-Corper’s Lodge

Read Story: Corper’s Lodge… Part 3

A Story written by OLabep (Follow on IG & Twitter: @IamOLabep
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Before going to bed that night, my mum told that corper rita we move in into the bq tomorrow, why ma ? I ask her.

She said she is not too comfortable staying in the school corpers lodge.. so she is planning of getting a apartment in the town, and that we definitely stop your lesson, because I cant let you go to the town everyday in the name of lesson..

She came to my shop today to inform me that your lesson wont hold anylonger, I even fear you offend her not until she told she is uncomfortable at the corpers lodge, that’s why I decide to let her stay in the bq since no one stays there..

And mind you henchforth no more tv for you, you know I did not collect house rent from her, you must make good use of this opportunity too, once you back from school, your routine now should be drop your bag, change your clothe, and then move to the bq for your lesson, and if you did not hear my car horn, I did not want to see you at home, I mean this building.. ok ma was my reply to all my mums sermon..

I went to bed that night feeling like a king, atleast I would have to see more of her lap..
My mum came to wake me up for school the following morning,
I got dress on my way to school my mum wrote the driver number in a sheet of paper she told me to give corper rita, that she should call the driver after school ,

Throughout my stay in school that day am feeling so fly, I did not see corper rita through out, is this how devil work I was thinking in my mind, during break I went to peep into the staff room, I saw her bag but she wasn’t on seat, I went to check after closing hour, thank god I meet her.
I gave her the drivers number, she talk with the driver on phone she described the corpers lodge for the driver and told him to meet us there in the next two hours.. I ask her why two hours after dropping the call..

I have to arrange my stuff and I have a special package for you too..

We left the school premises around 1, I was shocked when corper rita pull off her gown in front of me, is this the special mpackage I ask my self licking my lips,

She catwalk to where I am standing with just [email protected] and bra, she instruct me to drop my school bag I obliged without thinking twice, she pull off my seductively twisting like a snake..

To Be Continued…

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