-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 17

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

It was getting dark. I waited for her arrival for some minutes but I couldn’t hear her foot step. I picked up my phone so as to call her and I heard her phone ringing on the bed.
Oh my God! She didn’t go with her phone.
I decided to trace her to gate where she claimed she wanted to buy pepper.
When I got to the school gate, I couldn’t just believe what I saw. The obituary of Mr. Popo was pasted at the entrance of the school gate. How come? Mr. Popo! He conducted a test for us today! Never! I wiped my face with my volar to confirm if I was dreaming, but it was not. I felt like crying, then, I managed to control myself and asked one of the on- looker beside me what caused his death.
“I learnt that he was murdered by a sect of cultist when he was heading to his house”, she said gently and left the spot immediately.
“Oh my God! Why this?” I said with full sense of concern.
Then, I was trying to search for Zainab amongst the crowd when my phone started ringing, I looked at the screen and it was an unknown number, then I picked it up the call…
“Hello, is this Afeez on the line please?”
“Yes, I’m Afeez. Who’s this please?” I replied in an effort to recognize the voice, when he spoke out again.
“It’s me Aisha, your course mate”, she muttered.
“Oh ooh, Aisha, how are you doing?” I asked, even when I was surprised at why she would be calling me at the late hours of the day.
“Where are you?” she curiously asked.
“I’m at the small gate of the school”, I replied.
“Ok, about that of Mr. Popo?” she asked in a sympathetic way.
“Yes jawe, in fact it shocked me”, I replied in pain.
“You know what? You will have to meet us at the school medical immediately!” she exclaimed rushing to hang up, but I quickly asked her to hold on.

“Wait, wait, what’s the problem, what happened?” interrupting her just before she hung up.
“Zainab was found almost lifeless at the school gate and she has been rushed to the school medical centre. Please meet us up at the medical centre immediately.” she said and hung up.
Her last words hit me hard; I was shocked and almost fainted at what she just disclosed.
Could it be that Uche had started out his plans against me through Zainab or because of Mr. Popo’s death? I reasoned with shock, my brain had gone blank as I pondered over it.
I left the spot where I was and picked a race to the medical.
On getting there, I met almost every member of my class outside. Most of the ladies there started crying when I arrived while the guys quickly held me.
“Please, what has happened to Zainab? Where is she?” I questioned with tremble in my voice while my hands and legs were shaking like a Romance-Machine.
In that process, a doctor came out and told us that she has started responding to treatment, but we need to leave the premises or we keep mute.
“I need just only two guys to follow me”, he said.
Then, everybody got relaxed. Funsho and I decided to follow him and he took us to where she was receiving treatment.
Her head was bandaged. It was not more than two minutes that we got there, she started breathing heavily and we quickly called on doctor, but before the doctor could come around…

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