-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 22

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Cassandra aligned her request’ one after the other on her mind’s slate. Her coming home to spend the weekend wasn’t going to be fruitless. Her father’s pocket must ‘shake’ after all he’s rich.

She need a car- she’s tired taking cabs all around town.
Her pocket money should be doubled- she’s tired of managing foodstuffs.
She need’ a brand new laptop-her present one is looking old and outdated.
Lastly, she needs special allowances for her hair, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelleries et’al.

“Thank you.” she muttered as the cab which brought her sped away.
Glancing at her wristwatch, she grimaced. Its a saturday, her parents should still be home by 10am.

“Mallam, how far?” she hailed the gateman who didn’t seem to notice her but was busy quarelling with a ‘strange’ man.

“Mallam open gate for me jor, You can’t even reply my greetings.” she hissed at him.

“Small madam! I dey welcome o!” the gateman welcomed her.

“Hmm, its too early to fight o, who’s your fighting patner sef?” she asked.

“It’s this inyamiri o! He come say I dey look for Joy!” the gate man explained.

“Joy? Does this place look like Joy’s house? Who are you by the way?”

“My name is John! I want to see Joy!” the stranger replied.

“John? Joy told you she lives here?” Cassandra asked.

“I know she lives here! I want to see her now, else I won’t leave here o!” he threatened.

“Are you high or something? I said nobody like Joy lives here” she snapped.

Cassandra made to walk into the house but stopped at impulse.
“Joy? You meant to say Joyce?” she asked.

“Yes now!” John replied.

“Wow…who’s she to you?” she wanted to be sure.

“My girl! She’s even pregnant for me sef!” John affirmed

Cassandra could only gape at him, was he serious at all?
“Mr man! The only Joyce we have here is my father’s wife, okay? ”

“I know what I’m saying! If you think I’m telling lies, ask the Joy herself” he replied looking agitated.

“can’t you understand simple English? Ehn? I said we don’t have any Joy here, we only have Joyce who isn’t a ‘girl’ as you said.” Cassandra was beginning to get irritated.

“Sister cool down first! Let the Joy see me first nah!”

“come with me.” she waved him in.

“Small madam? I dey let am enter for house?” The gateman protested.

“Mallam shut up!” Cassandra hushed him as she led the stranger into the main building; Fear plus excitement creeping into her veins.

“Big boy, what’s up with you?” she hugged Kola who answered the door.

“Hey guys!” she waved at Kenny and Sasha who were busy playing cards.

“Don’t tell me you’re on holiday already? And who’s that hungry looking man beside you? Your boyfriend?” Sasha asked eyeing her.

“Sasha Williams, I came to my father’s house okay?” Cassandra retorted.

“And that man is?” Kenny pointed at John who was standing by the door.

“He’s here to see Joyce!” she replied.
“Where’s dad?”

“Dad wen’t to the golf club, and mum went with him.” Kola replied taking her bag.

“Where’s Joyce?”

“Went out.”

“Mr John, you heard? The Joyce we have here isn’t home, gerrit?” Cassandra explained.

“Okay then! I’ll leave! But I’ll surely come back o! I’ll come back!” John sauntered out of the room banging the door behind him.

“Who’s he?” Sasha asked.

“He said his name is John, that Joyce is his girl..bla bla bla..” Cassandra replied picking up the cards.

“He looks like an armed robber to me.” Kola chirped.

“Armed robber ke? Did you see him with any weapon?” Kenny laughed.
“Sasha are you sure he’s not the ‘John’ that omo Ibo is talking to everyday on phone?”

“Yesss oo! You have a point!It might be him o!” Sasha replied in gossip fashion.

“we made a mistake, we should have told him when she’d come back!” Kenny clapped.

“Never mind! He’d come back soon, I’m glad I’ll be here to watch the drama! For now, everybody should just seal up!” Cassndra instructed.

“kilon kan mi? I always knew that pregnancy is a setup!” Sasha shrugged.

“Same here! I so wish the drama unfolds the way we want it” Kenny said excited.

“amen o” they chorused.

“Cassie welcome o” Sasha said to the amusement of the others.

“You’re just seeing me now abi?” Cassandra threw a pillow at her.

“Hmn, cassie, you missed alot o! Plenty gist on ground.” Sasha laughed catching the pillow.

“My ears are itching already.” Cassndra scratched her ears.

“Amebo!” the duo chorused running in different directions as she chased them about.
Micheal shook his head absent-mindedly as he watched his father turn the furnitures upside down, whatever the ‘old man’ was looking for-he cared less.

“Not my room please!” He called out, as his father sauntered towards his room.

Amaechi clenched his fist, slammed it against the hard wall, he looked frustrated.

“are you going to tell us, what you are looking for?” Ugo- his wife asked, hands akimbo.

“None of your business.” Amaechi hissed.

“None of my business? You scattered my room yesternight; I ‘m still trying to put things in order, and now you’ve turned the whole house upside down ehn? Ogini?” she nagged.

“Na so madness dey take start o!” Micheal whispered to himself.

“Ehn? You said what?” His Father asked.

“Not talking to you!” Micheal looked away.

“Not talking to me abi? What kind of family do I have ehn? You want me to die before my time?” Amaechi raved throwing his hands into the air.

“Tell us what you’re looking for nao, please.” Ugo pleaded, she feared her husband was losing it.

“A cheque of fifty million naira with some documents disappeared from my briefcase just like that! ” he cried.

“I’m supposed to cash the money and pay for some goods my boss ordered them use the documents as a proof of ownership”

“you say what?” Micheal asked, his ears pricking up.

“Chineke mooo!” Ugo screamed.

“Eh ehn! Don’t just shout here o.” her husband retorted.

Micheal laughed.
“This damn ridiculous! The papers developed wings or they suddenly became fetish?”

“Mi shonu! Shut up! What kind of talk is that?” his mother scolded him.

“Its true nah. Dad, better go and ask that your yoruba mistress! She might have them you know!”

“Yoruba mistress?” Ugo shrieked.

“Yes now! He was with her yesterday nah!” Micheal explained.

“You see! God have leaked your secret today! So you’ve been cheating on me with those pepper-eating monkeys ehn?” Ugo ranted.

“shut up woman!” Amaechi hushed her.

“Come and shut me up nah! Dog!” Ugo got ready for a fight.

“Yea mum, tell him! I’m by your side.” Micheal urged.

Amaechi without a word, picked up his keys. He’s got to see his boss.

“Shameless man! Wuuuuuuu! After your boss impregnated and took another woman to his house, you are now the next in line abi? Try that with me and see! You don’t want to live long! A dose of rat poison is enough for you and that your foolish pepper-eating mistress.” Ugo clapped after him.

“Don’t worry mum, those missing documents are enough to give him a high blood pressure” Micheal supported his mother.

“Babby…lemme give you my fine fine love sweety sweety love eh…” Williams sang as he walked behind his wife into the main building.

“This man! You won’t kill me with laughter” Barbra laughed bending the door knob.

“You can laugh till tomorrow, my love…” he swept her off her feet into the living room. Just as he expected, she was light.

“Jeez! Put me down! The kids are around.” Barbra protested.

“The kids? Hmn…my love is unconditional.” he sang again.

Cassandra cleared her throat jolting them back to present.

“Na wa o” Kenny clapped.

“Hey…kiddies, how are you all?” Williams asked leading his embarassed wife up the stair case.

“Welcome o!” they chorused after him.

“Sasha did you see that?” Kenny nudged her excitedly

“Uhm! He seems to be winning her over.” she didn’t look impressed.

“Oh c’mon! That was a lovely drama jor!” Cassandra threw a pillow at her.

“You’re doing this for the tenth time now.” Kola pointed out.

“Akproko! So you’re counting?” Cassandra threw another pillow at him.

“I’ll tell my mummy for you!” Kola pouted.

“I’ll tell Joyce for you!” Cassandra replied and they all laughed.

“Gosh! I just wish that John would just come back.” Kenny prayed.

“My body is already itching me! I’ll personally help take her bags out of this house” Cassandra chirped.

There was a soft knock.

“Its like the ‘John’ is back o! And Joyce isn’t back yet.” Sasha complained as she rose to answer the door.

“Good day!”

“Uhm…good afternoon.” Sasha stuttered.

“Please is Mr Williams in?” Amaechi asked, racking his brain to recall where he’d met her.

“Yess…and you are?”

“My name is Amaechi, I’m his Manager..errm…at his company.” Came the reply.

“Wow…so you work with my dad? Aint you Micheal’s father?” Sasha smiled with recognition letting him in.

“Please sit.” she gestured towards a sofa.

Kola ran up the stairs to notify their father, while the rest filed out of the room.

To Be Continued….

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