-Despite All Odds

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A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Honour thy father and mother;which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee and thou mayest live long on earth……Ephesians chapter 6 verse 1 to 3…” Sasha read aloud to herself, as she observed her reflection in the mirror. She wished Kenny was there to watch her quote scriptures…
A loud chuckle escaped her throat, no one would believe that. But she has to do that, she’ve got a presentation to make that morning in her school, her topic was OBEDIENCE…the irony was that she was disobedient.

“You see, God loves obedient kids, He detests the disobedient ones. Act good and gain God’s love….never talk back at elderly people, do not argue with people older than you…” She spoke on pretending she has the audience in her room.

Giggling nervously, she picked her books. She’ve learned well.

“Ekushe-weldone.” Kemi clapped.

Sasha frowned.”Gumorrin.”

“Moorrrin” Kemi replied.
“Wonders shall never end! So Sasha Williams now read The Bible?” Kemi laughed.

Sasha smiled-that was just the beginning, she thought, her teachers reactions would be more.

“I’m to school, aint you going to…”

“Yes, I’m not going to work today.” Kemi interrupted her making Sasha stare at her.
“Good news!” Kemi moved closer to her excited.

Sasha corked an eyebrow”Uhum.”

“Tunji went to the hospital yesternight….To get my lab report.”

“Go on…” Sasha’s heart was racing.

“Guess what baby sis….The result shows I’m Pregnant.” Kemi laughed.

“Wait..wait..wait…Hold on.” Sasha could not believe her ears.

“you mean there’s a baby in there…now?” she pointed at Kemi’s stomach.

Kemi laughed letting Sasha caress her belly.

“Oh my! I’m so happy!” Sasha flung her books away hugging her sister tightly.

“Could you please ease up the hug, you might crush the baby” Tunji complained hands akimbo.

“Ama crush you then.” Sasha sprung into his arms.
“Kenny should hear this! They should have stayed longer to hear this news.”

“I called them all…everybody’s happy.” Tunji replied.

“Wow, I’m getting a niece or nephew very soon, I’ll soon have a baby to bully.” Sasha cranked her fist.

“Ehn! Did I hear you clearly?” Tunji feigned anger.

“You heard me, I’m pinch his or her lips, pull the ears, in short, I reserve the rest.” Sasha laughed.

“Hian! Kirikiri might be far, but I think its drawing closer to you, ama get you locked up” Tunji warned her.

“Sasha , time for school.” Kemi interrupted them.

“yea” Sasha picked her books.
“Bye,” she hugged them.

“Epesians chapter 6 verse 1 Children obey your parents….” she chanted running out of the house- full of joy.

Williams folded his arm round his head in a bid to stop the throbbing, but it was a failed attempt.
“Williams, you’re in trouble” he groaned, hitting his desk.

He had sent Kola and Cassandra out during Easter so he could face Barbra and tell her the truth, but he couldn’t face her- he could not say anything. How on earth does he expect her to take what’ going on? He wished he never did what he did, if he could turn back the hands of time, he would straighten his paths.

“Excuse me sir? Miss Joyce is here to see you.” his secretary announced peeping into his office.

He simply nodded, he feared his head would burst open, if he spoke.

“Hello sweetie.” Joyce a lady in her mid Thirties walked in, clad in in a gown that covers her protruding abdomen.

“You don’t look good…” she observed.

“Joyce why don’t you leave me alone!” Williams snapped.

“Leave you alone? Well, have you told your wife about the pregnancy?” Joyce grimaced.

“Joyce keep my family out of this!” Williams glared at her.

“Oh puuleeasse! I didn’t beg you to get me preggie did I? You said I should keep baby isn’t it? Don’t even try bullsh:iting me okay?” She hissed angrily.

“I asked you to keep the baby, cos its against my faith to kill. I can’t marry you cos its against my faith too. Joyce, you’re asking for too much! I’m a family man with grown up kids and I love my family.” Williams replied

“The child I’m carryin isn’t your kid ehn? Look! Better tell you wife o! Or I’ll go see her myself!” Joyce threatened walking out of his office.

“My God, where are you?” Williams whined.
“Please come to my rescue…” he lifted his palms up.

He cursed the day he met Joyce, at a friend’s send off party, he got drunk and Joyce came along…
Barbra downed her second glass of soda, peering at her wristwatch. What’s wrong with her husband? She mused, he’d asked her not to go out,that he’s got something important to discuss with her. Its close to twelve noon and he’s yet to emerge from his study.

She poured more drink into her glass, she’ve been waiting for weeks;just for him to open up and tell her what’s up. At first, she thought its got to do with Sasha, but Kemi told her Sasha’s alive and well,that had erased the thought of her losing a daughter she cherished though they weren’t in talking terms.

The doorbell rang startling her. Whoever the unwanted visitor was! She hissed.

“Hi.” A lady greeted as she opened the door.

“Hey..” Barbra wasn’t sure she’ve seen that face before.

“You must be Barbra, aint it?” The Lady grinned.

“I’m Mrs Williams, and how may I help you?”

“Help me? name is Joyce to start with..”

“So?” Barbra sounded impatient.

“May I come in?”

“come in? I don’t who you are yet!” Barbra snapped, the Lady’s smile was irritating her.

“The last time I checked, this house belongs to Williams right?” Joyce eyed her.

Barbra heart raced, what was wrong.
“I think you should re-check again, cos this house belongs to The Williams Family,that is;his wife and children” she tried.

“Talking about his wife and children..” Joyce grimaced

“hello..what’s going on?” Williams appeared behind Barbra.

“Just some ill-mannered lady..” Barbra stepped back for her husband to have a full view.

“Eeeiiy…I…uhm..Joyce…errm” Williams stuttered wishing he would drop dead.

“So you know her?” Barbra asked disgusted.

“I …uhm…sweerie…can I have a word with you please.” Williams led his wife away.

“Better tell her the whole truth!” Joyce called after him, pulling her bags into the house.

“So who’s she?” Barbra fired as soon as they stepped into their bedroom.

“Calm down sweerie..lets talk this over.” Williams pleaded looking for the right words.

Barbra exhaled sharply, she just hope its not what she’s thinking.

“Baby, you know about 30 years ago, I professed my love for you… and you know that no matter what, I still love you right?” williams took her hands.

“You haven’t answered my question!” Barbra said in a fierce whisper.

“I’m sorry Barbra..I…it was a mistake…I never wanted to do that, I won’t ever hurt you..” a pause
“It happened during the send-off party I attended few months ago…”

“What happend? You’ll save me alot of heartache if you would go straight to the point.” Barbra was trembling.

“She’s carrying my…my…child.” Williams concluded in a low voice.

There was a roar of laughter, Barbra laughed really hard.
“Your Baby? Your child?” she found her voice.

Williams nodded.

Her five fingers circled his face with full force
“Bastar.d!” she muttered.
“You must be very st.upid and shameless.”

williams backed away.

“Williams you? You of all people? After all we’ve been through?” Barbra wailed.

“I knew it! I always knew you would hurt me beyond repair.” she wiped her tears.

She grabbed her car keys and started out of the room.

“Barbra please…”

“Don’t…don’t you try touch me! I’ll strangle you!” she wagged a finger at him, before running out of the house.

Joyce rose to her feet as Barbra rushed past her.

“You she-devil! You’ve got what you want right? Destroy my home right?” Williams yelled at her.

“You didn’t remember I’m a ‘she-devil’ when you were oohhing and aahing under me at your friends’s party right?” Joyce shot back, her hand akimbo.

“you can’t blackmail me!” Williams growled.

“Blackmail? That’s what I just did. That night would forever be memorably aint it? Well I’m here, and you can savour more memorable nights!” Joyce taunted

Williams was speechless.

“You’re gonna show me to my room huh? I need to rest my back:” she yawned.

“You came to stay here?”

“Yea..I came to stay- forever! Or are you gonna throw the mother of your unborn child out?” she grimaced.

“You can stay in any room downstairs, don’t venture up the stairs.” Williams replied defeated.

“Please help me with some of my bags.” Joyce picked her hand bag, walking towards the direction Williams showed her.

Williams shook his head sorrowfully.
“God where are you? Come to my aid.” he raised his palms.

To Be Continued….

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