-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 22

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

It took us like thirty minutes before we could talk to each other because we both felt ashamed of what we have done.
“Dear, I’m sorry for what has happened. I promise to keep my words”, I said to break the silence and pulled her up.
She looked at me in wonders and tears started rolling down again. Then, I quickly fought back the tears with my right volar, embraced her, planted a kiss on her forehead and then sat her down on the chaise longue.
I removed the bed-spread and soaked it in a pail half filled with water because it was a bit stained and then lead her to the bathroom where we both took our bath.
Thereafter, we regained our usual way of life. She prepared Amala and Egusi which we ate together like a couple and decided to watch movies together after the meal, and that was when she brought up the issue of living together again…
“Dear, you are sleeping here tonight”, she said without looking at my face.
“If that should be the case, then I will need to go home and inform grandma”, I replied.
On hearing that, she was very happy and pecked my chin…
“Thanks dear. Love you so much”, she said joyfully.
“Love you more than you do”, I replied.
“Really?” she rolled her eyes and asked.
“Trust me”, I affirmed.
“We are going there together o, so as to use that opportunity to know who have been taking care of you for me”, she said.
“No problem dear”, I replied.
She stood up and leaned forward to her wardrobe, and came back to me with certain amount of money which she stylishly put in the back pocket of my trouser. I dodged it out and asked what to use the money for, and she said I should use it to get a phone for grandma. I tried to reject it but she refused to have it back saying it was not meant for me but for grandma and I succumbed to her excuse.

When it was 5:15pm, we set out for our plan. We bought a phone and a SIM card which was registered immediately.
When we got home, I introduced her to my grandma while she went on her knees and grandma prayed for her.
I didn’t tell her that we will be staying together, instead I told her I’ve gotten a room on rentage very close to my school and she supported.
I knew that grandma wouldn’t miss me too much because I happened to be a hustler and didn’t normally stay at home with her.
We packed some of my belongings like wears and shoes into a leather bag and moved out. She offered grandma a certain amount of money before we left.
She carried the bag for me and we were moving to the nearby junction where we could get a bike when we heard “Zainab”, a lady’s voice from behind. We were both shocked and looked at the back at a time… Zainab’s reaction turned moody when she saw her…

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