-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 9


On Saturday morning the following day, my fone rang it was Tina calling, ”Hello Sweety how are you?”she said, ”am fine hope you slept well” i asked, ”i did, thanks for last night, it was awesome” she said, ”and what happened last night” i asked in pretence, ” stop jor, i will send you a text now, its my address, i want to see you before 12, and please lemme know so i can prepare something before you come” she said, ” ok i let you know” i added. She droped the call and after seconds i had gotten a text, seem like she had already typed it down before she called me, ”take a bike, just tell the bikeman to bring you to Queens hostel, Monkey Joint” the text read.

The name Monkey Joint rang a bell in my head, i have heard lots of rumours of how bad the area is, that a jew-man (someone who isnt a Cultist) couldnt go there, if not you ll be striped of your belongings and even your clothes if what you wore made sense to them. I was kinda scared, but i am the stubborn type, i love experiences.

I love doing things my own way, instead of 12 o clock that she gave me, i adjusted the time to how i wanted it, i hung out with a few friends at Flex Bar in Ekrejeta close to campus 3, then left there at about 6pm, called Tina i was coming and that i had been busy, with the sound of her voice i knew she was excited, ”e be like say this Babe don fall for me ooo” i said in my mind. I took a bike to Monkey Joint and kept searching for Queens hostel but we couldnt find it, i just had to pay the bikeman and let him go, and as annoying as it was her number wasnt reachable, we use to have network problems then.

I kept searching for the place and at thesame time was trying her number, we really do have bad days cos i finally ran in2 a host of some weird looking guys smoking weed, all gathered sitting in front of a house, ”Guy show” one of them said, i walked to where they where, ” who you be” another guy asked, i said i was looking for someone, he stood up and the next thing was a dirty slap on my face ” Guy i say who you be, wetin you dey do for this cove”?, the slap was so hot that i couldnt reply and this time unlike my first encounter i wasnt scared, instead i was burning with fury, i know that slang and with the colours they wore i knew who they were,(yellow Boys, RB, Rugged Bucchaniares) ” go down my friend” another one shouted, they had searched me and collected my fone and wallet(again oo), i knelt down but this time stubbornly, i tried to say something, the guy slapped me again ”come on deck your cappings(meaning keep quiet), you talk when you are been spoken to” he said, at that moment had gotten so angry that i wasnt feeling any pain, ”who you fine come this cove”? the slapper asked again while others surrounded me and watched, as i was about to say something my fone started ringing, the guy with my fone looked at it and asked ” who be Tina?”, ”the babe wey i fine come” i said angrily, he answered the fone and said ” Tina come to Evil Arena, you need to identify somebody for us”.

She knew i was in trouble and within 5mins Tina had showed up, her hostel was the next street, as she saw me ”Ken what happened,what did he do?”, she asked them, ”ok so you are the Tina?” the Slapper asked, ”yes” she said, ”you know this guy” asked the slapper, ”yes, he is my boyfriend” she replied, ”Guy stand up, no vex, nah so e be for here oo, we just dey try OBS you(meanin to observe me) for safety reasons” i stood up then they gave me my fone and wallet.

I was still burning with anger, i knew it that my face was red cos i was feeling it, she held me by the waist as we walked to her house,”am sooo sorry for the embarrassment,i would have waited for you at the junction”. (mtcheew when the thing don already happen). We got to her place but i couldnt stay, the whole incident kept ringing like an alarm in my head and i sighed every 5secs, she brought me indomie and fried egg with 5alive, i couldnt even eat,i was still boiling with fury, and after like 10mins i told her to see me off, she couldnt complain or ask why i didnt eat, she understood perfectly how i was feeling at point in time.

She saw me off, i took a bike, passed my house down to Chuk’s house, we lived in desame vicinity, as i got down from the bike and payed, they were all outside, smoking, laughing and drinking, i got to were they were and they knew i wasnt lively like i use to, i kept quiet for a while and all i did was sigh and finaly i said something, ” i wan balm, i want mak una balm me now now now, i cant take this intimidation again”, every body kept quiet immediately, turned their eyes to where i was, ”wetin happen” Chuks asked, ” i say i wan balm now now now” i repeated myself again loudly and clearly.

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