-Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)

Read Story: Diary Of Serial Cheater (18+)… Part 10

A story written by 2BB4CB3E…

Alright so last night:
We got home and she started watching zeeworld! Girls who watches zeeworld by 1am?
Well I went to shower and we just chilled, she was still watching zeeworld so I had to be busy picked up my phone and started playing a game to keep myself awake, after a while the room became really cold and she went into the bathroom to change her clothes! Came out and as per sharp guy I have turned off the tv, turned off the lights, backstreet boys were doing their job from the home theatre speakers! It was on!
She laid on the bed and I formed acted like I wanted to sleep, after some minutes used one hand to hold her! Room was really cold so she shifted closer! Started rubbing hands small small! Then squeeze, then I turned her was about to kiss her and then I noticed onion damm! I couldn’t kiss her so formed as if her neck was my target and went to work on the fruit! Only for me to grab her Buttocks and it was strong
Well even mango that’s strong is still eaten! Its not everytime you get soft ones, so I removed her top and went to work……..
After eating the fruit, went to shower and started thinking about writing this! Lol
Well I slept off woke up by 10am but she was still sleeping! Couldn’t snap her cause iPhone camera makes a loud noise so I did a video and screen grabbed the picture above! Made breakfast for her and came downstairs to watch skysports news by 11am, oboy how far Chelsea na! Dey should sign someone! Went upstairs saw her cleaning my room! My girlfriend called to inform me that she will be coming by 3pm and wendy still isn’t picking my calls!

driving out to go and drop her and she DIDNT ask me for money, so as i tot maybe she isn’t a runs girl or maybe she is forming
will still give her somtin, plan to pick up a nebo that stays close by and hang out with her till my girlfriend comes by 3

To Be Continued…

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