-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

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Kissing, rubbing, touching,
pressing, caressing vvent on for
a vvhile as vve vvere tr¥ing to
arou$e ourselves and get in the
mood after the lil break i took, i
had lots to ask but didnt vvant to
kill the moment vvith talk, after
dravving the oil, she ll tell me
vvhat i need to knovv.
I s—-d her b—m$ like mad,
tickled her huge and hard nippl€
$ vvith m¥ tongue, svvitched at
intervals, m¥ di< compan¥ right before m¥ ver¥ e¥es and novv she had improved reall¥ vvell, the last one vve had vvas mad, she vvas on me, kept on banging, and after a long vvhile, i turned her over, i vvasnt reall¥ enjo¥ing it vvith the bod¥-guard i had protecting m¥ piakantus, i took her 2 that same reading table, made her hold on to it and thrusted from behind, i kept thrusting, vvhile she made loud moans, i vvanted to go pla¥ the movie but couldnt bring m¥ di

Her last statement caught m¥
attention, i had m¥ bo>

After that da¥ vvith Susan, she
spent the night in m¥ room, i lied
to her about me travelling home
soon, vvent to Solo’s place to chill,
pretending to ve travelled,
through out that period, Chuks
vvouldnt recieve calls and
therefore didnt repl¥ calls, vve onl
¥ could send our vvords of
encouragement through sms, ma
¥be he just vvanted to be alone
and clear his head.
For m¥ Ladies, i had to be

VVithout going in ¥et, i had
alread¥ felt loved, appreciated
and vvelcomed, i couldnt sa¥ it
out but had to ask m¥self,
”vvovv, is this hovvmuch she has
being longing to see me?”
It vvas an avvesome feeling, she
held on to me like that for a
vvhile, even me be like vvtf,
before she finall¥ got dovvn, held
m¥ hand as vve vvent in, the
room vvas filled vvith aroma of
something nice, i guess should
be coming from her kitchen, i
hadnt even sat dovvn she had
started rushing me vvith kisses,
”i miss u, i miss u” she said
As in the vva¥ she vvelcomed me
vvas enough for me to make me
ask m¥self vvhat vvas it in me she
savv thats so special,
”babe, this place is smelling nice,
vvhat’s cooking?”
”guess” she asked
I tried but got one right and
didnt get the other vvhen she
asked me for a second tr¥, before
she told me vvhat it vvas that as i
told her i vvas coming she
decided to prepare something. I
felt blovvn avva¥, vvovv.
I rela>< , for the five da¥s vve fuvvcked ever¥vvhere in the house, kitchen, bathroom and the room, the onl¥ place vve didnt fuvvck vvas the verandah.

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