She was presenting me an up skirt while looking at her pale thigh, “This lady is beautiful, I had to say and she has a body to kill. The camisole top she had over her upper half was crimson red and dropped rather low, giving me the deepest cleavage I had ever seen” I thought in my mind and I had to quickly pull away my eyes and control myself. I finally looked at her face while she smiled and winked at me. Though, I was in love before, but didn’t know what came over me that particular moment. I frowned at her and changed my seat.
She was shocked and confused. She joined me on my new seat..
“What’s wrong? What have I done wrong? Or was it because of my attitude? I reacted that way just because am in love with you and seriously in need of you. I was expecting you to reciprocate the feelings. I’m not an unserious type and I am ready to settle down with you and deliver all my kids to you. I have been praying and waiting to see a man like you and I believed my prayer has been answered, so please and please, don’t turn me down”, she confessed out of worried, written all over her face while she was on her knees holding my hands.
In fact, the way she reacted enabled me to know how effective the power of love is. I looked into her eyes and I saw a gentle love like dove.
Love is as powerful as death; it drives people crazy while some have even lost their lives because of it.
I was convinced with her actions and words which forced me to open up to her about my past relationship with Zainab.
“Each time I remember grandma’s death, I become sad and felt like not engaging in any relationship again”, I added.
She tried to convince me further to forget about my past and try to move on.
In fact, she was really endowed because her words were so inspired.
She looked at me out of sympathy for some minutes and before I know it, her lips came crushing against mine. Our tongues fought the war of supremacy as we twisted, entwined and entangled it in action. I knew where it was heading to but I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted the s*x because its being long I have had it and I was no more a novice in the act. I lifted her feet as our lips was still enlaced in action, carrying her as we both found our way to unknown destination, dropping one piece of clothing here and there. We were almost unclad when we got to her bed.

My hands reached for her two bare b0s0ms, as I gently caressed them, sending shock waves down her spine, making her m0an softly.
I was not a professional in the act, neither was I a virgin.
She carefully zipped down my trousers, making me completely Unclad and took my J0yst!ck into her hands, rubbing and working it up and down softly. I reacted by groaning softly giving her the impression that I was really enjoying it.
When I couldn’t take it any longer, I started sU-Cking her hard Tips while my index finger was working on her femalecore gently. She left my J0yst!ck and started begging me to insert my J0yst!ck into her honey pot and which I did without hesitation

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