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Read Story: Corper’s Lodge… Part 2

Written by OLabep (Follow on IG & Twitter: @IamOLabep
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What really caused the outburst is that she is serving in my school and at the same time she is my lesson teacher, I was in her lodge for my daily tutorial..We have 20 minutes left to round-up, when I notice her legs parted,giving me full access to view her unclad kitty after about five minutes of watching the live X-rated,she told me to stand up;For what ma??I inquired…I would have stand up,had it not been the movie she just played didn’t give me hard-on, how will I stand in front of my lesson teacher with erected Joystick, I sha did not stand up till my Joystick subdue.. I guess she was damn angry when I stood up after the erected Joystick had gone lowkey,beacause she chased me out telling I disobey her;Telling me we are definitely gonna see in school the following day…luckily for me, I knew she wont come to school the following day being Thursday…I was praying she would have forgotten before Friday not until she showed up in my compound with my mum..
I hit the road after waving back at her and watching her bike zoom off, oh my bad,I did not even ask her why she came to our house,my lesson fee has been payed(No Yawa about that)…well, if my mum tells me shikena and if she didn’t,am cool…
The gate has been locked from the inside. I hit like 70 times before mum came to open it for me, what took you so long to come back??she told me to see her of to the junction, I lied..

To Be Continued…

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