-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 15

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Rubbing her forehead gently, Sasha slumped into a settee.
“What kinda headache is this?” she mused closing her eyes.

The sound of video game emanating from Kola’s room was tempting, but she was too tired. The rest of the family had gone visiting Kenny’s family immediately after church service, she declined when she was invited. She’d declined the offer on purpose- she’s still very angry with Kenny; although He’d made efforts to please her.
Dapo had asked Kola to stay home with her , perhaps to prevent her from making trouble with Joyce.

Joyce? She blinked rapidly. They hardly saw each other, as the older woman avoided her like a plague. Good for her and her unborn bastard…


Sasha groaned inwardly, she hates disturbance.

“You promised to help do my assignment.” Kola stated.

“So?” Sasha snapped.

“Let’s do it now.”

“not now, later.” She replied with a note of finality.


“I said not now!” She snapped.

“Okay.” the boy sighed, sitting on the rugged floor.

“Sassy?” he cooed again.

“What?” Sasha almost screamed.
She wanted to be left alone.

“I’m hungry.” Kola frowned.

“so? Do I look like food? You know your way to kitchen young man!” she eyed him.

“There isn’t food in there!” Kola complained.

“you’ve got hands I suppose? Go cook yourself something.” She was getting irritated.

“Dunno how to cook.” he pouted.

“I guess your Pregnant-step-mother is in there? Go tell her to cook you something!” Sasha replied pointing at Joyce’s room.

“Step-mother ko, Grandma ni.” Kola hissed and they both laughed.

“There’s bread, spread some butter on it and help yourself.” Sasha adviced recovering from her laughter.
She shook her head as the boy ran off the kitchen. Joyce’s saga had brought her and her siblings close, even Cassandra her enemy became her best friend, no more quarells

“Sassy- sassy-sasssyyy…” Kola sang from the kitchen.
“See what I found in the fridge.” He gave her a polythene bag.

“Wow.” Sasha licked her lips
“Meat pie and Icecream…belongs to who?”

“Dunno…nobody eats such junk in this house except you and I.” Kola shrugged.

“I meant who kept it there? Its definitely not mum.” Sasha said still salivating.
“Lets share it equally, so when the trouble comes we’ll share it.” Kola suggested.

“Good boy..” sasha sang as they started munching away.

The door to Joyce’s room creaked open, and she rolled out of the room.Cat- Walking past them towards the kitchen, her hands carressed her slightly bulging tummy.

“G’afternoon.” Kola greeted.

“How are you?” Joyce asked with a smile.

“Fine.” He replied wincing as Sasha gave him a sound pinch.

“Are you outta your mind?” she glared at him.

“But mummy said we should be greeting her.” Kola retorted.

“Mumu like you! You’re forming good-holy boy who doesn’t keep malice!” she pulled his ears.

“did you take any snack from the fridge?” Joyce asked coming out of the kitchen, ignoring Sasha.

“Yes, didn’t know it belongs to you.” Kola replied rubbing his ears.

“Okay.” Joyce walked back to the kitchen.

Sasha drew a long hiss, loud enough to make Joyce stop in her track.

“What was that for?”

“I hiss whenever I’m irritated!” Sasha replied.

“Listen, young lady, I mind my business, And you’d do yourself a great favor by minding yours.” Joyce warned.

“Tell that to the b.itches!” Sasha grimaced.
“You shouldn’t have gotten pregnant for a married man; if you truly mind your business.”

“I didn’t beg your father to get me pregnant…”

“Neither did my father beg you to get pregnant for him.” Sasha cut in.
“Besides that baby is not his.”

“what your tongue! What the heck are you insinuating?” Joyce squealed.

“Save it missy! You and I know, that baby is not a Williams, better get that bastard out of this house.” Sasha clapped as she spoke.

“If my child is a bastard, then you’re a one too.” Joyce cursed.

“You see…” Sasha laughed.
“When you see a Williams’ you’d know, I don’t need to argue.” she pulled the band holding her locks together off it, making her locks fall over her face.

“Sasha,…”Kola pleaded. He tried to pull her out of the living room. Whenever she loosened her locks, she gets violent, a situation which he feared.

“I’m carrying the heir of this house in my womb, so you better live with it” Joyce stamped to her room

“Ode buruku! Aje one in town! Tell your fellow witches that my parents marriage is still as strong Zuma rock o!” Sasha called after her, pushing Kola away from herself.

Joyce bolted the door, her body trembling. How did Sasha know about her baby’s paternity? Could it be that the girl overheard her when she was making calls?

To Be Continued…

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