-Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)

Read Story: Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)… Part 3

A story written by 2BB4CB3E…

Greed is a very bad thing!

while we were in the parlor, i was thinking abt if its possible to eat pear and pineapple the same time lol, knowing fully well that i couldn’t eat both at once i started listening to tomi, she has been talking since i didn’t listen, i was just quiet thinking abt that gown, then she said , but really simon abi david whats ur problem? are you confused or what? did you go thru all that effort just to eat fruit?
(in my mind i was thinking) “honestly that was all i wanted, eat the fruit just to prove a point to who? i dont know” but i just had to eat the fruit

i now explained that i am confused that girls have hurt me lol, so i try to keep away, that i ran away cause i was falling fully inlove with her, then she moved closer, i could smell her perfume, girls are beautiful things sha! i held her and she looked at me and said i love you, relax and allow us build somtin, i used style to hold yansh that was wen, happiness shouted femi(told happiness that my name was femi) ur phone is ringing.

i quickly stood up looked at tomi and she looked like som1 that wanted to die, i was like its my baby sister, that she shouldn’t mind her, i now shouted pineapple head, who is calling?, she said mumcy! thats when tomi relaxed oboy so close! went upstairs she was like so my name is pineapple head abi, i kissed her and formed yes na ure sweet like pineapple she smiled picked mumcy call and told her that i will drive out to pick the pizza that they are wasting time she said hurry, i started thinking taking her to my sisters room so i can be with tomi but all my calculations failed so i left, got downstairs continued talking with tomi, then she gave me an earth scattering bj ( wonderful honestly) and i went to drop her off…

To Be Continued…

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