-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 8

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Folake cleared her throat repeatedly, as the dinning was filled with noise of spoons and forks clashing with plates.
She was enjoying the meal but the presence of the teenage girl sitting before her was irritating.
She never liked Kemi too, so hating on Kemi’s sister was normal to her. She wondered how her brother would stay put with a barren woman for five years.

“Uncle Teejay, please pass me the salt.” Sasha said, clearly showing she was enjoying the meal.

Folake drew a long hiss, drawing attention to herself.
“Are you okay?” Tunji asked mouthful. Personally, he thanked God for Folake’s arrival, Kemi wouldn’t have cooked for the next few weeks; so it was-each time thay had a slight quarell.

“I’m okay,” Folake replied.

“You don’t look okay ma’am.” Sasha chirped, with her eyes on her plate.

Folake was about to snap at her when Tunji said
“Yea, or you aren’t enjoying the meal?”

“The food is okay but..”Folake decided to use that opportunity to show Kemi she was still the boss.

Kemi looked up, her spoon held halfway to her mouth,she knew it, she expected it, her sister in-law would always pick on her.

“But, it tastes half-done, like some part still tasting raw” folake concluded.

Kemi sighed, that was a bit light.

Sasha dropped her spoon, glanced at Kemi, then at Tunji, she wasn’t sure they heard that ‘Old-lady’ speak, what’s with the neutral looks on their faces?

“Well ma’am” Sasha cleared her throat
“Any food that becomes softer than this isn’t good to the eyes not to talk more of the stomach”

Kemi looked up sharply, glaring at Sasha, the girl should shut up!

“You don’t need to point that out to me!” Folake retorted.

“Yea…true.” Sasha spooned more food to her mouth.
“Its just that, you have to take whatever you’re given, whenever you are not in your own house. When you’re a visitor, act like one, at least to show you’ve got manners.” Sasha said carelessly.

“Sasha!” Kemi shrieked.

“Sasha please get us some more beef from the kitchen.” Tunji said quickly, he’s so much pleased.
Sasha wasn’t like Kemi who take advantage of the weak, she aims for the strong like her.

“Alright.” Sasha laughed to the kitchen. While Folake stared at her horrified.

“Unbelievable!” Folake found her voice.
“I’ve never been insulted this way all my life! Tunji did you hear that?” she squealed.

Tunji simply resumed eating his food.

“I’m so upset, I’ve lost my appetite.” Folake rose to her feet.

You never had one! Tunji wanted to voice out as he watched his sister scamper out of the dinning section- fuming. He loved his wife, his marriage-and no unmarried sister of his, should be a pest.

“Sister Folake..” Kemi rose to her feet.

“Sit down!” Tunji pulled her back.

“can’t you see that…”

“Shhhhh…..” Tunji hushed her.

“The beef..-sir.” sasha emerged from the kitchen.

“Thanks.” Tunji picked a piece, directing his hands toward Kemi’s lips.

Irritated, she slapped his hands off.

“You don’t have to do that, while your sister is watching.” Tunji pointed out.

“I could excuse you guys…you know.” Sasha winked at Kemi.

“Omo Jati Jati.” Kemi spat out.

“I told you screaming isn’t good for your health.” Tunji said, turning her to face him.

“Leave me!” Kemi protested.

“I can never.” her muttered against her lips. He missed those lips…..
Kemi dropped her bag on a settee, tucking in her shirt, same time trying to wear her jacket. She was running late for work, the night was tiring, courtesy of Tunji.
They made it up again, she would forever love that man.

“Sasha!” she called out.
No reply

“Sasha Williams!”

“Mah!” Sasha emerged carrying her books.

“I’m running late for work.” Kemi began.

“that’s no news, I’m running late for school too.” Sasha replied.

“Your pocket money and your transport fare are on my dresser..” Kemi continued ignoring her sisters comment.

“The one in your room or the master bedroom?” Sasha asked.

“make sure you board the cab of gentlemen okay?” Kemi adviced ignoring the question.
“Meanwhile,…” she pulled Sasha to herself
“Sister Folake is in…Sasha please, I beg you, steer clear, please, no retorting, no grimacing..”

“I’ve heard.” Sasha cut in.

“bye.” Kemi snatched her bag from the settee.

“Aunty Kay?”

“Yes?” Kemi replied impatiently heading to the exit.

“Kenny and Kola said…They said I should tell you…” Sasha ran after her.

“tell me what?” Kemi half walked, half-ran to her car.

“They’ll be coming to Lagos this weekend, for the Easter.” Sasha caught up with her.

Kemi shook her head, Kenny and Sasha meeting again? That combination wasn’t good atall.
“So what did you tell them?” She ignited her car.

“I said they could come, since there are enough rooms to contain them and enough food to feed them.”

“Good, so why telling me now?” Kemi said swallowing the laughter bubbling up in her.

“Just to inform the owners of the house.” Sasha replied.

Without a word, Kemi reversed her car and sped towards the gate.

Sasha waved, happy that Kemi was cool with her info. She’ve missed Kenny alot, her twin from a differnt mother. She shook her head walking back to the main building to pick her books and pocket money.

“I thought you all left the house without a word.” Folake said sipping from a mug of steaming coffee; clad in her nightie

“No” Sasha replied walking straight to her sister’s bedroom.

“Bye.” she said as she walked towards the exit.

“Eeerr, whatchamacallit….errm….Natasha right?” Folake’s voice stopped her.

“Sasha.” Sasha corrected her irritated.

“do you know Lagos very well…errm..I mean…you know places?” Folake asked.

“Yea.” Sasha almost screamed.

“You don’t mind accompanying me to see a friend this evening?”

I knew it! Sasha almost said, else why would her ‘old-lady’ be acting so nice.

“Dunno, I’ll ask my sister first.” Sasha replied, leaving the the house as fast as her legs would carry her.

Folake stared at the door and sighed, at least she tried. Her aim to stop being an enemy with Sasha was working out. So far she wanted to stay in that house for more days, she can’t survive under Sasha’s hatred. She must admit, the girl was more than her. [

To Be Continued….

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