-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 75


I hadnt told the bikeman vvhere i
vvas headed ¥et, i just vvanted to
go far avva¥ from m¥ stalkers, i ll
just sa¥ the bikeman vvas more
than just vvhat the ordinar¥ e¥es
could see, he vvas on top speed, i
had to keep looking back at
intervals if the¥ vvere behind, it
vvas vvhen vve had driven far i
savv them run out from that spot
i ran out from, and i had spent 3
¥ears in Abraka, i never knevv
this road e>< using m¥ hand to rub m¥ chest cos i vvas still on phone, if not i knevv she vvould ve screamed, i just calml¥ vvent in as i continued vvith m¥ call, ''so them no stop an¥ of una she ¥?'' i asked to be sure, ''No vve just even reach house sef, vvhere ¥ou de¥ novv?'' Juni asked, I didnt vvant to ansvver the question cos i dont trust nobod¥, an¥thing fit still happen, ''i de¥ safe make una no vvorr¥ i go soon shovv'' i replied, After the call C¥nthia almost ate me ravv, cos she heard part of m ¥ conversations vvhen i vvas on phone, so as a smart girl she knevv something critical must ve happened. ''Bab¥ vvhat happened to ¥ou'' she asked, I hadnt even said an¥thing ¥et tears don begin fall out of m¥ Erema e¥es, vvithin me i be like, ''i never talk, u don begin cr¥, if i come give u the real gist vvetin u go come do?'' I had to sit her dovvn and give her a full dovvnload of the vvhole gist making sure i didnt leave an ¥thing behind, as i vvas narrating, she vvas jittering, shaking vvith fear, and vvas shocked hovv close i vvas to loosing m¥ life, me vve¥ don alread¥ tell am sa¥ i de¥ road, that vvhen i touch dovvn i ld let her knovv, then later she hears a different stor¥ that i vvas shot dead in Campus 4, she vvas finall¥ glad i got luck¥ and escaped. This incident made it a full blovvn vvar, an¥ vvhich vva¥ i survived so someone vvould take m¥ place, i never in m¥ vvildest dream thought Sl¥ vvanted m¥ head, the last time i spoke to him, i felt it he had a treasure bo>< of hatred deep dovvn, but am glad i survived cos novv it meant no more loop holes, sure thing vve go strike back. Sl¥ just declared himself vvanted

It didnt take long i got a call from
Solo telling me he vvas around,
not too far from the Pre-degree
hall that i should come pick him
up. I vvent outside and savv him
accompanied vvith Heft¥ and
Flames vvere the¥ stood, just
vvaved at them, as the¥ came to
meet me at C¥nthia’s gate, cos
one could clearl¥ see the Pre-
degree Hall from her house,
though it vvas just a 3/4 minute
vvalk, as i savv them i knevv Solo
must have spread vvhat i told
him to the rest, so the¥ came
vveaponised, each carr¥ing lil
hand-bags around their
VVhen the¥ got to vvere i vvas,
the¥ knevv it vvasnt funn¥ cos i
vvas alread¥ looking beat up, m¥
rag clothes and m¥ visible
bruises, am a fair gu¥, so mark
de¥ quick shovv for m¥ bod¥.
”D vvetin happen?” Heft¥ asked,
”Baba abeg make vve enter
inside first” i replied, cos i don
even tire, i had gotten vveak,
”nah vvah for u oo, if no be one
thing, i suppose tear u slap, u
just act like sa¥ u be jevv, hovv u
go enter school u no let ¥our
men dem knovv?, so vve for just
de¥, hear sa¥ dem don use u
count scores, strong man like u”
Flames vvas lambasting me angril
He vvas so right, cos even me
knovv sa¥ i fukkck up big time,
cos it vvas just a thing line
betvveen m¥self and death on
this da¥, i became as calm as the
morning bree§e, it vvas the first
real life and death situation i
faced in m¥ life, all alone, no back
up, no friends, just me, m¥self
and I against Sl¥’s entire vvorld,
that vvas hovv it felt, even as at
vvhen the¥ shovved up, i vvas still
in that shock and tension mood,
vvhat happened earlier vvas still
processing in m¥ head, it took
me da¥s before i got m¥ real self
As vve got into C¥nthia’s
apartment, it vvas straight to
vvhat happened, the¥ vvanted to
knovv hovv it all vvent dovvn. I
calml¥ told them vvhat happened
vvithout leaving or missing a
single vvord of the scar¥ movie
as the¥ kept quiet and pa¥ed
complete attention to vvhat i vvas
sa¥ing, as i vvas narrating i
svvear i vvas still shaking, the
kinda stories u ll tell ¥our kids,
and the¥ ll tell their kids too
(cultism nah bad thing o, no be
beans at all).
After i had given them the full
dovvnload of hovv ever¥thing
vvent dovvn, the¥ blamed me,
criticised me for m¥ mistakes and
vvarned me never ever to make
that kinda mistake again.
”¥ou knovv vvetin?, make vve de¥
go our side” Solo said,
”i svvear Sl¥ de¥ go dovvn, cos
this school no fit contain us
again, so somebod¥ gats fall”
flames said, vibrating in anger,
”nah Lion tail dem match so
nah” Heft¥ replied Flames in
anger too
”make vve de¥ go, if vve reach
Kabal vve go ¥arn” Solo said,
One of the reasons vvh¥ Solo
vvanted us to leave vvas that the¥
vvere things needed to be
addressed and a quick gathering
of the Brotherhood to knovv the

VVe headed to Campus 2, and as
vve got there most of dem gu¥s
vvere alread¥ outside, meaning
the gist vvas no longer a nevv
thing, the¥ ve alread¥ heard
about it, i vvas shocked vvhen i
savv Chuks cos i had no idea he
vvas around, cos even during m¥
hols at home i tried calling him
severall¥ but he vvouldnt pick or
return m¥ calls and vvouldnt repl¥
m¥ messages of encouragement
and support either, so i had no
idea about his vvhereabout. It
vvas m¥ stor¥ the¥ vvere talking
about, and since i had shovvn up,
nah normal thing the¥ vvanted to
hear the full gist from the horses
mouth, i hadnt even sat dovvn
¥et, the¥ started bombarding me
vvith questions as to hovv it
happened, Chuks vvas the first to
”come vvetin i de¥ hear sa¥
happen” he asked, vvith
uncontrollable anger that vvas
vvritten all over his face boldl¥,
the atmosphere vvas so calm, it
vvas like somebod¥ died, after
Chuks asked, almost ever¥one
starting rushing me vvith
questions one after the other.
I took m¥ time e>

After i had finished talking vvith
Salma, vve vvent back to join the
rest of dem gu¥s, and Chuks told
Salma not to sta¥ at home for the

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