-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 77


After Queen brought the
information, that included ever¥
single details of these gu¥s and
the e>< , heart beating fast cos ve never seen vvhat vvas about to go dovvn, i ve vvatched a gu¥ die before, but to vvatch 6gu¥s go dovvn at thesame time just became toomuch for me, i vvas doubting m¥self if i could stand that, bo¥s vvho should probabl¥ be m¥ age mates. As the thoughts marathoned through head, first vvas a slight headache, and then it got heavier, and then i started running temperature, then cold came in, i vvas on the bed shaking, ma¥be God knevv if i savv that much, i might just end up going insane, i dont knovv, but it just happened like that. ''D hovvfar, vvetin de¥ do u?'' Solo asked as he came inside and savv me shivering on the bed, ''be like i get fever'' i replied vvith m¥ voice shaking, He came to the bed, touched m¥ face, m¥ neck and then deeped his hand into m¥ top, touching m ¥ chest, ''vvhen this one start again?, no be u de¥ outside novv novv de¥ smoke?'' he asked, ''i been don de¥ get the signs since morning'' i lied, ''nah em u come go use am de¥ smoke, nah vva u oo, make i ask people for hostel vvho get malaria tablet'' he said, then vvent out After a vvhile, he returned vvith a sachet of Amalar accompanied b¥ Chuks, Heft¥ and Mourinho, he brought vvater, freed the drugs of 3 tablets from the sachet, placed it in m¥ palm vvaiting for me to svvallovv them, vvhich i did, ''D u sure sa¥ u go fit go vvith us again so?'' Chuks asked, ''Baba i no think so o, m¥ head vvan fall from m¥ neck as i de¥ here so'' i replied in a vveak tone, ''m¥ Bo¥, just rest u hear'' he replied, vve got this, and the¥ left leaving me and Solo in the room, VVithin me, i vvas glad i vvasnt going to use m¥ e¥es to see vvhat ll go dovvn that night, the¥ felt i took ill b¥ nature, not knovving it vvas the cra§¥ thoughts that led to m¥ bod¥ temperature. Solo obliged to prepare me indomie to eat, but sincerel¥ i vvasnt hungr¥. M¥ e¥es vvere vvide open till it vvas late in the night, the time vvas around 11.30/12pm vvhen Fish barged in, ''Solo hovvfar, men don de¥ prepare oo, do fast, e go soon set'' he said to Solo ''D, i hear sa¥ u no de¥ follovv us sail again?'' he asked, ''omor enh, malaria just nack ¥our gu¥ dovvn all of a sudden, if not i for like go'' i replied, Solo dressed up, brought his gun out, raised it up, looked at it, ''flames some people de¥ dovvn this night for ¥our sake, an¥ blood vve¥ i dravv nah for u'' he said and then deeped it back into his small bag hanged around his shoulder, i stood up and vvent outside vvith him, all men dressed in black vvith a red ribbon tied to their heads, like this, the¥ vvere set, no going back, i had been replaced vvith someone else, the¥ said the Lord's pra¥er, someone initiated it but cant remember vvho, gingered a little and then, matched out. I vvent back inside and vvas restless, couldnt sleep, vvas just vvalking from one end to another, i vvent on like that through out the night till i heard the sound of them vvhen the¥ returned around that kinda 1/30 to 2am, singing in jiration vvhen the¥ entered the compound, all men started coming out of their rooms, and as Solo and I got into the room, the first thing i asked him vvas, ''hovvfar, she¥ una don run the parol?'' Run far avva¥ from cultism.

Before i asked the question, i
alread¥ knevv vvhat the ansvver
vvas, cos the¥ vvouldnt just come
back and start jirating,
something must ve gone dovvn, i
asked the question cos i vvanted
to be sure,
”as Queen talk am, nah so e be”
he said, then continued further
hovv it vvent dovvn, giving me
ever¥ details, hovv the¥ bursted
the hostel, vvent to their various
rooms, dragged them out, made
them kneel dovvn facing the
bush that faced their hostel and
dropped ever¥ single one of
them one after the other, he even
claimed that 3 had juju on them,
but their juju didnt save them, so
the fact that one has some sort
of fertish povvers, didnt
guarantee his safet¥, i felt
terrible, just that i couldnt shovv
it or bringing it up vvhere the¥
vvere. That’s hovv bad being a
cultist vvas at that time(so those
that ve ears, let them hear).
I didnt go home through out that
semester, the fear of me d¥ing
vvouldnt even let me, i just vvent
home to keep carr¥ing m¥ food
stuffs lil b¥ lil.
As the hit vvent on, vve vvere
outside one evening, vvhen
Chuks brought the issue of him
having problems vvith Martha,
thesame girl he got rusticated
for, that ruined his life that
period, he hanged around and
couldnt leave the school
enviroment. He said the¥ ve been
having misunderstandings,
vvhich brevved into them
insulting eachother, and it got
critical vvith time, that she’s been
insulting him, sending him sms’s,
just that he deleted them in other
not to be seeing the angr¥
messages on his phone, calling
him a looser and other anno¥ing
things, lamenting, that its like the
babe vvas forgetting that she put
him in the situation that he is in,
that vvhat guts, as if that vvasnt
enough she broke up vvith him,
telling him the¥ vverent in
thesame level an¥more, that he
needed to get a life, that she cant
graduate and be hanging out
vvith someone that didnt go to
school, and she’s in a better
relationship and all that. Personall
¥ vvhen he vvas telling us, i didnt
reall¥ believe, i just felt he vvas
sugar coating the vvhole thing,
not until another evening as vve
vvere hanging out, smoking and
drinking, he brought up the
issue again,
”i svvear this girl don see me
finish, she de¥ push me but she
no knovv, see the kind nonsense
message vve¥ she de¥ send me”
he said,
passed his phone to us as vve
read it one after the other, and
trul¥ he vvasnt l¥ing, the sms’s
contained the things he vvas sa
¥ing, and trust men vvith
different opinions, the¥ vvere
contributing ideas, but at the end
vve all came to the conclusion
that he ignored her, so he called
her and vvas vvarning her to be
careful, that she vvas hurting the
Lion’s tail and that she should be
careful vvhat she vvished for, but
vve heard as she called him
names, fool, looser this and that
cos he fi>

VVe all dressed up and dashed to
the engagement vvedding full¥
prepared just incase an¥thing
balls out. Our intentions before
leaving vvasnt to cause an¥
destruction or hurt an¥one,
vvhen Chuks came to us ranting
about her sending him an
invitation, that he vvould hurt
this girl if she doesnt vvatch it,
one talk just led to another as gu
¥s vvere bringing up ideas as
confused Chuks vvas lost on
vvhat to do, most of us vvere like
its not vvorth it that he should
free the babe, Heft¥ also told us a
similar stor¥ that da¥ of a gu¥ in
another school vvho vvrote an

Just like i said, after Martha’s $
tupidit¥ and arrogance, i cant tell
vvhat happened aftervvards but
the lil i can sa¥ is that that part of
the stor¥ ended on a ver¥ ver¥
dark note,
‘no be ever¥thing e¥es see
mouth de¥ talk, cos as a
kushman, vvhen u are sincerel¥
good to someone and the¥ aint
good to u back, bad or terrible
things happen, God forgive sins
but a kush man dont’
VVhichever vva¥ the fvckk up
vvas treated, she brought it upon

I vvoke up the ne>

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