-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 7

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Standing by the fridge in the kitchen, Sasha downed her second glass of cocoa. She pulled out a pack of cookies and started munching- raiding the fridge was a hobby, so far the fridge contains anything edible.

She scooped some more bournvita into her glass, poured iced cold water into it, before lifting it to her lips.

“yummy” she smacked her lips.

She had better filled her stomach properly- she thought, because there isn’t any sign of dinner forth coming.
Kemi was yet to come out of her room after the quarell that afternoon. Tunji too wasn’t back, perhaps he’s scared of Kemi’s tongue-lashing.

Sasha stuffed more cookies to her already filled mouth as she weighed all she heard that afternoon. She never knew couples quarell behind closed doors, she thought a closed door signifies a “couples romantic time out”.

She rolled her eyes, drinking more cocoa. She cared less.
She imagined her mother screaming at her dad in their room, she chuckled, that wasn’t something to wish for.

A loud knock on the front door interrupted her thoughts. Quickly she pushed her glass and cookies away, wiping her mouth with her dress she ran out of the kitchen.
It might be Tunji, she would like to see the depressed look on his face.

“Hold on.” she squealed as the knock came again.

Snatching the door, she froze, her smile faded, not who she expected to see.

A woman in her early fourties stood before her, holding a big handbag and a suitcase in the other. She might be one of Kemi’s friends..Sasha mused.

“why are you staring at me that way? Have you lost your manners or something?” the Lady snapped.

Sasha grimaced, manners?
“How may I help you?”

“how may you help me?” the lady shrieked.

“Look, Lady, if you came to see Kemi; she’s not in the mood to see you, and if you came to see Tunji; I’m sorry he’s not around.” Sasha explained carelessly.

“Are outta your mind?” The woman’s voice was rising.

Sasha drew a long hiss before slamming the door shut.
“Rubbish.” she mused. Why can’t some elderly people respect themselves?

“Who was that?”

Sasha turned startled, only to see Kemi staring at her with red-bulging eyes.

“I…uhm..some old lady…” Sasha stuttered.
“I told her you and Uncle Teejay aint around.” she added.

“So you slammed the door at her face?” Kemi asked walking towards the door.
“oh my good God!” she gasped
“Sasha how could you?” she shrieked.

“I’m so sorry sister Folake, I’m very sorry. Please come in.” Kemi pleaded with her sister in-law.

“Don’t mind Sasha, she’s such an insolent weeny.” she led her in.

Folake glared at Sasha as she walked into the room with an air of superiority
“This wimp slammed the door at my face, in my own brother’s house!” she wagged a finger at the unrepentant Sasha, adding stress to the word “Brother”

“Like I said, I’m so sorry sister folake. Sasha you must apologise to her, she’s Tunji’s sister.” Kemi managed to say.

“Sorry.” Sasha said bluntly

“Keep your sorry to yourself!” Folake shot at her.

“Errm… Sister mi, why don’t you run a bath while I set the table for dinner.” Kemi suggested, trying desperately to appease her sister in-law.

“Yea sure.” Folake replied still looking irritated.

Kemi led the way to the guest room still murmuring some apologies.

“Nonsense!” Sasha hissed. The fact that she was Tunji’s sister does not give her the right to call her a mannerless girl.
She was still musing and hissing when she felt a hand tug on her cheek.

Kemi pulled her towards the kitchen still tugging at her cheek.

“Aunty Kay, stop it, Its painful!” Sasha protested.

“Shut Up!” Kemi pulled her ears again.
“Don’t you know who she is? Ehn? Sasha Williams tell me?” Kemi said fiercely.

“I don’t care whoever she is, she called me a mannerless girl.” Sasha folded her arms across her chest.

“this is a warning, don’t you ever treat my guests that way, don’t you know this single action of yours can land me in a divorce?” Kemi queried.

Sasha rolled her eyes- who cares?

“If you don’t behave yourself, I’ll send you back to your parents .”

“I never wanted to come to Lagos anyway” Sasha grunted.

“Who are you talking back at?Me?”
Kemi asked removing her slippers.

“Wait for me! Omo Jati Jati.” she chased after the fleeing Sasha.

To Be Continued…

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