-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 2

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)


I looked at the back and it was a huge dark guy with tinted hair.

“Chairman, could you show me the way to Ajegunle”? He asked me. “Just go straight by your left and ask when you get to the next junction”, I replied. I left the spot and moved to Oxford bank. On getting there, I picked up a deposit slip and dug my right hand in my pocket to obtain my pen and the fund in order to fill the denomination as arranged in the slip. Where did I put it now? I searched my pockets thoroughly but couldn’t see the money given to me. I started sweating despite the fact that the air conditioners were on. My mind was seriously disturbed and the heart started pounding like a locomotive machine. What could have happened? Has the guy I answered taken the money from me? I was lost on this thought when I heard my phone ringing. I looked at the screen and it was Mr.Ayan. Should I pick it or neglect it? What would I tell him if I pick it? Did I even know why he is calling? I started asking myself those rhetorical questions while I lost the first call. It started ringing again; I summoned courage to pick it. “Hel hel hel”. I started stammering while he took up from me. “Hello Afeez”. You have left the money in the office. Why? He lamented. I couldn’t belief what I’ve just heard and I nearly told him to recap. “I’ve been looking for it here sir”. I replied with grateful heart and quickly left the bank for office; I collected the money and got back to the bank within a blink of an eye. I entered the details and joined the queue.

It remained only four persons before me when my phone beeped. I neglected the message thinking it was the same usual unsolicited text message from 5052 again. After some seconds, my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was Mrs. Akin. I picked the call. “Hello Afeez, where are you”. She asked. “Oxford bank ma”, I replied.

“Have you seen the alert?” I was called just now that the money has been sent into your account, she said.
“Yes ma”, I replied. “Would you cash it while coming back to office?” She asked. “Definitely,” I replied.
Then, it was my turn. I gave the money and slip to the cashier, to perform his professional duty, he did so and returned a copy of the slip to me. “Thank you for banking with us”. He said and I left the queue.
I took out my phone to confirm what Mrs.Akin said and it was true. I need to go back home for my ATM card. I said to myself and I rushed out of the bank. On a normal occasion, it will take me like fifteen minutes to reach St. David grammar School where I normally drop before trekking to my final destination and since I had no alternative, I stopped a cab. “St. David”, I said. “Enter. It’s forty naira o”. He said. “No problem”, I replied.

Some kilometers to the St. David, we ran into a silly hold-up which got me annoyed. I felt like dropping from the bus and continued with my legs. While thinking of that, I heard the sound of siren of a Black Maria from the back and before I knew it, the way was freed and that gave my cab the chance of taking me the St. David. This is a public secondary School with fence and two gates at the entrance, but since the fence had collapsed at the back, it has created avenue for people’s passage. But I ran out of luck on this very day just because when I alighted from the cab, I discovered that the gate had been padlocked due to some reasons unknown to me. I need to cover a great distance through another route before I could reach home. I said to myself and I didn’t know when I picked a race. I got home within a short period of time.

“Hope no problem?” My sister asked curiously. “No ma”. I came for my ATM, I explained. “Alright”, she said. I went directly to where I put the trouser, took out both ATM and School ID card and put them in my back pocket and rushed out again. It was around quarter to two. I took another race back to the street where to get a cab but decided not to take bus. I took bike instead. Thank God I didn’t take bus, because there was another hectic traffic jam but my bike scaled through easily. I was fortunate when I got to Global bank because people were very scanty at the ATM machine stand and there was another free machine. I went straight to it, took out my ATM card and inserted it. I was waiting for it to be ready so as to input my pin but all I could get on the screen was “hardware error” and the card was rejected…

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