-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 5

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Her face creased into a frown as she pressed the door bell again.
“damn” she cursed under her breathe as she looked around her.
The night was chilly and held untold events.

“a weather for two” she whispered folding her arms across her chest. She wondered what her family members were?

“sasha?” Kola’s voice came in a frigntened whisper.

“Oh you pukeface!” she turned to face him
“so you guyz were in? I’ve been pressing this bell for…”

“keep your cool” Cassandra surfaced
“Kemi is around” she added paving way for Sasha to walk in.

“Aunty Kay?” Sasha asked-eyes wide

” yea, get ready to tell her where you’re coming from, by 8pm in school uniform.” Cassandra sneered.

Sasha swallowed. Kemi was around? Of all days! She should have known, she wouldn’t have gone to see whoever.

“Sasha get over here!” Kemi’s voice rang out from the Dinning section.

Throwing her bag down, she walked slowly towards the dinning

“Good evening mum-dad, Aunty kay welcome, when did you arrive?” her voice betrayed her.

“where on earth are you coming from?” Kemi asked in between her teeth.

Williams gulped down some water to ease his anger, Barbra grithed her teeth, Kola bent his head- tensed up.

“Aunty kay, you’re welcome, how’s Uncle TeeJay?” Shasha was trying her best to maintain her composure.

“Did you hear my question?”

“Yea, sure did.” Shasha cleared her throat.
“I and Kenny stayed back in the school library to read… know, our exams is on.”

“but I came personally to your school to pick you but…” Kemi sounded cool

“I said we’re in the library, at the far end of the library. And Traffic kept us for hours” she explained again.

“okay, fine then, how was your day?” kemi resumed eating.
“how are you Sasha?” Williams and his wife chorused

“Fine thanks.” Sasha helped herself into a chair.
“School was really hectic today.” she started scooping food into her plate.

“That’s school life for you.” Kemi said relaxed.

“Yea auntymi, we’re just solving mathematical questions, gosh! Different kind of theorems.” Sasha explained.

“or walking around my school with your boyfriend-I rather say.” Cassandra said wiping her mouth with a napkin.

Sasha’s heart lurched, everything came to a standstill.
“Cassie…” she said in a painful whisper.

Kemi looked at her two sisters, the older having a triumphant look, the younger looking frightened.

“oh I shouldn’t have spilled the beans.” Cassandra scoffed.
“well, they believed your lies, not me.”

“whats going on?” Barbra enquired

“I saw your pretty daughter alongside Kenny, cruising my school in her boyfriends car.” Cassandra said without caution.

“Sasha Williams!” Barbra was trembling.
“are you gonna tell the truth now?!”

“I…We went to see a friend and we weren’t time conscious…”

The plates and cups that started flying in the air, made her jump to her feet.

“Sasha Williams you lied! You have no idea what you’ve done..”Barbra pulled herself up.

“Honey..” Williams tried to hold his wife.

“I never caused my mother heart ache, and my own child is trying to kill me.”The dam broke

“But mum…”

“Gbe enu re soun, omo rada rada.” Kemi’s hand flew into the air, but missed Sasha’s face.

Sasha ran to her room banging the door behind her. What was wrong with everybody? She could still hear her mother and Kemi screaming, while her father was trying to calm them down.

Her phone beeped
“hello Kenny?”

“Hello locky how far?”

“Very bad, kenny, Cassie saw us, she spilled it out, Aunty Kemi is in town , the house is on fire….Kenny as I speak to you, I’m seeking refuge in my room” She was panting.

“oh my God! Aunty Kemi? Gosh! Cassie is a Jerk!” Kenny almost screamed.

The door flew open, Sasha dropped her phone, spinning round. Her eyes widened as she saw her dad standing, his eyes dark.

To Be Continued…

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