-Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)

Read Story: Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)… Part 14

A story written by 2BB4CB3E…

turned to observe if the fruit inside observed what was happening but she was busy covering up inside duvet, i told her that i was coming and closed the door behind me!
the my girlfriend started crying and talking loud, my nebo came talked preached, advised , begged for where! when he got tire he left us, at this point she was holding my shorts that she got me that i should remove it, started saying many things RATED-R and i was just quiet one girl in my compound has a friend that has a big Buttocks, that one entered the compound and saw me and her, at that point i wanted to die because i have been timing that babe( still got her sha) well so she sat on my lap and was asking what hasnt she done for me?
that why am i ungrateful! and really she was perfect but……….. i dont just know jor, will ask my pastor………………….. back to the story after a while her big yansh was hurting my lap, it was becoming numb, so i wanted to stand up, cause we were heading nowhere!
she was like she wants to enter the room and see the girl, i was like but we broke up! lol benin girl: she said break up? used her hands to give me waka while pressing her palm with waka on my face! that i will kill her before we will break up!
so i went into the room to ask the other chick, if she could come in? that one was a classy better girl and she was like who is she ?( in British english) what does she want?
i was like she is obsessed with me lmao (the only lie i could think of)
she turned and went back to sleep, i acted like emeka ike and kissed the back of her neck and said ï love you” she didnt answer me
well i opened the door!
allowed the other chick to enter…….

To Be Continued…

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