-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 28

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])… If you Missed part Twenty Eight, read it HERE!!!

Sleep eluded her as she lay on her back-eyes fixed to the ceiling. Riots of thoughts filled her mind as she continuously bit into her lower lip.

What was happening to her? What kind of life was she living? A fake life? When would she start living a genuine life? The kind of life she and her unborn child deserve.

“Joyce wake up.” she whispered to herself.

I can’t continue like this- she rose to put the bed lamp on. Taking advantage of the dim light, she paced up and down the room.

Her mission was different from what she’s doing presently, far from been accomplished. She allowed herself to be treated like a waste-bin by ‘the Williams’ or what ever they call themselves- she’s carrying a Williams in her womb too, though it isn’t genuine;atleast she deserved to be treated right.

Those devilish kids who believed they could talk to her anyhow, or their mother who was trying to act up a good woman. A good woman? Which woman would be so kind to someone who nearly ruined her marriage? Perhaps she’s trying to win her husbands heart- well then, she succeeded. But Joyce can’t be fooled, oh yes Barbra succeeded in keeping her home, and got her kids and husband treating her-Joyce like an unwanted Alien.
Barbra even had the guts to ask to do the dishes after breakfast-the day before, all in the name that her kids are going to school.

And that jerk-Williams- she fumed. What’ he feeling like? Like he succeeded in keeping his family together, so she doesn’t matter anylonger right? He talks rubbish and gets away with it.

“Me Joyce..” she smiled painfully.

Very soon she’d be putting to bed, how’s she sure her baby has a position in the house?

“No.” she shook her head.

“Joyce can’t take it anymore.”

she’ve got to fight for her ‘right’, she should be treated a ‘wife’ that she is. No more lazying around and keeping mute, Joyce’s got to make her own voice known.

Cassandra sneezed as she wiped dust particles off the electric appliances in the living room, that was a job she hates to do- those dust particles made her sneeze like…if care isn’t taken she might end up having a very bad cold. She so missed her beloved Sasha, that girl was good when it comes to works like this; she would never sneeze nor cough even when everybody in the house does so. Sasha was a sister she never thought she’d have, she was suprised when Sasha came to her room one night just to have ‘some girlie talks’, Lagos really changed her or was it Joyce?

“Careful,stop dusting those dirts my way.” Joyce snapped. She’ve been sitting on a sofa all along watching the girl smile and mumble to herself.

“Maybe you should go to your room, cos I’m cleaning this whole place up.” Cassandra replied politely. Her mother’s home, so she must act good.

“I’m not sitting on your head, neither does the living room belongs to you.” Joyce retorted.

“then stop complaining about the dirts.” Cassandra replied, scrubbing the darduma in the middle of the room. She heard Joyce’ hissing angrily, she smiled, there’s no point hissing back, unless she wants her mother to start another sermon about respecting elders.

The sound of th the TV caught her attention, what was wrong with this omo-Ibo?

“You should have atleast allowed the thing to dry off, I just wiped it with a wet towel!
Cassandra complained.

Joyce hissed in reply.

“You’re really getting on my nerves!” Cassandra noted, putting off the TV.

“And you’re asking for my trouble.” Joyce rose to her feet.

“I don’t ask for trouble, I dish it out ma’am! You must be outta of your mind if you think you can get crappy on me!” Cassandra anger was rose to its peak.

“Cassie shut up, you must have lost your mind?” Barbra walked into the living room.

“No mum, this omo-ibo is high on something.” Cassandra protested as her mum pushed her towards the stairs.

“your mother is the one that’s high.” Joyce fired at her.

“normal thing! Useless Sl*t!” Cassandra shot back at her.

“Cassie you must have lost your manners? get inside!” Barbra shouted at her.

“Who’s a Sl*t?” Joyce fumed.

“Who else? If not Joyce-baloney?” cassandra spat.

Joyce raised her hand to strike, Barbra saw it coming, she caught it just in time.

“Don’t you dare!” Barbra snarled.

Joyce stared at her surprised.

“Never in your life! Never ever lay your hands on my kids.” Barbra spat releasing Joyce’ arm.

“Winchy! Come and touch me nah! Nitwit!” Cassandra continued to rant.

“Cassie,don’t let me get inside before you!” Barbra warned her mounting the stairs.

“Winchy-wincho! Iya Aje! Wuuuuuu!” Cassandra clapped before running after her mother.

Joyce stood at the spot, too surprised to speak. All her strength was gone..

To Be Continued….

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