-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 26

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

“Hello, who am I on to?” I asked with a great concern.
“This is sergeant Sunday from Apa police station, division 2, speaking on behalf of Iya Afeez”, he answered.
I was shocked to hear that grandma has been arrested just because of the issue.
“But what has she done to deserve that? How dare you arrest an elderly innocent woman?” I questioned aggressively.
“Hear this fool! You had better show up before it is too late for you” he said in concise way.
I was short of words and then hung up the call.
“You have landed Maami into trouble through your silly act abi” my sister said while I looked at her with horror eyes.
She took her phone and called grandma’s number again and pleaded to the sergeant to let her speak with her and which he allowed.
She (grandma) told my sister not to let me show up, that she is ready to bear whatever comes out of it. My sister was not satisfied with her decision and hung up the call angrily.
After three days, my sister decided to go home in order to check her (grandma) and she came back to Ibadan with sad news which landed me in hospital.
“When I got home, I went straight to Zainab’s dad and pleaded to him to set Maami free and which he did by giving me a letter to the police station, but when I got there, I learnt that she has been mistakenly taken for a woman who killed her husband just because he didn’t take her out for valentine. And an attempt was made to correct the mistake, but she had been hanged to death before the correction could be made” she explained and busted into tears.

When I heard that, I slumped and fainted.
I woke up after some hours and still can’t believe grandma has gone to the land of no return. I cried bitterly not because of anything, but because I was responsible for her death.
“Yah Allah, forgive me for not letting her reap the fruits of her labour and being responsible for her death by hanging”, I prayed and asked for forgiveness.
It took me some days before I could recover.
Aftermath, I decided to put a call to Zainab, but her lines were switched off and likewise childhood friend’s (Demola) number. The life became misery because I didn’t know if she survived it or not, but I later motivated myself and learned to move on.
I started another way of life and lost my phone in the process, I got another line neglecting the former one. I applied for direct entry into a federal university and which I was admitted.
After a year, my sister got married and relocated to Osogbo while I was still schooling in Ibadan. I later joined her in Osogbo where she secured me a placement for my Industrial training (IT).
That was how I lost Zainab’s contact and met Taiwo, the banker…
This is where the tittle “Dirty Game” lies.
Watch out!

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