-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 18

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Sasha lay on her bed, enjoying the warmth from the sun, as its rays bathed her unclad thighs-her very natural source of vitamin D. She could stay-on like that till evening, as there was nobody to kick her out of bed.
Thank God the -almighty-Kemi left with her husband the night before, else she’d been screaming her name up and down the house. It took her- Sasha alot of energy to plead with Kemi to leave her behind. What was going to Lagos for? After all, she’s written her final paper, Kemi agreed after Kenny informed her that they would both fly to Lagos for their PostUTME which is coming in a few weeks.

Sasha sighed, hugging her pillow tightly. It was like nobody’s home because her mother resumed work, even Kola and Cassandra all went to school. Her Father left home very early, his pregnant princess-Joyce is in her room-as usual.

Sasha spread her legs, as the warmth the sun rays increased its intensity.
“So sweeet..” she yawned.

“Sasha?” the door creaked open.

“Yikes!” she gasped, pulling the covers over her half unclad body.
The least she needed that moment was someone invading her ‘privacy’

“Oops!” Kenny froze, as he watched her cover herself nervously.

“Next time you should knock!” Sasha eyed him.

“How was your night?” He strolled into the room, ignoring her eyes.
He placed the glass of juice he’s holding on the dresser.

“pullease….Kenny! I’d appreciate it if you would leave this minute! I’m almost Unclad!”

“I’m going nowhere!” He snapped.

“Kenny, please nao…” she resolved to begging.


“Kenny tori Olohun, please…” she rubbed her palms together.

“hmmm…why are you still in bed? When your mates are attending to their husbands!” Kenny feigned anger

“Husbands? ” Sasha scoffed.

“Uhmm.” Kenny drank his juice half way.
“Here, drink this up!” he offered her the glass. She drained it obediently.

“Good girl! Now get yourself outta that bed and clean up!” He ordered.

“Yes Papa!” Sasha laughed.

“Who’s papa? I’m your husband!” he snapped.

“Yes sugar plum!” she laughed some more.

“Hian! Sugar plum? This girl! You have spoil finish!” He shook his head walking to the exit.
“Waiting at the living room!” he added over his shoulder.

“Okay.” she sprang out of bed.

Sasha watched the door close, a wide grin plastered on her face. Kenny was a twin indeed!

The duo chattered like magpies as they filled ther empty stomachs with whatever food they could find. The large tins of beverage were the ‘centre of concentration’ as they used it to make different foods ranging from tea to deserts.

“uuuhhh lalalala” Sasha sang as she spread a thick paste of milk,bournvita and sugar on a slice of bread.
“yummy yum! This is what I call Sugar candy Kingdom.” she savoured the dripping bread.

“lemme have a bite..” Kenny licked his lips.

“have it all boy! I could easily make another.”

“soo sweet!” Kenny scratched his ears.
“Big daddy’s gonna slash our throats today.” he added.

“oh yea! So we better enjoy our lives now!” Sasha mumbled chewing a chunk of Suya.
“What do they expect? They didn’t leave breakfast for us! Not even left overs.”

“Its like that Ibo woman ate our breakfast.” Kenny chirped.

“No she can’t!” Sasha replied moving a spoonful of powdered milk towards her mouth.

“This is ‘chocolate plus banana delicacy’ ” Kenny said excitedly spreading a thick paste of bounvita on a half peeled banana.

“Looks so inviting…” Sasha giggled, rushing to take a bite.

“I’m even tired of eating sef!” Kenny made a face.

“Don’t get tired jor! Its our turn to shine!” Sasha said licking her fingers noisily.

A loud cough filtered through their ears making them freeze.

“Omo Ibo is up!” Kenny sighed regaining his composure.

“Don’t talk to her!” Sasha whispered.

“Yea, she should look for our trouble first!” Kenny agreed munching some suya.

“Oh my God! What a waste of resources!” Joyce shrieked walking into the dinnning room.
“What on earth is wrong with the both of you? Do you know how much a tin of milk costs?” She scolded.

Sasha exchanged looks with Kenny who signalled to her to keep quiet.

“What rubbish!” Joyce hissed, the sight of the teenagers alone was enough to annoy her.
“Just look at how dirty you’ve made the table covers…what sort silly kids are you?” she continued.

The duo continued to savour their ‘food’ without a second glance at her. Sighing quietly she turned towards the kitchen.

“Missy! Come..come..come…what were you saying? I’m sure you weren’t talking to us.” Kenny called after her licking his fingers.

To Be Continued….

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