-Corper’s Lodge

Read Story: Corper’s Lodge… Part 4

A Story written by OLabep (Follow on IG & Twitter: @IamOLabep
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It took her likme almost 20 minutes before she could finally unclad me, because if she loose one button she kiss me for five minutes..
After uncladding me she tiold me to unhook her bra too and pull her [email protected]
After doing that corper rita drag me to the bed, we kissed and smooched for like 20 minutes before she reach for condom inside her purse she tore it and wear it for my prick.

We kiss for like five more minutes before the real deal got uunderway..
We first strt with missionary style we bang in that position for like ten minutes when we change into doggy style, it did not take up too five minutes before we both reach organism..

We relaxed for about fifteen minutes cuddling and kissing before corper rita make move for the second round this round we go raw, no condom, and she was in control, the cow girl position, she was banging the hell ouuta my prick when I heard a knock, I summoned her to stop but she did not, after like two minutes the knock came very loud, I try to push her away but she slap me, telling me to let her Pour first..
I try hitting her back, but instead my hand hit her reading lamp, I felt a sharp pain in my head, that was when I woke up, so its even a dream I ask my self, the knock sound came immediately again.
I am coming, I reach for my phone to check the time and its past 8 so have been sleeping since five, only to open my door and meet our house help.. whats it I asked frowing because she should have atleast let me finish the job in my dream, I would have finishe the job with her but she is damn ugly…
She told me she bring my food for me, i told her am not eating, I ask her if my mum is back, she told she travelled and wont be back till Monday.. I angry go back to bed maybe I can continue from where I stop but nah the sleep did not even come…


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