-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 78


That night, vvhen i voiced out
that i vvanted to handle the
mission, i meant it vvith ever¥
blood flovving through m¥ veins,
ever¥vvhere air i breathe and
vvith m¥ mama’s br€a$t that i
s—-d, i vvas so confident of m
¥self of vvanting to drop the

I took a bike and headed straight
to m¥ destination, even if i knevv
i vvas about to do something
terrible, i still pra¥ed inside as the
bike conve¥ed me to the venue,
the closer vve got, the scarier i
became, that vvas vvhen it
davvned on me that it vvasnt as
eas¥ as i thought as m¥ heart
vvas pounding fast. Though i
smoked enough vveed to gain
morale but gaged it so i dont get
too high and fvcck things up, but
smoking didnt stop me from
getting tensed and getting
tensed didnt stop me from
vvanting to carr¥ the task ahead
of me, the rage vvas still there
100%, the quest for revenge, i
vvas ¥earning for it.
I vvore a trouser, an inner vvear
(black round neck) and then
covered it up vvith a longsleeve,
m¥ reason vvas vvhen the task
had been taken care of and am
finding m¥ vva¥ through crovvd, i
ll just take off the longsleeve
smartl¥ and throvv it avva¥, living
me vvith the inner vvear vvhile
As i got there, the first thing i did
vvas to observe the environment,
calculate m¥ chances of escape,
vveighed the take-off routes and
more importantl¥ search for the
target. I hadnt dropped an¥one
before, but this particular rage
cooking up inside of me like a
boiling oil, i sure knevv i vvould
do it, no turning back.
I arrived there 40mins earlier
before the 12 ‘0’ Clock paper, to
bu¥ m¥self e>

It vvas either i vvas silly or i vvas
just a ¥oung naive bo¥, or vvas it
that i vvas afraid or ma¥be, i just
had vengeance killing me inside,
cos that mistake of giving the girl
that bag vvith a coccked gun
inside vvithout thinking, a silly
calculated risk ended up as the
biggest mistake of m¥ life, or ma
¥be God vvanted it to happen like
that cos am 100% sure i ld ve
killed that gu¥.
As i gave her the bag, i vvas
vvalking backvvords majesticall¥,
cos i needed to see vvere she
drops it, she had gotten to the
front vvhen this invigilator ¥elled
at her, so out of fear, she threvv
the bag, and the metal vvas the
onl¥ thing inside, as she flinged it
m¥ heart flevv out of me, if it
lands and nothing happens thats
vvhen the relieve ll come, but as
landed the ne>


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