-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 23

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

“a minute please”, Zainab said and went to her while I stood still wondering…
“what could be the relationship between both of them; why did Zainab’s reaction turned moody? But she is the first and the last in her family which means Sophiat can’t be her sister, so why was she afraid?” I was engrossed in my thoughts when I heard an elongated hiss from Sophiat which caught my attention. She looked down on me from afar and walked out on Zainab.
I suspected she has poisoned her (Zainab) mind because I was expecting her to join me but she was only standing still looking sober, depressed and helpless. I walked up to her and asked her what the problem was…
“Dear, what’s the problem?” I asked with a great concern written all over my face.
“Baby, to be sincere I couldn’t get myself right for now. I’m very sorry I will not be able to tell you anything for now. Let’s go home please”, she replied while standing akimbo.
I was short of words, so I didn’t bother to disturb her further until when we got home.
“Zainab, look at my face”, I said and she did, “who is Sophiat to you?” I asked inquisitively while staring at her.
She was shocked, “she is my cousin and we stayed together before I was offered admission into this school. Did you know her before or how did you get to know her name?” she explained and asked anxiously. Then, she started gaining her lost courage and freedom.
“Yeah, very well. She was my secondary school mate and a companion then, but suddenly turned to a foe just because she loved me and wanted us to take our friendship beyond, but which I rejected it”, I replied.

“But why didn’t you go into relationship with her if I may ask?” she stylishly asked.
“it was due to the fact that I didn’t love her, and also, I was in love with my studies and didn’t want to get involved in any love affair which could distract my attentions. In additional to that, she was rude and people complained about her alot”, I explained.
“That’s serious! Nooo wooonder! Hun! Now, I got it!”, she exclaimed and shook her head in affirmation to what I said.
“No wonder what?” I asked anxiously.
“Don’t worry about that dear. All I know is that, what God has joined together, no one dare put asunder. Therefore, let’s move on with our life and forget about her issue”, she said daringly.
I could deduce what Sophiat has told her from her words, but since she has assured me of her feelings, then, I succumbed to what she said and we started living as a couple.
Our love became the talk of the campus. We even won the best couple of the year in our department.
All of a sudden, my academic performance started dropping and my CGPA dropped drastically and as a result of that, I lost the opportunity of becoming a scholar which could have earned me alot of benefits.
Some days after convocation, we both went to our various homes.
I woke up following the call of my Love one fateful Saturday. She told me she threw up a day before that day and when she went for test, it was discovered that she was pregnant…

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