-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 24

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

“Sasha O! Move your bum outta your room and get yourself over here!” Cassandra shouted at the top of her voice.
She glanced at the gigantic wall clock.
“Nine ‘o clock?”

“Sasha!” She squealed again her voice cracking.

“Lower your voice jawe, you wanna damage my ear drum? Haba!” Sasha complained as she she walked sleepily into the living room.

“Still sleeping abi? Won’t you help clean up the food store and the kitchen? Remember mum said she’ll be going to the market tomorrow.” Cassandra waved the broom she was holding in the air.

“Abeg don’t remove my eyes jor!” Sasha pushed the broom down.
“Am I the only one in this house? What about Kenny? He’s still in bed o!”

“Kenny is a male, understood? Now go get a broom and a duster.” Cassandra ordered.

“after all the cleaning we did on saturday? Haba! I’m going back to sleep.” Sasha rubbed her still sleepy eyes.

“Sasha please now, I’ve got lectures today o.” Cassandra pleaded.

“Bribe me first.” Sasha pouted.

“Icecream and Samosa for you and Kenny when I come back this evening.”

“wow…that sounds heavenly.” Sasha smiled, collecting the broom Cassandra was holding.

Cassandra laughed as her younger sister danced towards the kitchen.

“Icecream won’t kill you o!” she wiped dust particles off the framed pictures on the wall- still laughing.

She stopped laughing when she heard the door to her father’s study creak open.
Joyce emerged with a satisfied look, she catwalked into her room after having a brief ‘eye-fight’ with Cassandra.

“Dad’s still at home?” she asked herself letting duster drop.

“How did that witch get in there?” she murmured walking towards the study.

She walked straight in without knocking.

“forgot to knock?” Williams asked, eyes fixed on his desktop.

“What was she doing here?” Cassandra asked.

” I’m not your son Cassandra.” Williams replied still clicking away.

“You didn’t go to work today? Why?” she asked sitting on his paper-filled desk.

“Nothing you need to know.”

“But I’m sure you told that witch right? Or you stayed back cos of her?” Cassandra spat.

“Cassandra!” Williams growled, adjusting his glasses.

“Uhm…sorry dad.” she apologised.
“But atleast what are you hiding from me your favourite? Us? ”

“would I hide anything from you?”

“Dad…stop replying me with questions.” she scoffed squeezing between him the desk.

“Young lady need I tell you? You are not transparent!” he frowned.

“well…daddy’s girlie deserves to know what’s bothering her papa.” she sang pouting.

“You still make that face? I thought you’ve out grown it.” Williams laughed tugging at her lips.

“I’ve got just a mild problem at work.” Williams sighed.

“That problem isn’t mild, cos my papa is getting lean.” she pouted some more.

“C’mon stop pouting.” williams tugged at her lips again.

“They’re getting longer!” Cassandra laughed.

“some important documents were misplaced by my Manager.” he explained.

“You’ve told mum about it?”

“No one except you.” Williams replied with a sigh.


“Don’t want to bother her, she’ve got alot troubles already”

“C’mon daddy…tell her, she might be of help.” Cassandra urged.

“Okay, I promise to tell her.”

“That’s my daddy.” Cassandra sang.

“Cassie? Where in this house art thou?” Sasha’s voice rang out startling them.

” are you gonna tell me what Joyce was here for?” Cassandra smiled at her father.

“just for money…or what were you thinking?” Williams managed a laugh.

“Nothing at all…see you later dad.” she winked running out of the room.

“Oh my….” Williams smiled, when last did he laugh with his daughter?

“so madam akproko, what were you doing there?” Sasha eyed Her sister.

“Dad aint in a good mood, he didn’t go to work.” Cassandra replied.

“so you were consoling him or what?”

“Sassy? Its our father we’re talking about.” Cassandra reprimanded her.

“and so? I thought you’ve disowned him?”

“No, I still love my papa. He needs us you know.” Cassandra said excited.

“Hmn, whatever.”

“Sasha!” Cassandra nudged her.

“Leave me jor! Come and help me lift the bag rice in the store”

“Yes madam petite.” Cassandra laughed moving away

To Be Continued….

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