-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 27

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

“Auntie Kay” Kenny called out, hitting his fists on the door.

” we’ve got blisters on our hands already.” Sasha yelled angrily.

“Ease up kids! She’s gonna open up.” Ashley assured them, she’d followed them down to Lagos. Her sister had asked her to go check up on Kemi.

“Are sure she’s in?” Kenny asked Sasha, ignoring his mother.

“dunno! Aunty Kay!” Sasha knocked the door furiously.
“After all the ‘journey’s tiredness’, now I’ve got blisters….oh my! And this afternoon sun ehn?” she complained.

“sorry omo mi…she’ll open up” Ashley assured her.

“Me I’ll not take sorry o.” Kenny pouted as his mother pulled him closer to her.

“See, somebody is opening the door.” Ashley said as she heard sound of keys.

“Ah! Mummy Kenny! E ka bo! Welcome ma!” Tunji greeted her, he was looking pleased.

“It took you hours to open the door.” Ashley feigned anger.

“I’m so sorry ma, please come in.” he took her bag.
“I was freshening up and Kemi was sleeping.”

“It took you hours to freshen up?” Sasha glared at him

“We’re not gonna start fighting now abi?” Tunji laughed.

“not yet! Just that i’ve got got blisters already.” she pouted.

“And I said i’m sorry!”

“Fine then.”

“Sasha take the bags to the guest room, whilst I get them something to drink.” Tunji said walking to the fridge.

“Its like you’re expecting a househelp!” Sasha mumbled, picking up the bags with Kenny giving her a helping hand.

Tunji laughed as he poured out some juice for Ashley. Sasha was back again, he missed her alot.

“Its like she’s your fighting mate” Ashley said taking the glass from him.

“not always.” Tunji laughed.

“Where’s Kemi?”

“In the bedroom, lemme wake her up.” Tunji rose to his feet.

“No…let her sleep, I did like to run a bath” Ashley replied.

“No kini? Wake her up jor! She should welcome us properly jare!” Sasha puckered.

“Is she not supposed to…” Kenny stopped talking as Kemi emerged.

“Mummy!” Kemi exclaimed excitedly as she half-ran to hug her aunt.

“Oh my God! Did you see that? Her belly is so big.” Sasha whispered.

“Yea, bigger than Joyce’ own” Kenny whispered back.

“She’s still got the strength to run? Na wa o” Sasha pressed her own flat tummy with her fingers.

“You two have lost your mind? You didn’t greet me!” Kemi feigned anger.

“Errmm sorry o, good day.” Kenny greeted.

“And you Sasha?” she pointed at Sasha who was still pressing her stomach.

“sorry Auntie..” Sasha walked towards her.
“How does it feel having a big round tummy?” she asked

“Omo yi ti baje tan!” Kemi slapped her hands off her stomach.

“sorry now…Auntie I’ve missed you” Sasha laughed still caressing Kemi’s belly.

“how would you miss me? When you’re so engrossed with Joyce, mum told me everything.” Kemi tugged at her cheeks playfully.

“So funny! Sasha threatened fire, but she’s yet to do anything o!” Ashley laughed.

“Are you people not the ones that won’t let her do her ‘work’ ” Kenny defended his friend- pouting

“who’s this one pouting for? Pampered kid!” Kemi pulled his lips.

“eh ehn! Kemi, leave my son’s mouth alone o!” Ashled laughed.

“Don’t mind her o! When she gives birth, I’ll bully her baby.” she added kissing Kenny’s lips.

“yes!” Kenny stuck out his tongue.

“me abi? Don’t worry, shebi your mother would leave you here?” Kemi snapped her fingers.

“Kenny don’t get scared jor, be counting the number of times she hits you, her baby will pay o!” Sasha clapped.

“See who is talking? Can you even face common Joyce?” Kemi sneered.

“excuse me…” Tunji cleared his throat, as he emerged from the kitchen.
“Would you all join me at the dinning room?” he winked.

“We’re already on our way Mr chef!” Ashley teased.

“Honey don’t give them our food o, they’re threatening to bully our baby!” Kemi said.

“bully? That’s easy nah! I”ll help them do the job”.

“ehn! Even you too? I won’t play with you again.” Kemi puckered.

“Play ke? My in-laws are here o, no dulling.” Tunji stuck out his tongue.

The sound of their laugher echoed as they filed to the dinning room,- a happy family.

To Be Continued…..

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