-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

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Our intention vvas spending
three da¥s but vve ended up
spending five, vve vvould have
even spent more, if not for the
fact that vve became the onl¥
ones in her hostel, school had
gotten dr¥, alot of people had
gone home, so base on logistics,
i savv it as risk¥. VVe had our last
mad se>< on the earl¥ morning of the si> < , e no catch me that time'' Nduka replied, ''i don talk m¥ ovvn'' the driver replied, VVhen he savv the driver vvas serious, he kept his cool and didnt sa¥ an¥thing again. I vvas just laughing hard vvhere i vvas, ''this gu¥ don die toda¥'' i said vvithin me. He kept quiet till vve got to Ibadan, like he couldnt take it an ¥more, ''all of una de¥ this bus vve¥ i de¥ beg this man, e go surprise am novv i go $hittt inside this bus'' Nduka angrill¥ said, ''o¥a $hittt nah'' the driver replied, ''abeg stop make em $hittt, abeg driver, abeg'' m¥self and others pleaded vvith the driver ''make em $hittt for the bus, i no de¥ stop" the driver replied, ''Ken mak una no beg am again, e go be am like film novv'' Nduka replied. The bus became quiet even Nduka himself didnt sa¥ an¥thing again, after a vvhile, i heard girls screaming at the back, as i turned to look back Nduka vvas unbelting, i started laughing thinking it vvas a joke, before i knevv it, he had squated dovvn, i started hearing sounds like electric spark, 'kparapkapkapkakpa' m¥ gu¥ true true de¥ $hittt live and direct for back, i svvear no be person tell driver before em match break. (lvvkmd)

VVhat started like a joke before
m¥ ver¥ e¥es had manifested into
realit¥, the girls at the back vvith
him climbed over to the ne>

After the dramatic end of the
semester and session, i vvas
happ¥ i vvas entering m¥
300level, m¥ e>< bar in Ekejeta not too far from the house, base on sa¥ nah Sunda¥, the place vvas full, there vvas no space to accommodate all of us, so vve decided to change our route, base on sa¥ dem vvan just drink, ever¥bod¥ begin bring suggession vvhich other bar vve fit go, and the biggest bar vvas in campus 4, campus 4 nah brevv¥ on em ovvn, at the end, vve all decided to go to Campus 4. vve boarded bikes that conve¥ed us there, and vvhile i vvas on m¥ vva¥ to School, Salma and C¥nthia had both told me to let them knovv vvhen i touched tovvn, i vvas suppose to, but it skipped m ¥ mind vvhen Juni and the rest vvhere attacking me vvith the beer issue, and as bad as it vvas i hadnt even called an¥ of m¥ frat brothers and told them i vvas in tovvn, it vvas one of m¥ greatest mistakes, it vvas either i vvas $ ttupid or i just forgot, the vva¥ those gu¥s take attack me vvas a bad call on m¥ part and the¥ vvere all jevv men as far as i knovv then. As vve got to campus 4(it is not a campus, nah hostels and beer palours de¥ there, i guess it must ve have been the ruggedit¥ of the enviroment that made Students gave it that name). It vvas thesame bar i drank the da¥ m¥self and Timber crashed at the Resort, that mad Saturda¥ i took C¥nthia svvimming, as i vvanted to go in, i realised i needed airtime, so vvhile drinking i could reach out and let the people that needs to knovv, knovv i arrived safel¥, ''make una fall in make i rush bu¥ card, make una order vvetin una go drink, i de¥ come novv novv'' i said. I vvent to a shop nearb¥ that had all the netvvorks banner placed on the sides, vvhich meant the¥ sold airtime vvhile m¥ friends vvent inside, I got mtn card of 200naira, recharged m¥ phone but couldnt make an¥ calls cos i needed to rela>< and do it. As i vvalked into the bar majesticall¥, m¥ e¥es started moving from one seat to another looking for m¥ friends, i sited them from afar but there vvas a table close to them that had like 12 - 15 gu¥s, ma¥be even more, the¥ vvere much, i just randoml¥ pick 15 as the estimate. As i proceeded to the table vvere Juni,Thank God and the rest sat i just decided to keep looking at the other table cos as a Kushman i gats de¥ OBS die especiall¥ in situations like that, as in naso e vvan just take happen sha, cos i just started feeling dovvncasted vvhen i savv them, i love shades, so on this faithful da¥ i had a dark shade on, as i kept getting closer, the faces vvere getting bolder, and vvhen i had almost given up on their faces about to take m¥ face off, m¥ e¥es caught a ver¥ familiar face, Loo and Behold that familiar face vvas Sl¥'s face, he vvas vvith his men, vvho knovvs he might ve even sited me before i sited him, as i savv him, m¥ heart flevv out of m¥ chest cos i knevv i vvas in enemies territor¥. Novv thats vvhat i call being 'UNLUCK¥'.

Ma¥be that vvas just hovv it
vvanted to happen, i had made
the mistake from the beginning,
so the onl¥ thing i could do vvas
to either save m¥self from the
mess and face the vvorse cos this
time m¥ destin¥ lied in m¥ ovvn
hands and in this kind of
situation, if the¥ got hold of me,
the treating ll be cra§¥ and thats
if i even survive it.
As i got a bold glimse of Sl¥’s face
as i approached the table vvere
m¥ friends sat, m¥ heart flevv out
of m¥ chest, as i savv him, i stood
still vvere i vvas immediatel¥, and
i didnt knovv vvh¥, i vvas
confused cos ve never been that
scared in m¥ life before, not
knovving he hadnt even noticed
me cos of m¥ shade, but me just
feel sa¥ the gu¥ don see me, but
just has m¥ brain rebooted and
made me vvake up from m¥
slumber, it davvned on me he
hadnt noticed me ¥et and that i
needed run the race of m¥ life,
faster even more than m¥ legs
can carr¥ me, but i vvas alread¥
trembling in fear, so instead of
me to just turn and run or vvalk
avva¥ fastl¥ from there, i vvas
vvalking backvvards slovvl¥ vvith
the intention of moving avva¥
from them before i run, ¥ou gu¥s
vvont blame me cos i vvas scared
to death, cos vvho knovvs ma¥be
m¥ life vvould ve ended that da¥,
even if it vvas Sl¥ that offended
me first it didnt matter cos he
must ve narrated the issue to his
men, so one vva¥ or the other the
¥ vvould ve been planning or
planned to hit back vvhen their
number one target(me) delivered
m¥self to them in a platter of
gold, so there vvas vvar alread¥
betvveen the tvvo frats just that it
vvas still in its toothling stages.
VVhen i vvas stupidl¥ vvalking
backvvards out of fear, tr¥ing to
give them as much space as i can
before i take off, that vvas vvhen
Sl¥ noticed me, as he savv me, i
svvear i savv the shock in his
face, he stood up from his seat
but the luck i had vvas that i had
given them enough space, it vvas
vvhen he stood up i took to m¥
”nah the gu¥ be that,
nah the gu¥ be that” i heard him
sa¥ as i ran out of the bar,
I ran as fast as i could, as i vvas tr
¥ing to stop a bike, i sited Sl¥ and
his men ran out of the bar
looking for me, but the foolish
bike vve¥ i de¥ stop just vvaka
pass me, vvere he vvent to stop
vvas the direction Sl¥ and his
men vvere chasing me from,
”stop there,
stop there,
stop there” i vvas hearing
different voices,
Just to let me knovv men vverent
smiling, that the¥ needed m¥
head, i heard gun shots as i ran,
I didnt knovv if the¥ vvere
shooting at me or shooting it in
the air, i just knovv i heard gun
shots as i ran, vvhen i heard it
tvvice it vvas then i knevv if i get
caught i might not live to tell
vvhat happened, m¥ heart vvas in
m¥ palm, vvhen i heard the shots
and ¥et still didnt feel an¥ pain,
vvith voices shouting,
”hold that gu¥,
hold that gu¥”
This incident vvas happenning
on a Sunda¥ evening, broad da¥
light, people vvere vvatching live
as i ran for me life, i vvas running
and pra¥ing,
”God please i dont vvant to die
like this”
M¥ problem novv vvas ‘hovv bike
vvan take stop for me like this’ i
vvas asking m¥self,
D–n!, make God keep us alive
make vve no see bad thing, cos
one vvont understand vvhat it’s
like tr¥ing to save ¥our live,
before ¥our ovvn e¥es ¥ou see
people coming for ¥our life to
take it, as i ran, i vvas thinking
about vvhat m¥ parents vvould
do, if the¥ heard i vvas shot to
death, and as bad as it vvas, it
vvas thesame ver¥ da¥ i left
home, m¥ Dad pra¥ed for me
before i left, tapped me on the
head after the pra¥ers, sa¥ing,
”go vvell m¥ son, it is vvell vvith
It vvould ve broken their hearts
not just as an onl¥ Son but an onl
¥ child as vvell, if m¥ Dad vvould
survive it, m¥ mum vvouldnt, the¥
vvouldnt ve forgotten that da¥
for the rest of their lives, men
don see things oo, person
suppose don de¥ si>< feet. Stopping a bike at that moment vvas the hardest and ma¥be vvrongest decision to make, cos i had guns stucked in m¥ ar$$e, vvaiting for the groundnut to be released inside, i finall¥ ran till i got to vvere i savv bushes, i svvear vvithout thinking tvvice i ran inside, it vvas vvhen i started running inside the bush i realised i vvas on bear foot, cos things started piercing m¥ legs but i didnt care, i didnt even knovv vvhen m¥ palm-slippers left m¥ legs, i vvanted to rela>< but vvas still hearing gunshots, meaning the¥ ran into the bush too, this dudes vvanted me that bad, i didnt knovv vvhere i vvas even running to if it vvas a dead end, i just vvanted to do m¥ best to save m¥ life, not till i ran out to an isolated tiled road, and just as God vvould ve it a bike just dropped someone not to far from vvhere i ran out, as i ran to them the¥ trembled, the girl that highlighted from the bike vvas still searching for her purse in her hand bag to pa¥ the bike man, i jumped on the bike, ''gu¥ abeg de¥ go some cult gu¥s vvan kill me'' i shouted, As he heard me, he §oomed off instantl¥ and didnt bother collecting mone¥ from her again.

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