-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 27

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

It was a cool Sunday morning. I got a message from Taiwo and when I read through, it happened to be the address she promised to send and that reminds me that I have an appointment with her by 12:00 noon that very day.
I quickly engaged myself in some domestic works at home and later dressed up in line with the preparation for her house.
I appeared in my favourite colours which were white and black, a well ironed white T-shirt and a black pair of trousers with black shining shoe. I checked my dressing in a standing mirror and it was classic.
“Yeah, Afeesco, you are good to go”, I said to myself, and then informed my sister I am going out.
“Hmmm! This look is charming o. I’m very sure you are visiting your girl today. Wait, wait, let me give you a nice shot”, she said and quickly brought out her Smartphone and snapped me. I looked at the picture and, I was attracted by the picture. I left the house and trekked a bit before I could get a bike. I described where I was going for the Okada man and he claimed he knows the place and we agreed on a particular amount.
I checked at my golden wrist watch and it was almost noon, then, my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was Taiwo, then I picked it up…
“Hello dear, are you not coming again?” she asked.
“Am on my way”, I replied.
“Really?” she asked anxiously.
“Yes nah. You suppose to have been hearing the sound of the bike nah”, I replied.
“Yeah! yeah! Thenks dear. Expecting you o” she said happily.
“Alright, I will soon be with you”, I said.
“I can’t wait o”, she replied.
“Ok o o o”, I said and allowed her to drop the call.
“Here I come” I said to myself, standing opposite a yellow bungalow house doing nothing but contemplating whether to go in or not because I was expecting her to wait for me outside. I stared at the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the one I was seeking but saw nothing.

Although my instinct urged me to turn back when I thought about the memory I spent with Zainab but eventually my heart couldn’t just allow me. The door bell rang melodiously when it felt my touch. I waited for a reply but I didn’t hear one until the second time when a feminine voice spoke from the inside.
A few minutes later, when the door was opened, I was stunned by the sight I behold, the figure standing before me was that light skinned damsel with an extravagance attire. Her charming smile was so sumptuous like that of Zainab which took me to her memory lane.
The surprise on her face was enormous when she saw me; we stood staring at each other for seconds before I broke the silence. ‘Hello Taiwo, it’s nice seeing you’ I greeted.
‘Oh Abdulafeez, is this the real you? You are seriously looking good. Oh my goodness!” she shot arrows of flattering words before I was ushered in.
“How are you doing?” I asked looking into her pale face.
She ignored my question and went inside. She came back moments later with two cups containing a bluish liquid and offered one to me which I rejected. She looked at me weirdly and rolled her eyes…
“Are you feeling shy or what? Don’t tell me you are not taking anything o”, she said.
“Don’t mind me jawe. I’m just ok for now but promise you to take something before I take my leave”, I replied.
I wondered if what I said was special when she stood up happy, sat at the edge of the chair where I was sitting and offered me a nice peck on my cheek…

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