-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 13

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Barbra jumped, when she heard the door bell. She glanced at her kids, they were all looking downcast.

“Dad I guess?” Kola rose to his feet.

“With his missy…” Cassandra hissed.

“Sasha? Yipppeee!” Kola screamed flinging himself at Sasha.

“Hey! Don’t crush my bones!” Sasha released herself from his hug.

“where is….” her voice trailed off when she saw her mother-looking so pale with buggy eyes and bags surrounding them. Her heart lurched-could it be that her father died?

“Mum…I…” she swallowed.

“Come.” Barbra opened her arms.

Without hestation, Sasha ran to her giving her the tightest hug she could.
“Mum are you okay? Dad? What happened?” she looked her mother all over.

“Everybody Is fine.” Barbra smiled, she’ve always prayed for a day her daughter would talk to her in a caring tone.

“Everybody aint fine! Your father…” Cassandra started angrily.

“our father.” Dapo corrected.

“Not my father! I disowned him long ago, the only reason why I’m still here is cos I’ve nowhere to stay!” Cassandra retorted.

“Cassie calm down…” Sasha tried to be polite.

“Stop asking me to calm down! You aint better yourself!” Cassandra shot at her.

“just tell me whats going on, …then we can eat each others heads later.” Sasha scoffed.

Everybody fell silent, nobody expected sasha to be so calm.

“How did you come back?” Dapo asked.

“Uncle Tee Jay paid for my ticket cos I was threatening fire if I don’t get to know whats happening back home…so are you gonna tell me whats up now?” Sasha asked.

Her jaw fell when her mother relayed the story to her amidst tears, what came over her father? Was all she could ask herself.
She adjusted her sitting position, trying her best to swallow the curse word about to escape her mouth.

“Where’s he and his Joyce?”

“another shopping spree!” Cassandra replied tending her mother.

“Wonderful!” was all Sasha could mutter.

Dapo marvelled at her reaction, he was expecting an outburst, but she was looking so calm- not the Sasha he knew, could it be that Lagos changed her?

A knock interrupted his thoughts.

“It must be them!” Kola whispered.

“I’ll get the door” Sasha jumped up.

“Sasha!” Barbra called, but she was already at the door.

“Hi dad…”

Williams almost fainted, how did she get back? He had pleaded with everyone not to let Sasha know…

“Suprised to see me? Hmm” she paved way for them to get in.

“So this is it ehn? Just the best way to pay her back after all she’ve done for you?” her voice shook as she spoke.

“Sasha do you realise you’re talking to your father? Talk to me with respect!” Williams thundered

“Well respect is reciprocal.” she grimaced.

“Joyce take those things in.” williams said walking briskly to his room.

“Let me have them.” Sasha collected the paper bags from Joyce walking off to her mother’s bedroom.

“Hey! Who do you think you are? You can’t do such!” Joyce protested.

“I’m Sasha Williams”

“Oh you! I’ve heard about your devilish acts!” Joyce sneered

“You just heard? Wait till you see…seeing ofcourse is believing.” Sasha walked off.

“Sasha…” Barbra ran after her daughter, that girl would land her in trouble.

Dapo rose to his feet, as he and his siblings followed their mother.

“Sweerie did you see that?” Joyce cried

“See what? Joyce You caused it all! My family is going apart cos of you!” Williams whined.

“Whatever!” Joyce walked off
“Come with me, I need some massage” She called over her shoulders.

Kemi shook her head in pains and fear as she clasped her phone to her ear…

“aunty Kay gu’day to you!” Sasha greeted from the other end

“Sasha are you outta your mind? Don’t you know you’re making things worse? Dad called me to say you’re making trouble…Sasha after all I told you, you still won’t drop your thugish attitude?” Kemi rattled, like she’s reading from a book.

“so you’re supporting dad?” Sasha asked.

“I’m not, but for the love of our mother, lets take things easy, till when that Mgbeke gives birth.” Kemi pleaded

“Wait? no way! I want that weenie out of my father’s house!” Sasha snapped.

“Listen, Sasha, we’re gonna do a DNA test….”

“I don’t believe that crap! She should get outta the house before the roof comes crumbling down on her!” Sasha yelled.

“Sasha don’t yell at me!”

“I just did! Auntie Kay, you’re his first child for crying out loud! Stop acting like some slowpoke and speak out for your mother- our mother!” Sasha wailed

“You just called me a slowpoke?”

“Get off my line!” Sasha snapped.

“Sasha? Hello?…” the line went dead.

“I’m in trouble….” Kemi sobbed throwing her over her head.
“God please help me…” she wailed.

“Are you gonna talk to me now?” Sasha asked, sitting down opposite her father in his study.

“Leave me alone.”

“Leave you alone? No way! I deserve to know what I, my mother and siblings did to deserve such evil treatment from you.” Sasha said in a quite voice.

“the deed is done already… You can’t go on blaming me.” Williams faced her squarely.

“Oh really? You’re making it sound like you deserve an award for a good job done.” she sneered.

“My wife-your mother has forgiven me, your siblings too, but you’re just hyping the whole issue…should I kill my self?” Williams complained.

“I rather be an orphan than have a shameless father!” she grimaced

It came as a flash, it landed thunderously on her face.

“Let me warn you! Mind the language you use at me! I am your father, you have no right to question what I do!” He growled.

Sasha wiped blood from the corner of her lips, clenching her fist tightly she fought back tears. It’s close midnight, not a good time to get beaten up.

“’re right..” she spat out blood.

“I believe you’re gonna make a choice…soon.” she quivered tasting her blood.

“A choice? A choice of what?” Williams cringed at the sight of her blood

“When the time come you’d know.” she swallowed.
“I used to think we could sought this out like…like… sane individuals…I never knew my father wasn’t human.”

“You can hit me as much as you can.” she eyed his clenched fists.
“Its your time now,…cos you’re the head…”

“You did this cos you wanted to ‘belong’ right? It’s sad you don’t know how shameful it is. Have you ever imagined the news…”
she mimicked a reporter

“….Mr Williams-the CEO of Imarculate Nigeria Limited, throws his wife and kids out cos of his pregnant Mistress Joyce…”

“And peoples reactions would be like…’oh..I thought he was a saint’, ‘he isn’t a christian afterall’ ‘he did it cos he’s rich’…common dad…you’re damn wicked!”

“I’m not throwing my wife out!” Williams muttered feeling guilty

“Stop talking thrash! What wife are you talking about? The woman you betrayed??” Sasha yelled.

“I’ve ever told how much I hate you before?” she checked her voice.
“I started hating you right from the day you bundled me to Lagos, and I’m hating you more for the pain you’re causing my mother”

She fell silent, her fingers tapping on the table furiously.
“I pray for the day, you’ll fall, and desperately need my help! I tell you, I’ll watch you suffer with relish!” she whispered fiercely.

“But..nothing should happen to my mother, cos I’d kill you with my bare hands.”
she spat some blood on the table before walking off.

Williams stared at the bloody saliva…he shivered goose pimples covering his body.

Sasha held the door knob, deciding whether to go in or not. She could hear Joyce singing loudly reminding her so much of Folake. She released the door knob rubbing her chin, it still hurts after her father’s slap, she nearly swore that her jaw was dislocated.

“Doing what?” Dapo held her from behind.


“a penny for your thought..” he laughed.
“Mum is in?”

“Dunno..” she replied, waving at Cassandra who was standing like a ghost.


they filed into the room.

Barbra looked up at them, smiling her best.

“Rearranging your wardrobe?” Cassandra asked sitting on a stool.

“Yea…putting my clothes into my bags.” Barbra replied picking up a dress from the floor.

“why packing’em into bags?” Sasha asked as her mother zipped up the bags.

No reply.


Barbra looked up, her eyes stained with tears.

“Mum don’t start crying again.” Dapo chided.

“I’m leaving.” Barbra announced in a croaky voice.

“Leaving? Don’t get you..” Cassandra frowned.

“you see….” Barbra sat on her bed.
“I’ve never imagined myself sharing my husband with someone else. We both can’t have him, she can have him, but I’m nt staying anylonger.” Barbra wiped her face with her dress.

“No mum…you can’t do this to us…we’ll talk to dad.” Sasha said with desperation

“I don’t want him to hit you again…you’re not used to it.” Barbra patted her.


“I saw it last night..I heard everything.” Barbra smiled sadly.

“If you truly love me, let me go.” Barbra wept hugging her children.

“Mum…I…what happened?” Kola stuttered running into the room.

“mum, we can’t stay here without you..mum please.” sasha wailed.

“Where is mum going to?” Kola asked confused.
“Mum you’re leaving daddy?”

“I’m leaving for my good, I don’t want to have a heart attack .” Barbra sniffed.

“then we’re coming with you” Cassandra sobbed.

“No, stay in your father’s house. You’re still schooling. When I get an apartment, I let you know okay?” Barbra said amidst tears.

“But mum…” Dapo sniffed.

“Dapo please, tori Olohun…don’t try to stop me this time again.”
Barbra pleaded.

To Be Continued…..

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