-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 8


Days past, he started calling me often(Chuks the Capon), checking on me like i was his little Bro, kept inviting me to his house, out of fear i obliged, he takes care of me, gives me lots of money while i ran errands for him, wash his clothes, go get him food, ” i go make you bad, nah me go use my hand balm you” he ld laugh and say in front of his other cultist friends.

As time flew i chilled with them most evenings after school, i smoked weed and drank with them in their compound, i started loving the life, they taught me how to smoke my first weed, while Chucks himself taught me my 1st drag, and out of highness i get to tell them the lil crazy things i did before i got my admission, so he(Chuks) ll say he knew i was tough but i shouldnt worry cos i ll be living the tough life soon. Chuks and his colleagues lived in thesame compound and everyone that lived there were all cultist of thesame Fraternity, his friends would always ask him(Chuks) ”Capo wen we go balm this guy nah” , they claimed they love my attitude and charisma, before i knew it i could speak their Slangs pretty well, and without doubt i knew the way i was headed i ll be one of them soon.

Still in 100 level, i had made alot of friends. One friday like that, i was suppose to be having the Grand piano course, but the Lecturer didnt show up, so my colleagues gathered around the Grand piano, Raphel was on the hot sit, playing something nice, but was interpreting it from a staff he placed in front of him, ” omo nah tym to catch babe be dis ” i told myself. I pushed myself into their midst and as Raphel saw me he stopped” nah my Boss be dis o” he said as he shoke me, he stood up and begged me to play, i sat and without looking at anything i was freestyling a song from Bob Marley, shaking my head as my eyes were closed, Raphael just kept hailing me, it was kinda funny so out of amusement i stopped, all of a sudden i noticed the class was fuller, i was seeing faces of colleagues from different levels, a pretty girl asked ” were you the one playing that stuff ”? yes i replied ”please play it again”, everyone was gathered around me, some at the back struggling to get a glimse of my face, ” 4 my mind i be Superstar” (u wan try swag?), i started again playing thesame sound track as i closed and opened my eyes at intervals, played hymns, worship songs as they sang along, i knew i had made a name and created a huge awareness for myself as well.

”Please i want to see you outside” the pretty girl whispered into my ears, ”and i loveee fine Girlsss, oh Jesus Christ”. I stopped almost immediately went out with her, ”strength of a woman as shaggy will say”. ”Am Tina 300level, you are in 100 right?” she askd, ”yes” i replied, ”whats your name?”

she asked, ”Ken” i replied, ”howcome you know how to play this good?” she asked, as she was busy doing most of the conversations, ” i was a choir leader in church, so have been playing and singing for a long time now” i replied, ”where?” she asked, ”Lagos” i replied, ” please i want to be your friend i need to learn alot from you” she said, ” no p” i replied, then we exchanged numbers. Singing and playing the Grand Piano was a nice combo for a music Student then, so it fetched me lots of Girls, ”shebi dem wan learn?, I go teach them,make them no worry, Lol”.

As time flew, Tina and I were hanging out alot of times, rehearsing and getting to know eachother better, she began to add emotions to our friendship cos i see the look on her face when other girls call me and book me down for the Piano thing, i wasnt bad for a guy, i was funny, very fair in complexion, tall and i had started working out a year before, so my looks were’nt bad, i had my freedom cos my gf(Chizzy) as at then was writing her Jamb geting ready for Madonna.

One night myself and Tina went to school to do the all night rehearsals thing(awoko), we had already secured a Grand Piano, and each Piano had its own small room. We were inside and we locked the door behind us. After Rehearsing for a while, she asked me to sing for her, so i did, singing her ”Paul Play’s Angel of my Life”, but i was only freestyling, she took it personal thinking i meant it,cos as i sang i added emotions,holding her hand and rubbing her by the chick, she got carried away as lil tears rolled down her eyes, and before i could say Jack we had started kissing, ‘(and me, my hand dey sabi do pass emself), i grabed her booobbs, as i was taking off her clothes, she was taking mine off too, and finaly we were starked Unclad, i lifted her up and placed her on the Grand Piano, kissed her from head to toes, while she kept m0an!ng aloud, ”do you have a condom”? She asked in a sweet low tone, (me wey don get carrier for s-x industry couple of years back), i reached for my wallet and brought out a cd, as she helped me roll it on my Piakantus, she leaned on the Grand Piano, then i thrusted from behind.

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