-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 14

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Barbra was sitting on her bed, studying her Bible; when Williams strolled into the room.
He stood a few metres away from her, observing her- she didn’t look up, the satin veil covering her head made it difficult for him to see her face.

Thank God she agreed to stay back, he sighed. Life would have been terrible if she had left with the kids. He had called Ashley and her husband for help, when he overheard her telling the children about her decision to quit the marriage. Even Kemi had flown in from Lagos against Medical grounds alongside her husband.
He was lucky to have them plead with his wife- everyone seems to be on the ‘forgiving side’ except Sasha who had vowed never to forgive him. His saviour Kemi was around to take Sasha away.

His mind wandered to Joyce, who’d stay with the family till whenever she gives birth…

“You missed your way?” Barbra’s voice cut into his thoughts.

“I…errm…no..” He stuttered smoothening his pyjamas.

“Need anything?” Barbra asked looking up at him, her eyes red and swollen.

“You’re not crying again..are you?” Williams asked looking concerned.

He sat beside her only to rise up when Barbra edged away from him.

“What do you want here Williams? Its past twelve midnight!” Barbra noted bluntly.

“I just wanted thank you for…for staying…I mean..for..for not leaving…afterall I’ve put you through..I’m still very sorry.” He spoke nervously.

“I thought you said that this afternoon…”


“So?” Barbra eyed him.

“I want you to move your things back to our room.” He pleaded.

“I’m comfortable here…”

“Please…you can’t quit our matrimonial bed just like that…” He sat down again.

“I’ve heard you!” She bent her head.

“You’re coming with me to our room-now?” Williams asked tilting her chin.

“I…” Barbra pushed his hand away ;moving away from him.
He caught her by the shoulder
“Please…” He pleaded looking deep into her eyes.

Barbra lowered her eyes, she began feel those butterflies fluttering inside her- a feeling she’d tried to keep away for so many years. She knew she couldn’t hate him, not even the intruder can make her hate her first love. She wished Joyce never came along…she wish…

She shut her eyes when she felt his lips rub hers…she wished…

Joyce pranced up and down the room she occupied, she trembled like a leaf blown by the harmattan wind.

“What am I going to do?” She muttered in fear.

Her phone rang and rushed to pick it up, million of shivers ran down her spine as she saw the caller ID.

She quickly rehearsed what to say, she definitely won’t let him steal her joy. John was a past tense…

“Hello? Her lips quivered.

“look..I said I don’t have anything to do with you again! Leave me alone!” She spoke fiercely.

“I’ve since aborted the pregnancy!” she shrieked after listening for a while.

“listen John, I’m’re now my ex, so stop calling me!” She threw her phone on the bed, still trembling.

She had gotten pregnant for him thinking he would marry her, but the opposite was the case-He ran away only to come back when he heard she’s gotten a ‘rich husband’.

“You can’t soil my future Mr John! I don’t deal with pauper’ anylonger.” she said nervously.

She needed a future- a bright future at that. Her unborn child deserves a rich father not a poor one.

To Be Continued…..

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