-Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)

Read Story: Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)… Part 6

A story written by 2BB4CB3E…

i smiled and diff tots started running thru my head, did they call each other? so Victoria betrayed me! before i could think abt my next action iyore was like, hey boo saw ur friend at the door! said that she is ur course mate, i was like yea, vick whats up
Victoria coded and left, when i closed the door, walked into the parlor only to see iyore looking at the mima with an irritated expression on her face, luckily for me mima was so high she didnt notice her enough to say anything
iyore entered the room and was like tot you said that u were busy reading? who is that girl smoking in the parlor, i quickly dashed james the babe lol, was like its james girlfriend, his landlord doesnt allow her to smoke at his place with some romantic washing she believed
my room was scattered, evidence everywhere lol, i was cracking my brain on how to get her out so i can clear the crime scene
i dont allow her drive my car and she has this weakness for shawama, i became a nice guy just to save face, was like how abt you go and get shawama and something for me to eat! she was like get ready na! was like i cant leave james babe alone in the house, gave her my car key that she should drive! she was so happy , she left
girls smh so easy to persuade, cleaned the crime scene and i went to explain myself to a high babe
she just started kissing me, no questions asked guess she was to high to ask!
thats how i escaped

To Be Continued…

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