-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 23

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Williams fastened his eyes to the Tv screen, his mind was far away, though he looked like he was listening to the network news too. His wife had probed him about his present state, but He’d assured her all was well. All was well? He’s about losing goods worth Fifty million naira! All can never be well.
He had warned Amaech sternly, to go look for those documents, else the police would be involved

“Dad look…they’re showing Dapo on TV.” Kola squealed.

Williams watched his first son, as he spoke with the TV presenter on the NYSC scheme.

“Wow… I never knew Dapo could speak ‘queens english’ ” Kenny said with admiration.

“Uh-oh! Stop that boasting jor! We all know he’s related to you.” Sasha looked up from the Laptop Cassandra had officially handed over to her.

Williams sighed heavily, avoiding his wife’s questioning gaze.
Soon the news was over the the children gathered round Sasha as she showed them something she designed using Corel draw.

He was about vacating to his study when Joyce strolled out of her.

With rolling-gait, she catwalked into the living room, hands caressing her bulging stomach.
Her perfume filled their nose to capacity.
Without a word to anyone, she balanced on a couch and began fiddling with the TV remote, avoiding Cassandra’s piercing gaze.

” Blessed is he who passeth good news, for the devil would depart from his abode.” Kenny said loud and clear. That was a coded quote, meant to prompt Kola on what next to do.

“Amen.” Sasha replied pinching Kola who was still hesitating.

“Errm…somebody came to look for you today…” Kola started.

“Yea, he came in the morning, he said his name is John or so..” Cassandra took over.

Joyce glance at her, puckered fixing her gaze back on the Tv.

“My sister is talking to you.” Kenny snapped irritated.

“I heard her.” Joyce replied.

“oh! Well he said he’d come back anytime soon, we were actually expecting him this evening, and he didn’t show.” Kenny continued.

“Who’s that?” Barbra asked.

“Some hungry-looking man! He was even making trouble with the gateman-I heard. He left after he discovered she isn’t home.” Sasha replied eyes fixed to the laptop screen.

“I don’t know any man like that.” Joyce spoke up

“He was just ranting ‘I’m looking for Joy! I need to see Joyce! She’s my girl!…’ bla bla bla…he said his name is John o” Cassandra eyed her.

“I said I don’t know any John!” Joyce shrieked, her voice giving her away.

“What about the John you’re talking to every day on phone?” Kenny asked.

“She said she doesn’t know any John! Kenny!” Barbra spoke up.

“Haba mummy! The man was very serious o!” Cassandra complained.

“So what’s your own now?” Barbra asked.

Williams just sat there-mute. If only they knew what was going on on his mind, they’d forget about John.

Joyce resumed fiddling with the TV remote, trying her best not to tremble. She prayed Williams won’t say anything. Thank God for Barbra that woman was a blessing, always ready to defend her from her uncultured kids.

“Since you don’t know any John, next time any hungry-looking Jerk comes looking for you; we’d call the police” Sasha warned.

Williams rose unsteadily to his feet, his Study should keep him away from those noise makers.

“What’s wrong with daddy?” Kola asked,

“I don’t think he’s fine” Kenny replied.

“Who cares!” Sasha snorted.

“The pregnant witch should start packing her bags o! John would be here anytime.” Sasha hissed as Joyce trembled towards her room.

“I wonder what she’s feeling like:” Kenny hissed.

“Gbe enure soun! Enu rada rada!” Barbra threw her phone at them.

“What sort of kids are you? So ill-mannered! You feeling like you’re too stubborn nobody can control you right?” she queried.
“she is your step-mother for crying out loud!”

“Step what? Mum are you joking? You mean Dad’s gonna get married to her?” Cassandra asked eyes popping out.

“Need I remind you, that she’s carrying your father child? Your sibling?”

“oh my! You’re sure that woman hasn’t bewitched you? Sorry but c’mon mum! What are you saying?” Sasha looked confused

“Wahala dey.” Kenny exclaimed, looking helpless
we’ve got lots to talk about.” Amaechi muttered as Folake showered him with kisses.

“hmmn…what’s it that can’t wait till we’re ‘done’ ?” Folake groaned.

“I’ve got big trouble on my head.” Amaechi stressed, pushing her gently off him.

“Hmm” Folake look disappointed.

“Did you in anyway see any document…like…a cheque errr….some papers? I mean did I forget any document with you?”

“No…what’s up?” Folake peered at him.

“The ceiling.” Amaechi hissed.

“Bring it down then.” Folake laughed.

“Look…I’m very serious! My job is at stake! My boss isn’t smiling at all…I might get arrested!”

“Like seriously?” Folake sat up, looking very serious.

“I misplaced very important documents and it isn’t serious to you? That cheque is from the state government…they won’t write another! And without the papers we can’t claim ownership of the documents that arrived two days ago!” Amaechi was close to tears.

“Sorry…” Folake rubbed his laps.

“Is that all you’ll say?” Amaechi pushed her hands away.

“What else do you want me to say?” She put her hand back in place.

“Say something…do something to help!”

“That’s what I’m doing…” Folake laughed pulling his belt.

The telecom buzzed interrupting them.
“ number 9″ Amaechi said impatiently.

“Two people…a woman and a young man are here. They claim you know who they are…they wanna come upstairs to meet you.” the hotel receptionist said in a confused voice.

“What?” Amaechi exclaimed buckling his belt. He sure knew who they were…how on earth did they know his whereabout? His secretary whom he asked to book the hotel must have told them.

“They are heading towards the elevator now…do you need help? I should call the security men?” The receptionist asked nervously.

“Nooo! I’d handle the situation.” Amaechi screamed slamming the phone.

“Hide fast! Hide!” He pushed Folake off the bed.

“Whats happening?” Folake screamed.

“My wife and son…hide fast!”

“What the hoot happened to them?” she yelled again.

“I say hide! They’re here! Coming up in the elevator.” Amaechi yelled back pushing her towards the bathroom.

“yikes!” she shrieked grabbing her dress and running to the bathroom.

Soon there was a loud knock on the door.

“Hold on…who’s there?” he cried trying to hide Folake’s bag and shoes.

“Open the door my friend!” Ugo snapped.

“Adaugo? Mike? What the heck! What are you doing here? How did you know I’m here?”

“Where’s the shameless pepper-eating dog?” Ugo strolled past him into the room, she looked dressed up for battle

“who are you talking about?” Her husband feigned ignorance, his eyes fixed on Micheal who looked on.

“Who am I talking about? The witch you’re with!” Ugo looked around suspiciously.

“I’m here to do some office work.” He defended himself.

“What happened to your office?”

“Its a sunday…office closes on fridays.”

“then work too should stop on fridays..” Ugo mimicked him

“oh… My bad.” Amaechi chuckled nervously.

“what is that?” Micheal spoke for the first time pointing at a colourful female underwear.

“Uhm? I’m sure it belongs to those who checked out of this room…errm…you know…the cleaner didn’t notice I guess.” Amaechi stuttered.

“Errm…or maybe its a kind gesture from the hotel to their guests? Ermm..yea…right?” he stammered some more under their piercing eyes, looking like a accused before the prosecuting panel.

“Amaechi! Do I look like a ‘mumu’? Whats that sound coming from the bathroom?” Ugo asked.

“Errm…I left the water running.” Amaechi replied. He prayed silently, he feared for Folake’s life.

“Okay. Let me stop the ‘running water’ !” Ugo sauntered towards the bathroom.

She pushed the door open and behold a ‘half unclad’ Folake stood shaking like a leaf under the influence of ‘harmattan wind’.

“Wonder shall never end in America! So this is the Yoruba witch? Ehn?” Ugo laughed wickedly.
“When I finish with you today ehn? You’ll leave my husband alone.” Ugo charged into the bathroom.

“Adaugo don’t! I can explain.” Amaechi rushed to hold his wife.

“nooo! Mummy deal with her properly. I’m here, nothing do you!” Micheal held unto his father while his mother pounced on her prey.

To Be Continued….

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