-Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)

Read Story: Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)… Part 2

A story written by 2BB4CB3E…

It was a really sad scene! Shade shey I told you that she has a nasty temper wanted to harm me! Tomi had to beg her! That’s how the women at the saloon were like, ure a fine boy why mess urself like this! That was the last time I was ever caught!
After awhile I said sorry, shade was crying saying some yoruba insults but I held tomi and begged her! Paid the cab guy! Walk to my car drove off! My sister has begged me to drive her to that saloon many times for where, they won’t see my face again!
Well I still needed to win tomi, so I called tomi that evening hoping that shade has gone home, only for shade to pick…

shade started mocking me that i have no shame calling her friend, after everything i even overheard tomi shouting, you are a fool
i knew that she loved me, so i was like, shade pls can you give tomi the phone, shade refused, said tomi doesnt want to talk and ended the call,
i waited till around 10pm then called again tomi picked and was like what do i want, i explained the usual washing na, she kept on ending the call i continued calling, there is this bakery at abuja, they will make a customized cake and deliver it to the person for you, she likes chocolate, i ordered for it for her, with “äm sorry” written on top, i was at work chilling when she messaged me on whatsapp i was so happy because she blocked me before, only for me to open it and see a picture of the cake in her dustbin, my 8k gone no p sha, i continued begging lol, i even hired my house help to act as my sister and call her, then i started texting her, she warned me that, she will block my number but i continued, one day about a week later she asked me why i did it, i said that it was because i love her started washing her, she was like i should call shade and beg her before we can talk, i didnt have shade number again and i couldnt tell tomi that, luckily shade texted me and was like i will never be happy , i quickly called back , i was like am sorry, she was like i will never take you back lol, i said i know lol, but am sorry, she just ended the call, met up with tomi and we talked washed her life eh, best washing ever, took her out we went to a karaoke bar, i turned to faze that day lol, we talked and talked , walked for hours, when she kissed me i cried lol(all na acting), after 3weeks i sent her the cake again and she sent me a picture of her eating it, on sat i invited her over she came, i finally ate the pear, after she left my house i broke up with her, she didnt even fight me or beg, she didnt reply the text! oboy fear grab me, 2 days later she was at my gate…
i was with a new catch happiness i can call her pineapple, very sweet girl, fair, plumpy like a pineapple and her voice eh, i was preaching my gospel wen my gateman flashed me, i tot that it was the pizza or suya that we ordered, i was walking out boldly, already thinking abt the food and then i saw him laughing, i was like what?
he said that black girl e dey outside! i looked thru the gate and saw tomi, i now asked him, oboy how did she enter the estate na, didnt they call you from the main gate he said no, well i peeped again and really saw her well, she was wearing a very s*xy** gown and i stopped using my brain to think lol, i opened the gate she looked and me and smiled and said you behave like a child, she walked in, i totally forgot abt the babe upstairs ,i was looking at yansh, we entered the house and i could hear my gateman laughing at me as i closed the main door…..

To Be Continued…

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