-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 11

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

The eyes of every member of the class set on me and my heart started pounding heavily. I summoned courage, stepped forward and collected a marker from him. I drew three vertical lines to divide the board and I started proving it.
The solution was so long and tough, but thanks to God I got it. When I completed it, I wrote “QED” which means Quite Easily Done.
“This is serious! The man did it! What a perfect job! You must be a genius!” the man was flabbergasted and started to applaud while the members of the class joined him and I didn’t know when tears started rolling down my cheeks just because I was over joyous. The man embraced me and then asked for my name which I answered immediately. Then, he handled the submitted assignments to me said “you are the course rep of MTH 121 and you will need to follow me to my office right now”, he ended the class with us and I followed him as instructed.
When we got to his office, he asked why I have not been coming to class, and I explained the challenges I was facing then. He advised and encouraged me.
I moved directly to where the departmental notice board was situated when I left his office. I stood there reading information when someone covered my eyes from the back as if we were doing hide-and-seek. I held the hands and turned around, and I couldn’t just belief who I was looking at, it was as if I was dreaming. Could this be true?
“Were you not the one I saw in a supermarket the other day?” I asked anxiously.
“hmm…un, yeah! You are very correct! I respect your talent” she said and put on a sumptuous smile.
“Your name, if I may ask?” I asked stylishly.
“I’m Zainab”, she replied without hesitation and quickly said “Afeez, right?”

I was shocked, “how did you get to know my name?” I asked
“I was in the class when you performed a miracle in front of that wicked man called Popo. I was very happy when you completed the work correctly, because he wouldn’t have taken it easy with you if you missed it” she said happily.
“God! So, we are course mate!” I said surprisingly.
“Yes o o o.”
“Nice meeting you”, I said and handshake her
“It’s my pleasure” she replied and embraced me warmly as if she had missed me a lot.
“But, why have you not been coming to class before?” she asked inquisitively
“It’s a long story baby” I replied.
“But, hope you have done your registrations?” she asked.
“Not atall. I didn’t even know where to start”, I replied.
“Hope you wouldn’t mind me putting you through?” she said while rolling her eyes and twisting her neck.
“I would appreciate it” I replied and that was how we started our friendship.
Due to the natural gift bestowed in me, people like associating themselves with me, most especially ladies but Zainab always chased them away from me and sequel to that, people saw us as lovers of which we were not, but ordinary friends.
I was emotionally connected with her after some months and I also saw the traces boldly written on her face as well, so I decided to ask her out, but she turned me down…
What happened next?

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