-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 19

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])… If you Missed part Nineteen, read it HERE!!!

“hmmn” Sasha washed her hands, as Joyce turned to face them.

“I thought you both became deaf.” Joyce spat.

“the truth is, we never knew you were talking to us.” Kenny replied feigning innocence.

“I don’t blame you! I wonder how were brought up! Imagine the rubbish you’re doing with those beverages…just look at how you disorganised the whole place…” Joyce said looking irritated.

“Ose! Mrs I too know! Spare us those thrash you’re saying.” Sasha eyed her.

“Who’s talking thrash? Haven’t I warned you never to talk to me anyhow?” Joyce queried.

“Uhn Uhn! Madam, we were eating ‘peacefully’ before you became a disturbance.” Kenny raised his palm up.

“Rubbish!” Joyce snapped.

“The only rubbish we have around here is a pregnant Sl*t!” Sasha shot back.

“You can keep insulting me, i’m not surprised! You talk to your parents that way, don’t you? A dominant gene from your mother.” Joyce said spitefully.

“I won’t have you insult my aunt!” Kenny slammed his hands on the table.

“Chillax bros, everybody’s got one!” Sasha patted Kenny.
“I can now see the dominant gene in you!” she pointed at Joyce.
“Your mother was a W.hore right? A home breaker too, I suppose? That why you are carrying a bastard in you.”

“That’s my girlie!” Kenny clapped.

“I’m warning you for the last time…steer clear off my path! Else I’d be forced to strangle you.” Joyce fumed.

“strangle her? So that’s your mission? ” Kenny asked bewildered.

“My head is too strong o! Tell your fellow witches that My blood is bitter!” Sasha rang jumping to her feet.
“you think this dada on my head is just for decoration? Ehn?” She asked loosening her dreads.

“Tell her what she wanna hear!” Kenny urged.

“what can you do? Small witch!” Joyce too was in the mood.

“ehen! Big witch! Tell the whole world your real identity.” Sasha clapped.

Joyce tried to speak, but her ringing phone stoped her. Her face fell as she saw the caller Id.

“Hello?” she began.

“Hello, John, I can hear you ” she muttered running to her room.

“Whoever John is!” Sasha hissed after her.

“nonsense! We sure dealt with her!” Kenny snapped his fingers.

“Ah! Booda mi! She’s playing with fire ni!” Sasha said giving Kenny a high five.

Williams turned off the SUV, turning then to glance at the beautiful woman sitting beside him. The song ‘I love my baby’ by a Nigerian artist-Wizkid was filtering through the speakers, as the AC made the atmosphere chilly.

“Errrm..thanks. ” Barbra muttered opening the door of the vehicle.

“Just like that?” he queried.

Barbra stoped her movement. What does he want again?

“you’re looking so beautiful, you know.” his hands caressed her cheek.

“Errm…I think we should get out of the car now, the kids…they might be watching from their room.” she said nervously edging away from him, those butterflies were beginning to flutter.

“Okay…” Williams sighed disappointed.

Barbra trudged into the house with Williams following closely, her heart a bit light atleast after the ‘romantic night out’- as Williams named it

“Williams!” Joyce sprang to her feet, when it seems the couple didn’t notice her seated on the sofa.

“hey…Joyce…how’do?” Barbra greeted.

“I’m fine! Williams I need to talk to you!” Joyce wasn’t looking good.

“Errm…I’d excuse you.” Barbra said climbing the staircase.

“Can’t wait till morning?” Williams faced Joyce.

“It can’t wait! Just listen to me now o! Before I expode.” Joyce said full of rage. The sight of Williams coming home by 10pm with his ‘darling’ wife made her feel unwanted.
“Warn those devilish kids of yours! I’m not their mate! They should stop getting on my nerves! I can’t have some bunch of bastards calling me names.” she ranted.

Williams sighed, loosening his tie- atleast that should ease the anger bottling up in him.

“Did you hear me at all? Or you’ve suddenly gone deaf too!” she squealed.

“I did, I was just wondering which ‘bunch of bastards’ you were gibbering about.” Williams replied in a cool voice.

“That witch called Sasha et’al! I might be forced to murder them one of these days!” she threatened.

“Murder? My kids? You won’t dare!” Williams spat.

“are they more important than I am? I am your wife for crying out loud!” Joyce yelled.

“You are not my wife!” Williams thundered.

“I’m carrying your child!” she squealed.

“A child I’m not even sure if its mine?” he grimaced.

“I see…” Joyce sighed searching for words.
“Maybe when you wake up one day, and discover I’m gone with my child, you’d know my worth.” she said in a fierce whisper.

“The door is always open.” Williams replied carelessly.

“What?” Joyce covered her mouth in fear. Her body trembled as she watched Williams saunter up the stairs. She was losing it- she shuddered.

To Be Continued…..

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