-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 19

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I got home around quarter to ten and met grandma outside waiting for my arrival…
“kilode tofi pe bayi?” (What kept you so late) she curiously asked.
“A se idanwo ranpe ni jawe, awa n se atunse re. Atipe mo ya odo ore mi kan nigba ti a pari” (we did a test and we were doing the correction and also, I visited a friend of mine when we finished”, I replied.
“sugbon o ti wa peju” (but, you are too long) she confessed.
“ema binu” (I’m sorry) I apologized and we went in.
She had prepared me what to eat as usual, but I couldn’t take it because of what I had eaten with Zainab.
I was about to enter my room when my phone started ringing and it was no other person than Zainab. I smiled and picked up her call…
“Hello dear, are you now at home?” she asked with care.
“Yea. Just now. I even met grandma outside waiting for me”, I replied.
“Ehyah! Hope she didn’t get mad at you?” she inquired.
“Not at all”, I replied.
“Thank God o. Afeez, I really appreciate you for today o, in fact, you really made my day. Thenks so much”, she appreciated joyfully.
“Are you the one to thank me? I’m in the right position to do that joor”, I replied jokingly.
“I know you don’t like hearing such”, she said.
“Don’t mind me jawe”, I replied.
“Dear, you know what?” she asked in a tender voice.
“I don’t o, except you tell me”, I replied jokingly.
“We have to see tomorrow because I have an important issue to discuss with you regarding to our studies and the relationship”, she said in a serious mood.
“We gonna discuss it tomorrow after class. Hope it’s not that serious?” I said in fair manner.

“To me, it’s not, but I don’t know what is gonna be your opinion”, she replied.
“Can’t we just discuss it on phone now?” I anxiously asked.
“It’s not what we can discuss on phone joor. Be calm. To be sincere, it’s not a serious matter”, she said calmly.
I sighed, “No problem then. Catch you tomorrow”, I replied unsatisfactorily.
“Good night. Don’t forget to dream about me o. Love you”, she said excitedly.
“And you too o. Love you to the bones”, I reciprocated it and she hung up the call.
It was a cool Friday morning. We had only one lecture to receive on that day and it was to hold from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. It was a 4units course and the lecturer incharge didn’t joke with his attendance.
I left for class and sat at the back gazing at Zainab at the front. We were all waiting for the lecturer in charge to come when the course representative’s phone started ringing. He asked us to keep mute that it was the lecturer and we abided.
After some minutes, she hung up the call, and faced the class and smirked…
“Ladies and gentlemen, am using this medium to inform you that today’s lecture is not going to hold…
We all shouted interruptedly “eeeeeeh….” and some people have started leaving the class immediately without bothering to hear her last word.
“Listen now”, she shouted at us and continued, “You did not even allow me to land before leaving. Did you know if what I wanted to say was ‘is not going to hold here, but another venue”, she said aggressively and on hearing that, almost everyone kept quiet except for those that were murmuring.
In fact, I like the lady due to her courageous attitude.
She cleared her baritone and said “the man said, ‘we should meet on Monday’” and left the class immediately.
The class became rowdy and some people started throwing abusive words to the lady.
I stood up from where I sat and started moving towards Zainab when she was trying to make a call and then, my phone started ringing. She turned to the back and grinned when she saw me…

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