-Despite All Odds

Read Story: “Despite All Odds”… Part 10

A story written by BukkyDan ([email protected])…

Blinking rapidly, she counted the ceiling’ boxes. Its close to daybreak and she hasn’t slept a wink. She tried pulling the covers over her head, but to no avail. The rumbling sound coming from her stomach was enough to give her a sleepless night.
She rolled to the edge of her bed, and remained in that position for a while only for her to jump up when felt something bite her stomach. It was like the hunger was increasing with time, her stomach wall was on fire.

Rubbing her stomach as if to pacify it, she walked to the fridge in her room, it was almost empty except the few bottles of water in it.
Kemi stopped buying Beverages for her since she exhausted them all in a few days.

Her eyes rolled to the wallclock.
“four-fifteen.” She muttered.

Nobody ate dinner the night before, due to the incident that occured in Folake’s room. Kemi fell ill; after weeping for a long time, her husband rang the doctor and nobody mentioned food.

Pulling her night robe over her, she walked briskly to the kitchen still clutching her belly.
She opened the fridge, freezer, almost all the drawers for any ready-made food, she settled for raw noodles. Balancing on a table, she munched the crunchy raw noodles, drinking ice cold water at intervals.


she jumped, almost choking.

“What are you doing up this early?” Kemi asked walking into the kitchen.

“I..,” Sasha observed her sister, she looked pale, though better than what she’s looking like the night before.

“You’re hungry?” Kemi asked concerned, whilst eyeing the half eaten pack of noodles.

Sasha nodded quickly, drinking some water.

“sorry, I wasn’t able to cook dinner yesternight, you guys could have ordered something from the eatery close by…”

“Oh, Aunty Kemi don’t worry, I-we are fine.” Sasha smiled.

“Fine? By eating raw noodles?” Kemi asked.

“It’s okay and filling.” Sasha replied.

“Not good for your health.” Kemi walked over to the sink.
“Maybe, you should help out in the kitchen since you’re awake.”

“Okay.” Sasha replied stuffing more noodles into her mouth.

“Sasha keep that away.” Kemi instructed.

“Okay.” Sasha replied pushing the remaing piece into her already filled mouth.

“Which reminds me. Sasha?”


“Could you do me a favour?” Kemi wasn’t sure.
“Could you please wake Sister Folake, she has a flight to catch by six”

Sasha groaned.

“C’mon. Do this for you helpless sister, you know I can’t face her..” Kemi pleaded.

“Okay..” Sasha walked out of the kitchen a different thought on her mind.

She went halfway to the room Folake occupied,and started prancing about, what was she going to do? she has to stop the journey, atleast for Micheal’s sake.

Kemi was whisking some eggs, when she felt an arm around her.
“Baby, I warned you to stay in bed, I could do all this.” Tunji nibbled at her earlobe.

“But you kept alot of people hungry yesternight? Mr Chef?” Kemi scoffed wiping her hand on her apron.

“Well, I had to be with you.” Tunji defended himself.

“You won’t believe my sister was up by four eating raw noodles.” Kemi hugged him.

Tunji was about to speak when Sasha walked in.

“Aunt…errm Uncle Teejay good morning.”

“Morn’in raw indomie lady.” Tunji teased.

“Not my fault.” Sasha laughed.
“Aunty, she said she isn’t leaving till eight in the morning.” She said with a neutral face.

“But I thought…” Kemi started to say.

“Yeeesss! I told her that too, but she said their flight has been rescheduled.” Sasha cut her short.

“You mean Folake?” Tunji asked.
Kemi nodded.
“I was expecting such too, The aviation services is really depreciating.” He added.

Kemi eyed Sasha, she could’nt trust her.

“Aunty, you can ask her yourself if you don’t believe me o.” Sasha raised her palms up.

“That isn’t necessary. So what are we cooking for breakfast?” Tunji changed the topic.

“You wish, Mr chef!” Kemi replied.

“okay….Step back everybody and watch Me do my recipee.” Tunji said in an important tone to their amusement

Sasha laughed too, but deep within her she wished Folake won’t wake up till she missed the flight.

Micheal watched his father with keen interest as he pranced up and down, clasping his phone his ears at intervals.

Amaechi could feel his son’s eyes boring into his back, he felt really uncomfortable, whatever was keeping Folake from coming.

“Dad?” Micheal’s voice startled him.
“Other passengers are already getting on board.”

“Oh yes..errm, we’re waiting for Folake.” Amaechi was trying his best not to stutter.

“Can’t we go without her?” Micheal whined.

“She’s the sole-mind behind this journey.” Amaechi replied.

“Oh, I see..but I thought you said she’s your boss’ business partner?” Micheal asked.

“Oh yes..”

“Then call your boss and tell him we had to leave without her!” Micheal interrupted impatiently.

“Mike, you won’t understand…” his father began.

“Of course I do, so mummy was right after all” Micheal frowned.


“Yea…that you’re seeing other women” Micheal eyed him.

“You’re not gonna believe those crap your mother told you, are you?” Amaechi almost shrieked.

“I believe her! Dad don’t forget I’m an adult, I know everything.” the younger man said angrily.

“Mike, that’s not true.” Amaechi defended himself.

“Well, prove to me that you aint guilty.”


“By boarding that plane with me to paris -now” Micheal replied looking deep into his father’s eyes.

Amaechi sighed heavily
“Very well then.”

“Good, can we join the other passenger now?” Micheal scoffed walking off.

with music blasting from the long-sleeky speakers, the living room was looking far from being organised as all the furnitures were moved to a far end. The trios-Sasha, Kola and Kenny were sweating profusely. Sasha was teaching them some kung fu Moves.

“Kola, do the crane style” she instructed

“Yes Sifu!” Kola held his right hand in the left, folding his palms so that his five fingers met at the middle.

“Good! Kenny, the Praying Mantis, attack Kola.”

Kenny swooshed at Kola who dodged, they both engaged in a playful scuffle.

“My oh my!” Sasha laughed
“Is that what I taught you Kola? After dodging, you let the crane pierce at your opponent, Kenny, the praying mantis attacks the neck not the legs.”

“Well…you’ve been watching kung all your life.” Kenny laughed slumping to the floor..

“Watch out for the snake!” she charged at kenny fell by his side, curled up, with her hands bent like a snake about to attack.

“Tiger claw!” Kola roared jumping on her.

They were so engrossed, that they didn’t notice Folake’s presence.

“Turn the damn music down!” Folake squealed.

Kola rushed to the sound system, fiddling with its buttons.

They all stared at her expectantly.

“Where’s Kemi?” she asked looking frustrated.

“Went out! Any problem?” Sasha replied.

“Problem? You have no idea what has happened, She didn’t wake me up as agreed, now its past ten, I’m supposed to be in a plane heading to Paris!” Folake was close to tears

“Blame it on me, she asked me to wake you up, and I forgot to.” Sasha replied carelessly.

“You have no idea what you’ve done, you foo.l!” Folake screamed.

“Wow, then we’ve got lots of fools in this house, cos, I’m yet to see a wise person waking up by Ten, expecting to catch a flight she’s already missed.” Kenny replied uninvited.

“Oh my God!” Folake half walked-half ran to her room.
Her body trembled as she packed her bags, she’s leaving the house before she dies of heartache. Tears blurred her vision as she pulled her bags to the living room.

The front squeaked open, Tunji and Kemi walked in happily.
“Uncle..auntie…” Kola ran to hug them.

“Go get the suya from the car.” Tunji patted his neck.

“my God! Sister Folake what’s wrong?” Kemi asked letting her bag drop.

“Folake are you alright?” Tunji asked suddenly noticing his sister.

Without a word, Folake attempted to walk past them

“Sister fola..” Kemi tried to hold her, but she pushed her away roughly.

Tunji caught her in time as she staggered towards him.

Folake slammed the door loudly behind her, to the amazement of her brother.

Tunji turned to the trios standing before him, they seem uncomfortable.
Slowly Sasha walked into her room with Kenny following closely.

“Auntie..I didn’t do anything o, I’m not among o.” Kola explained, as Kemi glared at him, Her body shaking with anger.

Quitely Tunji led his wife towards their bedroom.

To Be Continued…

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