-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 3

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Sasha scratched her head furiously, as she watched her father gesticulate as he spoke; family meeting-he called it.
Her mum, kola, even Kenny and his parents were present.

“Sasha, explain how your suspension came to be.” Jide-Kenny’s father said.

She frowned a bit, this man should just maintain the respect she’s giving him.

“There’s nothing to explain.” Kenny said uninvited.

“Shut up Ken!” Ashley yelled at her son.

“I went to see the principal, you need to listen to the unimaginable things, my own daughter did.” Williams said through his teeth.

“I don’t know why God gave me this kind of child.” Barbra said with regret.

“Don’t talk like that now.” Ashley consoled her sister.

“Hmn, this is serious!” Kola chirped.

“Abeg park well jor!” Sasha and Kenny chorused.

“The only solution is this, the link between Ken and Sasha should be cut off, atleast no more communications, that should reduce the truancy.” Jide suggested.

“Hian! What did you just say? You mean You would separate us?” Kenny squeaked eyeing his father,

“No, keep your cool, he’s just making a suggestion.” Sasha said quitely.

Williams sighed heavily, this was too big for him to handle. Sasha was an odd number in his even life, he must live with it.

“Kola please get I and Kenny some chilled juice, while we listen to this boring meeting.” Sasha said carelessly.

“Gosh! This children are ridiculous!” Ashley laughed.
She isn’t bothered by their stubborness, whats wrong there?

“Ridiculous ehn?”Jide eyed her.

“Hello?” Sasha said into her phone

“Hello I can hear you.” she walked out of the sitting room, while the rest watched her.

“This girl lack manners.” Jide said shaking his head.
The others to gave an affirmative grunt.

Sasha ran to the door as soon as she heard a knock, she’s expecting Micheal.

“Hi sister!” Cassandra hugged her.

“Cassie…what..I mean…why did you come home today?” she couldn’t hide her disappointment.

“I heard of your suspension,…”

“So you came to give me a sermon?” Sasha smiled.


A knock came again. Cassandra watched her sister run towards the door excited.

“Hi…you’re welcome, please come in.” Sasha held Micheal’s hand leading him into the living room.

“Errm, mike, this is my sister cassandra, cassie meet mike-a friend”

“Hy” Micheal shook hands with cassandra.

“Please sit.” Sasha gestured to a chair.

“Noo, I need to go now, I’ve got an appointment to keep, just passed by to say hi.” Micheal explained

“hmmm” Sasha gave him a disappointed look.

“Hey, not that face! Promise to come during the weekends.” Micheal assured her.

“Promise?” she brightened up.

“Yea..” he smiled, pushing her locks off her face.

“Bye.” he told Cassandra who was watching them in keen interest.

“so girlie, who is he?” Cassandra asked after he left.

“A friend.” Sasha frowned.

“a lover, i rather say!” Cassandra eyed her.
“But I don’t like him”

“Did he ask you to like him before?” Sasha retorted.

“Nope! I think I know his face..”

“yep, he’s from your school.” Sasha said impatiently.

“that’s right! His name is mike right? I know him well” Cassandra added.

“Okay cassie! Thank God you know him, can you keep quite now?” Sasha replied irritated.

“Do you know he belongs to the black axe?” she asked in gossip fashion.

“Which one is black axe again?” Sasha almost yelled.

“A cult group!” She said grithing her teeth.

“Cassie, come..” Sasha edged closer to her.

“Are you sure you don’t have fever? You need some drugs.” she felt her sister’s forehead.

“Leave me!” Cassandra pushed hands away.

“Cassie, if you’re aint sick, then stop telling lies” Sasha said firmly walking into her room.

Wiping imaginary dirts off the wall; Sasha sat on the rug,squeezed into a corner of the sitting room. High pitched laughter came from her siblings, they were playing the scrabble game, she took a quick glance at Dapo and Cassandra,
shouldn’t they be in their place of primary assignment and hostels respectively? She thought.
Coming home to spend the weekend like some toddlers!

“What kinda word is that?” she heard Dapo say.

“read it now..” Cassandra replied.

“Oddball?” Kola read it out.

“Cassie , you’re looking for trouble.” Dapo warned as they both laughed.

“I wonder what she’s wiping off the wall.” Dapo whispered.

“Maybe, she’s having a meeting with her fellow demons.” Cassandra said loudly.

“The association of Dada’s!” Kola chirped in.

Sasha swallowed hard, she heard them all, they were actually looking for her trouble, and she won’t disappoint them.

“I want to play scrabble.” she walked towards them.

“well Sassy, we aint done yet, wait till the game is over.” Kola told her.

“I want to play scrabble now!” her voice was pitched high.

“Wait, till we’re done” Dapo said irritated.

“No!” she said adamantly.

“what are you gonna do? we are’nt through yet.” cassandra yelled at her.

Sasha grabbed the board, scattered the keys all over the place, before tearing the board in two.
“that’s what I’m gonna do!”

“Are you out of your mind?” Dapo yelled infuriated.

“Yes!” came her reply.

“What the heck is your problem? Can’t you live in peace for once?” he rose to his feet.

“Oh! Mr peace-maker, why don’t you teach me how to live in peace”

“Don’t you talk to me like that, okay? I’m far older than you!” Dapo wagged a warning finger at her face.

“What difference does it make? At 25 you’re still depending on your parents for pocket money, when your mates are driving big cars with fat bank accounts?” Sasha sneered.

“Don’t let me deal with you!”

“please do! Rubbish! What can you do? Kill me? You can do absolutely nothing Fool!” she spat into his face.

Infuriated, Dapo slapped her twice.
“Jeez!” Sasha glared at him, painful suprise written all over her face.

“Very good! Time to teach this brat how to use her tongue.” Cassandra clapped.

“you slapped me?” Sasha’s voice was low

Dapo wriggled his hands, did he just slap his sister? What on earth came over him?

“You dare raise your hands at me? Dapo you slapped me? Answer me! You slapped me?” she asked again in a painful whisper.

Dapo exhaled sharply, why couldn’t he control his anger? What kind of example was he setting? He didn’t just slap any female but his sister?
He glared at his hands, they moved to fast.

“Sasha!” Kola screamed, making him look up sharply.

Sasha slumped slowly to the ground, her rolled up. Kola rushed to hold her.
Dapo stared at her confused.

“Sasha!” he shook her, but she was unconscious.

“We’re in trouble!” Cassandra wailed.

“bring some water.” Dapo said, holding Sasha on his knees.

They poured a bowl of water on her, but couldn’t revive her.

“Oh my God! Sasha please don’t die!” Kola began to cry.

“Don’t sit there crying, get the car key!” Dapo ordered.

“Cassie? Call mum and dad please” he added carrying Sasha on his shoulder.

“where are you taking her to?” Kola asked giving him the keys.

“Hospital.” Dapo replied heading towards the garage.

His heart was heavy. For once he regretted coming home to spend the weekend. What if something happened to her? How would he face his parents to tell them he killed his sister?

“God please…” He said igniting the car.

To Be Continued….

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