-Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)

Read Story: Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)… Part 11

A story written by 2BB4CB3E…

So my girlfriend cancelled on me! Something about her mum! No p sha!
Moving forward! So the chick from last night, we got to her house, I asked for her account details, she gave me I transferred some money using mobile app! She hugged me and I drove off to quickly pick up my nebo, so we can spend time before 3pm because I was expecting my girlfriend! My phone chimed I picked it up hoping to see debit alert! Instead it was a text from the girl I just dropped off! Said that she has received it said some other things and ended the text with “I love you ” girls eh! Why do you guys rush?
Well so my nebo was outside her gate, carried her and we went home, I really needed locally grown fruit this morning!
After eating dropped her off in a hurry only for my girlfriend to cancel! Its alright sha!

5pm loading
when ur mind starts singing oga wont you hang out today?
wendy still isnt picking my calls! well i cant stay at home alone,
so……… expecting an old fruit but hey its better than being alone at home
while i wait for the fruit let me share a story about my past

To Be Continued…

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