-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 25

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I picked it up without hesitation…
“hello, is this Afeez please?”
“yes, I am Afeez. Who’s this please?” I replied in an effort to recognize the voice, when he spoke out again.
“It’s me Demola, your paddy”, he muttered.
“oh oh, ,Demmy how far now?” I asked, even when I was surprised that why is he calling me at the late hours of the day and not using his number.
“Where are you?” he curiously asked.
“I’m at home right now. Any gist?” I inquired.
“You know what? You will have to vacate your house immediately in order to avoid being arrested!” he exclaimed rushing to hang up, but I quickly ask him to hold on…
“wait wait, what’s the problem, what happened?” interrupting him just before he hung up.
“Based on what I heard, Zainab was found almost lifeless in her room bleeding heavily. It was discovered that she aborted and she has been brought to my father’s clinic. And it seemed her father has ordered for your arrest”, he explained and hung up.
His last word hit me hard which got me shocked and almost collapsed at what he just disclosed.
My mood was destabilized and I didn’t know the next line of action to seek redress.
I stood at akimbo and I didn’t know when I started crying. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door which got me shocked and sent a cold down my spine. I started [email protected] and quickly hide at the back of the door. I heard the knock again and a voice followed…
“Afeez, kilode? Silekun jare”, it was grandma which means “Afeez, what happened? Open the door”.

Then, I became calm and quickly wiped the tears and pretended as if nothing has happened. I opened the door for her and she sat on my bed asking me what the problem was. She was too precious to me and it was hard for me to hide anything from her, so I explained everything to her.
She was highly disappointed in me and wept for my mistake. She asked me to pack immediately that very night and find somewhere to hide so as not to get arrested.
When I was ready to flee, her eyes was saturated with tears and she hugged me so tight and then dissolved into tears. I was touched and I started weeping too. I felt like staying with her, but she released me and prayed for me.
I later summoned courage like a gallant soldier and left the house without heading to any particular destination.
I called Demola’s number but it was not available and I decided to go directly to his house since it was dark and fortunately for me, I met him at home.
He asked me on how it happened which I explained to him and he counseled me to leave the town as early as possible because Zainab’s dad was very wicked and he could do anything to get me eliminated due to what has happened to his one and only child.
On hearing that, my heart started pounding heavily and had a restless night due to the challenges ahead of me.
Very early the following day at about 5:05am, I left the town for Ibadan.
When I got to Ibadan, I looked for my sister who was also struggling for survival and got her informed about the situation on ground. She seemed carefree and less concerned about me.
Then, that was when I decided to put a call to grandma…
She picked up the call but it was a man’s voice. I dropped the call so as to confirm if I have dialed the right number, and yes I was correct. Then, I re-dialed it and it was that same voice…

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