-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 9

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Barbra grinned, as her son danced into the living room, he looked so excited-like he won a lottery.

“Daddy…mummy…Cassie…you’ll all soon miss me…” Kola sang matching his dance steps.

“so what’s up?” Cassandra asked, her eyes glued to her phone’s screen.

“You’ll miss me o!” Kola slumped beside his father.

“Tell me.” Williams enquired.

“Sasha just called, and guess what? Aunty Kemi said I and Kenny could come over!” Kola hugged his father excited.

“ did she ask after us?” Barbra asked. The last time she spoke to her daughter was when she left for Lagos.

“Yea, she sends her regards.” Kola replied catching his breathe.

“I guess she didn’t include my name.” Cassandra looked up.

“Why say so?” Kola enquired.

“she hardly picks my calls.” Cassandra replied pained. Deep within her she still loved her sister.

Same here, Williams almost voiced out. He had called his daughter countless times, but she never picked. He only resolved asking after her from Kemi.

“You caused it yourself, you made her hate you.” Kola said accusingly.

“Whatever.” Cassandra rolled her eyes.

“Maaamiii” Kola cooed cuddling his mother.

“Kola leave me! You’re no longer a kid” Barbra slapped his hands away.

“Leave my wife alone for me.” Williams pushed Kola away.

“No she’s my mother.” Kola protested in a childish voice.

“Shameless small man, stop touching my wife jor!” Williams laughed, glad for the change of topic.

“Kola leave his wife nah!” Cassandra joined.

“mummy you see ko?” Kola pouted.

“Ah ahn! Leave my son alone for me o, he’s my last born o, omo daada” Barbra crooned,

“Ehen! Me I’m not omo daada abi?” Cassandra laughed.

“Nobody is like my last born o.” Barbra, lifted Kola to her laps.

“Ehn ehn! What about me?” Cassandra rushed to secure her own position, same time colliding into her father who was on the same mission.

They all fell on the rug, laughing out loud.


“So this your friend we’re going to see, is he married?” Sasha asked Folake as they hailed a taxi.

“Yea, we agreed to meet in Lagos, we’ll be travelling to Paris this weekend.” Folake explained.

“Hmm” Sasha was engrossed in her own thoughts, having Kenny around her was like having her other half.

“Madam, you say First villa chic’n’beef koh?” the taxi driver enquired.


“we don reach” he replied fitting taxi into the parking lot.

Sasha straightened her dress as they walked into the restaurant.
“What the heck! This man came with his son again?” Folake muttered looking disappointed.

At the far end, sat an elderly man with a young man in his mid twenties.
The elderly man rose to his feet as they approached him.

“Hy, how are you?” folake tried to sound casual.

The young man looked up to shake her hands, he waved at Sasha only to look back at her again, his face registering recognition.

“Sasha?” Micheal asked in disbelief

“Mike?” Sasha flew into his arms.

“Oh my God! is this you?” Micheal looked her over.

“What are you doing here?” they both chorused before hugging each other.

“Dad…she’s my friend-portharcourt.” Micheal told his father who was just staring

“Yea..” Sasha smiled at Folake.

“Come..come…you must tell me what happened.” Micheal led her to a different table.

“Wow, what luck.” Mr Amaechi sighed, sitting down.

Folake sat too, very happy she brought Sasha along. Who would believe Sasha would take Mike out of her sight.

“so how is it gonna be like?” Folake asked.

“Yea, we’ll be travelling this weekend.”
Amaechi smiled.

“Oh my God!” Folake almost screamed.
Her dream of a most romantic weekend with her lover was unfolding.

At their table, Sasha and Micheal engaged each other in a more serious discussion, she told him about her journey to lagos. He sympathized with her.

“So who’s she to you?” Mike gestured towards Folake.

“Kemi’s sister-inlaw, who’s she to your dad?” Sasha asked

“He said, she’s his business client, but I don’t think so.” Micheal replied.
“I don’t think so too.” Sasha grimaced

“That why mum asked me to come with dad.” Micheal explained shaking his head.

Sasha felt sorry for him.

“I heard, they’ll be travelling this weekend to paris.” Sasha chirped.

“Yea, I’ll be going with them” Micheal announced.

“hey..we can soil their plans, stop the journey or make it miserable.” Sasha suggested


“Never mind leave the job to me!” Sasha cut him short, her eyes glinting.

Micheal laughed taking her hands in his,
“I missed you.”

“Same here.” Sasha laughed.

Glancing at the gigantic wallclock, Sasha fidgetted on a couch. What’s keeping them this long? She groaned.
Its friday.Tunji had gone with Kemi to the airport to pick up Kenny and Kola. Her dreams were finally coming true. She imagined how she was going to hug Kenny-real tight, then hug Kola,then…

A high-pitched voice interrupted her. Her head jerked back with her ears pricking up,
“What an awful voice.” she muttered.

The voice came louder, singing this time.

Irritated, Sasha stamped towards the room Folake occupied, that woman could cause her a damaged ear drum.

A knock.

“Come in.”

Folake straightened up as Sasha walked into the room,

“are you the one singing?” Sasha asked, though she knew the question was foolish.

“Yes.” Folake frowned, wondering what the girl was up to.

“Wow, you’ve got such a nice voice.” Sasha nodded with deep sarcasm.

“thanks.” Folake replied, though she got the sarcastic note.

“You’re welcome. But…errm, it would be very nice if you would lower your voice and better if you would stop singing.” Sasha made her point clear.

“Natasha…” Folake began, her anger rising.

“Sasha please.” Sasha corrected her.

“Whatever!” Folake screamed. When would the girl stop stepping on her toes, what hasn’t she done to get the girl out of her way.

“I’m warning you for the last time to stop talking at me that way. I’m old enough to be your mother for crying out loud.”

“You’re not my mother.” Sasha grimaced.

“Get the hell outta my sight!” Folake yelled.

“Look!” She started as Sasha turned to leave the room.
“Its a good thing I’m leaving tomorrow, so please, I’m begging you, don’t just spoil my mood okay?”

“Oh” Sasha exclaimed.
“Paris right?” she corked an eyebrow.

Folake fumed, her hands akimbo.

“I wish you safe journey with someone else’ husband.” Sasha sniggered dodging the pillow Folake threw at her.

“What’s going on here?” Kemi asked .

Sasha spunned,

“Kemi, is this how to go about it? Sending your sister to be a nuisance? Later, you’ll fake scolding her? the damages you’ve done to my brother isn’t enough?” Folake descended on Kemi.

“She’s not faking anything, you’re just throwing accusations. Why don’t you face me?” Sasha defended her sister.

“What’s happening here? What’s wrong?” Tunji walked into the room with Kola and Kenny.

” This barren woman you called your wife is what is wrong here” Folake squealed.

“My sister is not barren!” Kenny spoke out, visibly angry. He doesn’t care what happened, but no one dares talk to his family anyhow.

“And who are you? Another hungry relation of hers? Well your sister is infertile, she’s failed to give my brother a child after so many years.” Folake shot back mockery written all over her face.

” Folake that’s enough”
“Sasha, Kenny, get out of this room, ” Tunji was trying to create peace.

Sasha bit her lower lip, as she watched Kemi sob silently, her anger rose dangerously.

“Aunty Folake! Yes you!” She said as Folake looked at her suprised.

“You said my sister is barren? Well thank God, she better than some old b-itches who can’t still get a man to marry them, all they do is go about following peoples husbands to Paris.” Tears clouded her eyeballs as she spoke.

“Oh! I see! She’s not yet married?” Kenny put in.
“No wonder! I guess she’s hating cos she might have lost her womb during those numerous abortions.”

“Oh yea!” Sasha gave Kenny a high five.

Tunji threw his hands over his head, he was in a serious trouble.
Kemi walked out of the room still crying, Kola followed her;wiping his own tears too.

Tunji watched her go his heart rending with grief, he turned to his sister who was looking so dumb and horrified, then to the two teenagers standing before him, he felt like crushing them under his feet. He fought the urge to spank them real hard, stamping out of the room, he slammed the door behind him.

“Well..” Sasha found her voice.
“We’re sorry if we hurt you, but it’s just that we lack manners.”

“Yea, this isn’t a good way to meet for the first time. Anyways, my name is Kenny.” Kenny added, pulling Sasha out of the room.

The door hardly closed before Folake threw herself on the floor. She wept. Thinking her life over, she let Sasha’s voice filter through her mind as she washed her palms with tears.

To Be Continued….

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