-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 16

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

This is serious! Five thousand naira notes! Is she trying to bribe me or she did it out of love? “Definitely, Zainab wanted to hang up on me but just trying to pretend. Even the way she reacted to me today shows she is in love with me”, I have the thought in my mind.
I was so happy and decided to put a call to her, but her number was not reachable and I later dropped her text message of appreciation.
I had a splendid night rest that day.
I called her very early in the morning to ask about her night and also thanked her and she was very happy to hear from me at that very moment.
I prepared for school and ate the food prepared for me by grandma and left for school.
We had non-stopped lectures from 8:00am till 4:00pm that day and the remaining two hours was used to revise with Zainab in her room before we went back to school for the test.
While in the test hall, I had finished my work within a short period of time and cross checking was on when I heard a lady’s voice calling my name and I was about to turn my neck to the direction where the voice came from when Mr. Popo caught me and asked me to submit. And since I have finished it, I didn’t bother to say anything; I just submitted it and left the hall.
After some minutes, he instructed everybody to submit and they started coming out one after the other. Most of them came to thank me because the questions were almost the same as the ones we solved at the tutorial. The man only changed some values.
When Zainab came out, she was over joyous and hugged me so tight in the presence of other members of the class. I felt embarrassed but nothing could be done than to take it that way. She held my right hand and dragged me towards her house.
We kept on chatting as we were going and we were about to exit the school gate when I heard a deep voice call my name. We both looked at the back at a time and it was a huge Igbo guy putting on a blue jean and a black round neck top, Uche, a member of the class.

Zainab and I halted while he worked to us.
“Zainab, excuse us. I wan talk to Afeez”, he commanded in pigin and she abided immediately by taking some steps forward.
“Wetin make you submit quick quick like that? Because you sabi am wella abi, then you con dey show abi? Or you no no say na wetin you do make the man collect the booklets from us sapali sapali? I just wan advise you not to do such again. If you finish, keep am and make we finish too”, he advised in threatening tone.
“Bro, abeg no vex jawe. Me self no wan submit, but when I wan discuss with someone who ask from me, na him the man com see me and he say make I submit. E no go happen again bro” I explained and pleaded.
“No problem, I just want you to adjust”, he said emphatically.
“Trust me bro”, I replied optimistically.
He handshake me and headed back to where he was coming from.
I went back to Zainab and we zoomed off to her house.
“What was he discussing with you?” she asked inquisitively.
“I will gist you when we get home jawe”, I replied.
“Hope no problem o?” she inquired.
“Not really dear”, I replied.
When we got to her house, I was seriously tired and at the same time feeling hungry, so I just stretched myself on the chaise lounge.
“Oya tell me what you promised me o”, she curiously asked and I tried to explained to her.
“What did he mean? How does your own life affect his? I can’t take this. Never! Authority must hear this! And if anything should happen to you, I will hold him responsible and his family gotta pay for it as well”, she lamented angrily.
“Take it easy dear. Nothing will happen by God’s grace. It’s only that I have to know how to be playing my games in the class”, I calmed her down.
“Alright then, I heard you. Just lend me two minutes to get pepper at the gate. I supposed to buy it when we were coming, but I was carried away by your words”, she said and rolled her
“Ok o. May I accompany you?” I asked with weak voice.
“Don’t bother joor, I can see you are very tired. I will be back shortly”, she said in a caring tone, pecked me and left…

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