-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 24

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

It was a big slap on my face when I had what she said…
“Are you joking or what?” I inquired inquisitively.
“Common! How do you expect me to joke with costly issue such as this?” she questioned.
I took a deep breath…
“where did you carry out the test?” I gently asked.
“I conducted it myself when I couldn’t see my period and it was positive”, she replied.
I was lost and confused…
“So, what are we gonna do now?” I asked.
“That’s why am calling you to seek your opinion”, she replied.
“Have you informed your Dad?” I asked.
“My dad? You want to kill me. He must not here about this except you want me dead”, she replied irritatingly.
“where did you carry out the test?” I asked out of tension forgotten that I have asked her before.
She was so furious about my reaction towards the issue
“Are your ears not functioning again or how many times will I tell you I did it myself?” she replied angrily.
“Be calm now! At least you brought this issue to me because I am involved and you have believe in my words, so why lashing me with such words?” I fired back.
She became calm and almost cried on phone.
“I’m sorry for that. I didn’t mean to throw such words unto you, but I was frustrated. So, your opinion?” she apologized and requested for the way out.
“To be sincere, I didn’t know what to say since you said your Dad must not hear about it”, I said, while expecting her to decide.
“I can’t leave it. I will find solution to it myself. It’s just that I have to get you informed before going into it”, she said boldly.

I was shocked and can’t just belief what I heard from her. So, I need to confirm it.
“Are you trying to say you gonna abort it?” I asked with tremble in my voice.
“I don’t have any other alternative than that”, she affirmed her stand.
“Did you even think of the danger of what you want to embark on? We have to see each other and discuss because I am not in support of that your decision”, I confessed.
“I’m ready for the worst, so no need to discuss anything my dear. Be good and stay out of worry. I’m gonna be fine”, she said and tried to console me.
I know there is nothing I could say to convince her. That’s the only BUT she has, once she decides on a particular thing, only death can stop her from doing it.
“But, I am still interested in seeing you”, I said in sober mood.
“My dad is around for now, so I’ll give you a call to tell you the new development later”, she replied and hung up the call.
I wiped my face to confirm if it was a dream, but it was a reality. I stood up from the bed and started wandering in the room thinking on what could be the outcome of her decision.
I was physically and emotionally disturbed when I waited for her call but didn’t see her brake light, and then decided to call her while she refused to pick it up.
When it was around 8:55pm that very day, my phone started ringing and quickly looked at the screen to check if it was her, but it was an unknown number…

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