-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

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We woke up on Sunday morning
and first thing I did was ran to
Chemo’s shop cos I Wasn’t ready
yet to be a father, cos my mind
wasn’t really at rest, not till she
has taken the drug, when I got
there it was his boy I met, he
sleeps in the shop while Chemo
the owner of the place had an
apartment somewhere not too
far from that vicinity, and this
was the first time I was coming
that early to get Postinor, and
this boy hadn’t sold it to me
directly before.
”Guy howfar shey you go fit sell
Postinor for me” I asked very
” Bros I no sabi where em dey
keep am ooo, come later nah
when em come back from
church” the boy replied
I wanted to go back but on a
second thought, I remembered
‘delay is dangerous’, cos make
like play like play now nine
months later Junior don set in, I
pity for am cos em go drink Garri
tire, after my thoughts I was like,
“Abeg gimme em number make I
call am”
He gave me his Bosses number
and I called em, the guy just dey
talk so many funny nonsense but
at the end the good thing was
that I got what I wanted, after
we spoke, he told me to give the
phone to the boy, I did and after
they had spoken, the boy gave
me back the phone and he said
he has told the boy to attend to
me, he did, I payed and left.
On my way back to the house, I
called Salma , just to clear my
airways and any atom of her
getting suspicious, me talking to
her means she won’t bother
calling me afterwards as far as I
ve checked on her to know how
she was doing and making her
aware I was alright too. I told her
I was still with my friends and
would be returning to my place
on monday, make she no go miss
road now come jam me for
house, nah dying things be that,
bottomline I tried being
extremely careful.
When I got back I gave Cynthia
the sweet I bought for her to lick
if you know what I mean, and
then I arranged the house while
she took care of the chores in
the Kitchen, when I was done
with mine, I went to join her
holding her from behind, then
we had this conversation,
“I ll go tomorrow morning, am
not leaving today again” she said,
I started laughing and aked why?
“I just feel like” she replied
No doubt, I knew she was having
a nice time and according to her
this was her first weekend with
a guy,
“I know why you changed your
mind” I joked
“Why” she asked eagerly
“You are enjoying this thing that
is touching ur bombom right
now nah, Choi!, that 1 thing, that
sweet thing, something wey dey
sweeeeet”” I said playfully
The babe leave wetin she dey do
begin burst laugh, I fit dey joke
but at a time I dey use scope talk
true, power of Blocku$, Choi!,
after dem go dey pretend. After
she had controlled her laugh, she
” You are not serious”
I playfully pushed her to the wall,
my body pressed towards hers
and was like
“Say the truth, tell me my thing is
not sweet, and I won’t allow you
taste it again”
“Ok its sweet, its sweet”she said
“Oya tell me you love it” I said
“I love it, I love it” she replied
laughing hysterically.
When we were busy with all that,
my Piakantus was gingering its
swagger but I just had to calm
down, make I no use pu$$¥ take
start my Sunday.
We ate breakfast that morning
and she reminded me that I
owed her going to her church
with her, the deal we made
before she allowed me take her
to Abraka Resort, so I agreed
going to her Church with her.
Since the incident of the Resort I
hadn’t gone to Church, choir
rehearsals or any rehearsals at
all .
We worshiped at Christ Embassy
located at campus 3 close to the
Predegree Hall, I was feeling so
fly my Princess holding onto my
hand no letting go, to the extent
I started asking myself what was
so special about me that these
girl were seeing, cos me wey get
myself no dey see anything, I
look at myself and see an
ordinary Guy, but no need to get
myself worked up, they ll be in a
better position to answer me,
and trust me, I must ask.
To cut a long story short, my
weekend with cynthia was
awesome, after Church we still
went to the Resort but this time
around we had a nice time with
no troubles, and our faces had
become a popular figure due to
the past incident, I remembered
the guards at the gate before we
entered telling us
“Una don come again oyibo?,
make una suffery una hear”
We had a nice time, got home,
chatted, joked, laughed, had s€x
severally, watched movies, we
did stuffs sha. Before she left that
morning, she had bathed,
dressed up, got ready to leave, I
was about seeing her off and as
we got to door, she dropped her
bag down, kissed me for a long
time, and was like
” I ll miss you, I ll miss you,Make
love to me again”.
When she was taking off my
clothes, it was like she was going
to rip them outa my body, we
had it one more time that early
morning then I finally saw her
off, within me I was like if I hurt
this girl am in soup ooo, I need
to be extremely careful but all the
same what an awesome, I finally
had my dream girl, dream s€x
and dream weekend, all thanks
to Cynthia.
It was the end of the semester,
Chuks had this girl he calls his
number one, I don’t know if he
loves her, what we all knew was
that she was his number one cos
he had a handfull of girls himself.
This particular girl was in her
300 level and Chuks was in his
final year, she had been having a
problem on a certain course like
that and had been carrying the
course over. Her name was
Martha. I was chilling with dem
guys one evening when Chuks
brought the issue up, that Martha
has been carrying the course
over since her 100level and he
has decided to write it for her,
when he brought the issue, I
didn’t like the idea of him writing
it for her cos there were other
ways he could go about it like
paying someone else to do it, the
risk involved was just too much,
one could get expelled from such
act, right from time, ve always
used my brain not my mind, I
wouldn’t write an exam for
anyone, love no dey that one.
We all advised him not to but
Capo nah always Capo, they do
their things their own way, he
insisted it wasn’t a big deal that
he was conversant with the
course, He was a Social Science
Student. Since he wouldn’t listen
has gotten his mind made up
everyone gave him space to
allow him face his fate. He went
“Make una forget, nothing dey
happen,no be today person don
dey run that kind parol” was his
response when we were trying
so hard to discourage him.
I was home reading during that
period of exam, I hadn’t a paper
that day when I got a call from
” , howfar where you dey?” He
asked, he sounded tensed cos
am very good at observing
“I dey house, I dey read ,
anything?” I asked
“Bro kasala don burst ooo” he
“Wetin happen?” I asked
“Ooomor dem catch Chuks today
ooo” he said
“We tell am but em no hear, dem
no dey use pressing iron iron
kpomo, I dey come, where you
dey now?” I asked
“I still dey school chill I go branch
your side soon”
We warned him

VVe vvarned him but he didnt
listen, he just felt he vvouldnt get
caught, toomuch mind, imagine
the confidence, it vvas reall¥ a
dumb thing to do. I couldnt
concentrate on m¥ reading
again, i couldnt vvait for Solo to
come around and gimme the full
gist either, cos ve heard about
similar situations and i never
heard of an¥ that ended up vvell,
so vve just pra¥ his connections
help him out if not his stor¥
might just end up tragic.
I tried Chuks’s number severall¥,
but he vvouldnt pick, i guess i
vvasnt calling at the right time, i
vvas just restless and couldnt
vvait to hear about the latest
development if things had
become better or had gotten
After i had vvaited a long vvhile,
Solo finall¥ came and saved me
from almost going cra§¥ from
the thoughts of things that might
ve happened.
As soon as he got in, i didnt even
allovv him catch his breath or sit
dovvn, i rushed him vvith
questions, i vvas so eager to
knovv the rest of the stor¥,
”gu¥ hovvfar vvetin happen?,
hovv dem take catch am?” i
”hovv dem take de¥ catch person
before?, gu¥ see no blame an
¥bod¥ cos vve vvarn am, nah em
no just gree listen to an¥ of us”
he replied me, lamenting,
”i even de¥ call am but em no de¥
pick, hovv u take knovv?” i asked,
”nah em call me tell me” he said.
VVe talked about the issue for a
long time, kept deliberating but
couldnt come up vvith an¥thing
meaningful, i prepared
something for us to eat,
shovvered and then vve both
headed to his place cos vve both
vvanted to hear from Chuks
himself vvhat reall¥ happened.
Before vve got there, the nevvs
had spread like vvild fire, all them
gu¥s vvere sitted outside talking
about thesame thing, vvetin u

It started like a joke, vve thought
ever¥thing vvas going to be
alright, at this stage, the pra¥ers
of a host of ruggedmen couldnt
help another rugged man, its
situations like this that makes
one remember the past vvith
‘had i knovvn’ being the onl¥
vvord that could come out of
one’s lips, just onl¥ if Chuks
listened to the advice from other
niggas, then ma¥be things
vvouldnt ve ended up this vva¥.
Our e>< me right novv be that'' i said. He took me to a joint like that, never gone there to smoke before, he bought some parcel of vveed, vve rolled up and then i started smoking Chuks's pain and sorrovv avva¥, ''i just vvonder hovv em go de¥ feel novv, if me de¥ feel like this" i asked Solo, ''gu¥ smoke up abeg, the babe no de¥ at fault, the mistake has been made'' he replied, Just to free ourselves from the pains vve vvere going through, vve smoked our e¥es out, i smoked up till i vvas tr¥ing to force m¥ e¥es open, m¥ e¥es don close. After the smoking i became ver¥ high, but getting high didnt do the magic instead i vvas sober, i found m¥ vva¥ home vvith the intent of going to Chuks's place late in the evening, but out of highness vvhen i got home i found Susan's door opened, so i found m¥ vva¥ in.

Not like i had an¥thing in mind, i
just vvanted a shoulder to lean
on, someone to cr¥ m¥ pain to,
and savv the Heaven’s gate
opened, a place of calmness, i
decided to pass through the
Heaven’s gate instead of
continuing in sober and pain.
As i found m¥self in, vvas this
gigantic booob¥ standing inside
the top a nighties staring
tovvards a nigga going through
pain like it vvould devour him, it
vvas Susan standing in front of
me vvith that same nighties,
(the nighties make sense die sote
¥ she turn am to her favourite
night vvear, but this babe just
vvan purposel¥ intimidate me,
vvh¥ she go still de¥ vvear
nighties around 2pm).
As i vvalked in and savv that one
thing, that same thing i told u
about, i vvas like
”vvhat the fvvck, not again”,
hovv can one $h¡t keep
happening to thesame gu¥, i cant

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