-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 4

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

“just pray! You hear me! Just pray nothing happens to that girl!” Williams glared at his son.

“Dapo why? Ehn? Why?” Barbra sobbed softly.

Dapo bent his head full of remorse as his parents pointed accussing fingers at him.
God help me! Why is it taking the doctor’s so long to come out of the room where Sasha was?

“What happened to her?” Ashley asked as she and her son walked towards the williams

“Your nephew, wanted to kill her because of a scrabble board!” williams explained.

“Scrabble board?” Ashley asked in disbelief.

“Lord have mercy! ” Kenny paced up and down.

“Doctor?” Barbra sat up as the doctor emerged.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine, it’s just a mild shock.” the doctor assured them.

“Can we see her now?” Kenny asked

“No, she’s still unconscious.”

“Please, just two minutes, please let me see her.” Kenny pleaded till he was allowed to go in.

He stood quitely by the bed,
“God please save her life.” he muttered quitely.

“Sasha?” he squeezed her hand.
“Sassy please don’t leave me! Don’t leave me all alone, you’re all I have, my best friend, my sister my all, please don’t die.” he whispered gently.

He shut his eyes in grief, only to open them when he felt something squeeze his hand.
Sasha’s lips corked into smile as she squeezed his palms.

“Sassy! You’re awake?” Kenny quivered

“Sure” her eyes flew open.

“Oh my God!” Kenny gasped, was he dreaming?

“Sassy……mean you faked it all?” he asked eyes wide.

“Yea” she smiled at him
“So you love me wella, you’re begging me not to die ehn?” she laughed gently.

“Gosh! Girl you scared me! Everybody’s worried! Girl you are just too perfect!” Kenny hugged her.

“You came alone?”

“No, your parents, mine and Dapo are all waiting at the door.” Kenny replied.

“That bastard!” Sasha scowled at the mention of Dapo.

“Your mum is crying o” kenny informed her.

“Ehhn! So these people love me wella!”

“Hey! Lemme go and tell them you’re awake.” kenny moved away.

“And just put up a suprise show!” Sahsa whispered.

“Doctor, mum, dad, come quickly! She’s awake!” Kenny said opening the door.

“Oh my God! Serious?” Barbra scampered to her feet, others following suit.

“sorry my dear.” Williams said after the doctor had examined his daughter.

“Uhm” Sasha winced.

“Sorry ehn” Barbra hugged her.

“My head…my neck…my teeth…my chin…my…I’m in pains mum…” Sasha whispered in a sick voice.

“Sorry, it’s well” Ashley said rubbing her feet.

“Sorry sis…” Dapo edged closer to her.

Saha let out a scream as Dapo took her hand
“My hand o…its paining me.”

“Sorry.” Everybody chorused except Kenny.

He was trying his best to suppress the laughter threatening to burst out of him. Sasha was a rare breed. He thought. Who would believe everybody was tensed because of some fake show she fixed?
He turned to look at Dapo, who was looking pale
poor boy! He thought, everybody’s pointing at him.

“I want to go home..” Sasha whined.

“easy dear, you’l soon go home okay?” Williams patted her locks

“As soon as the doctor come’s back.” Ashley assured her.

Kenny coughed loudly to get Sasha’s attention, they exchanged looks and she winked at him.

“Poor Kenny, he almost died before his best friend!” Barbra teased him.

He was all smiles, atleast what happened, wasn’t real.

Dapo walked gingerly into Sasha’s room, he has made up his mind to apologise to her atleast to clear the air.
“You can’t knock?” Sasha asked peering into her mirror.

“Sorry, I forgot.” Dapo replied standing beside her. Where would he start from?

“Sasha, please I’m sorry about what happened.” he began.

“Why are you sorry?” Sasha smacked her lips as she generously applied lip gloss to it.

“I know I’ve done you wrong, but I’m sorry.” he searched her steel eyes.

“What if I died? Would you be here making sorry comments?”

“Thank God you didn’t. But please…” he took her hands.

“Okay, its over now.” Sasha turned to face her mirror.

Dapo watched her as she tied and untied her locks, he wished things would be normal again.
Sasha used to be his favourite sibling; right from the day she was born, he even shared his room with her when she was younger. He remembered how he would spend his pocket money buying sweets and chocolates for her, how he carried her everywhere he went. Their bond was so strong. Whatever severed that bond he never could tell, how their relationship turned sour he wished he knew…

“What are you looking at?” Sasha cut rudely into his thoughts

“Errm…nothing..” he looked startled.

“You were gaping at my hair.” she smiled,

“Its beautiful.” he couldn’t help saying.

“Thanks Brother Dee” she said buckling her sandals.

Brother dee? When last did she call him that? He’d even forgotten.

“You’re leaving today?” she gestured at the NYSC uniform he was putting on.

“Yea, this morning.” he replied.

“Take care then.” She strapped her bag.

“I will, you too.” he hugged her warmly, he couldn’t recall when last he got a hug from her.

“I’ll miss ya.” he added

“Are sure?” she held his hands
“When you all hate me? You would never miss me.”

“I don’t hate you, I love my baby sister.” He hugged her again.
A sweet reunion,- he thought.

Kenny used his question paper to wipe a bench before sitting down.

“So this is the so-called mock exams?” Sasha made a face sitting next to him.

“Yea dearie, I hope our WAEC would be as simple as this.” Kenny nodded.

“I pray!”

“Sassy-locks, don’t you think its high time we bought our jamb? We’re wasting time o” Kenny asked.

“Yes yes, maybe this week” Sasha agreed.

“What school would you apply for?” She asked rumpling her question paper.

“Unilag for sure! And you?”

“I’m gonna remain in this state, I don’t like Lagos.” she said firmly.

“I don’t wanna remain in an Ibo land for ever jor!” Kenny nudged her.

“Does that matter? Atleast I’m used to the environment, no time for changes.” Sasha replied peering into pace.

“Or…are you staying back cos of your new boyfriend?” He teased

“which boyfriend?”

“That one with dreadlocks, is it micheal you call him?” Kenny replied.

“Badt boy! Mike is just a friend o” She laughed.

“mike is just a friend o” Kenny mimicked her.

“come on, he’s just a friend.” she pushed him.

“I agree.”

“Talking about Micheal, let’s go visit him, since we are less busy” Sasha suggested.

“Visit ke! With school uniforms?” Kenny laughed.

“doesn’t matter, lets just go”

“the gateman won’t let us out till school closes” Kenny pointed out.

“True.” she thought for a while.
“Let’s fly the fence at the back yard”

“ha! Sassy! Fly fence?” Kenny disagreed.

“C’mon! Follow me nah! I promise to take the blame.” She pulled him off the bench.

“Okay” Kenny reluctantly followed her, and they walked towards the school’s back yard.

“What about our bags?” he asked as they walked down the mainroad,

“We’ll come back for them later.” Sasha replied as she flagged down a Cab.
“The federal uni.” she told the driver before pushing the nervous Kenny into the cab.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” She squeezed his palms.

To Be Continued….

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